fishing on westport jetty

 Westport Jetty Fishing: Rockfish and Greenling {Catch and Cook} Chinese Steamed FishMulgogi Fishing
9 months ago
Another beautiful day out on the Washington Coast (Westport, WA). Jessica and I decided to take the weekend to go jetty fishing.
 Westport Jetty Fishing 101 (includes gear info)Northwest Fishing Reports
7 years ago
Westport Washington is home to the Westport jetty which offers shore-bound anglers excellent access to bottom fish such as kelp ...
 Westport Jetty Rockfish Catch N’ CookWestern WA Fishing
1 months ago
Catching rockfish off the jetty in Westport WA and fryin them up!
 Westport Jetty FishingWestern WA Fishing
1 years ago
Fishing off of the jetty in Westport, WA.
 Westport Jetty Fishing - Sea Bass and Sea Perch www.FishingWa.usFishingWa
2 years ago
Fishing Wa - Our time this year fishing Westport Washington Jetty for rockfish surf perch and shiny perch. For more details on how ...
 Ling Cod Jetty Fishing - Westport, WA - March 2019Glo Ballerz
1 years ago
Conditions lined up quite nicely for the 2019 Ling Cod opener in Westport, WA. Was a fun day on the rocks! I was using 1 oz jig ...
 Jetty SURF FISHING for ANYTHING That Bites! Multiple Species Caught!! (Westport, WA)Brian Monticello
25 days ago
On this week's episode we go jetty fishing in Westport, WA for some unexpected catches! Sit back and enjoy some jetty surf fishing ...
 Northwest Jetty Junkies presents: "Droppin Tha Jigs" - Westport, WA - March 2016Glo Ballerz
4 years ago
Mike G and Mike O took advantage of calm ocean conditions on St Patrick's Day 2016. The action was fast and furious for a 2 hour ...
 Jetty fishing in Washington State - North Jetty at Ocean ShoresBashi Sports Xu
21 days ago
Another good day, got my limit for greenling, and in the last part of the video, I also filed a striped perch from last week.
 Spearfishing the jetty at Westport, WA USATim Rushton
11 months ago
July 30th, 2019, Dan M., Dan A. and I went hunting for fish and some crab. We had a great time and the conditions were just right.
 Westport Jetty FishingNorthwest Fishing Reports
7 years ago
Westport Washington is home to the Westport jetty which offers shore-bound anglers excellent access to bottom fish such as kelp ...
 Jetty Fishing Tips: How To Fish A Jetty For More StrikesSalt Strong
10 months ago
It's jetty fishing time! One of the most popular questions we get asked is, how can I catch fish from shore? Jetties are excellent ...
 Crabbing in Westport Washington 2018 (January)Savage Hookset
2 years ago
This was our first crabbing trip of 2018. It was supposed to be a crabbing, surf perch fishing, and razor clam dig video, but I ran out ...
 How to Catch Lingcod in Puget Sound! HUGE Monster!NW Fishing Secrets
1 years ago
How to catch Lingcod in Puget Sound. Monster Lingcod caught right outside Seattle! Learn how to catch Lingcod in this video, and ...
 "How to" | Puget Sound Pier LingcodHoly Moly Outdoors
7 years ago
Pier and Jetty fishing rigs for Puget Sound Lingcod. Whether you like fishing jigs or live bait, our local piers and jetties provide a ...
 Jetty Fishing {Catch and Cook}: KOREAN Fish Cakes and SPICY Tteokbokki!!! 🌶Mulgogi Fishing
1 months ago
Jessica and I made Spicy Korean Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki) with HOMEMADE KOREAN FISH CAKES! Between the both of us, we ...
 Washington Ocean Shores, Jetty Fishing: Huge Striped Perch, Tips & Skills, June 2020神仙伴侣ShanePingStyle
11 days ago
007, Date: July 26, 2020, Catch Huge Striped Perches, Jetty Fishing Tips & Skills, Casting West Port, Ocean Shore, Long Beach ...
 Jetty Fishing at Ocean Shores, WashingtonBashi Sports Xu
1 months ago
It's a beautiful sunny day at Ocean Shores. I got some good size greenling. Jetty fishing is a lot fun, but it's dangerous too. You can ...
 Hobie Kayak fishing at Westport Jetty 3/15/19conquestdz
1 years ago
Three guys fishing sporty water at Westport Jetty. We got a mixed bag of Lingcod, Cabezon, Rockfish, and Greenling.
 JETTY Black Rock Fish: HOW TOATKAFilmsUSA
3 years ago
I quickly go over the essentials/technique that I use for Jetty Bass "Black Rock Fish" and catch my PB in the process! SUMMARY: ...
 Jigging on the Jetty: Vol 1 - Feb 2016 - Black Sea BassGlo Ballerz
4 years ago
Took advantage of a nice winter day with calm ocean conditions at Westport, WA. Jigging with a 3/4 oz jig head and a white 5 inch ...
 fishing on a jettyOregon Life
3 years ago
with the surf being too rough, we decided to hit the south jetty for some rock fishing. it was my first time catching a lingcod from the ...
 Medium-Light Tackle Jetty FishingJOHAUSE FISHING
3 years ago
That green-ling you see somewhere in the middle of the video, was live bait for ling-cods. too bad i missed it...and i didn't get it on ...
 Crab Snaring at Westport, Washington Jetty | CRAB MASTERCRAB MASTER
1 years ago
Climbing up jetty rocks for some red rock and Dungeness crabs.
 Let's Eat Squid For Every Meal Westport May 6 2016 Jetty Fishing Lingcod and Sea BassGlo Ballerz
4 years ago
Mike G very much needed a personal day away from work. He scooped up Mike O and they headed for the coast. Fishing was ...
 Westport Jetty bottom fishing with Lancer Jigssteven savy
3 years ago
Power shot and casting Lancer Jigs off the jetty. Gear used is 8'6" Gloomis GL2 HSR with a Daiwa Lexa 300 and a 7'1 Gloomis ...
 South Jetty Fishing 2019sanya10145
1 years ago
Fishing for lingcod and bass, of off South Jetty Astoria.
 Westport Washington Fishing and CrabbingNoob Fisherman
7 months ago
Hello Everyone, Noob Fisherman tried jetty fishing at Westport and had some Noob Moment!!! Fun day with some live go pro ...
 Westport Cabezon | Live BaitJOHAUSE FISHING
3 years ago
4/30/2016 Cabezon caught using live Greenling.
 Just Be Happy - Northwest Jetty Junkies - Westport, WA - April 10, 2016Glo Ballerz
4 years ago
Mike G was flying solo on this day. After 4 hours with not a single bite, the tide finally reached "feeding time" about 60 minutes ...
 Lingcod Fishing w/SWIMBAITS: catch & COOK!Humboldt Fishing
3 months ago
THANK YOU FOR 1000 subscribers! Hey guys, Humboldt Fishing back at it again with another video. This time we will be fishing ...
 7 Best Jetty Fishing Rigs And Jetty Fishing Setups For Rockfish + Bonus Catches {CATCH MORE FISH}Angling Addicts PNW
1 months ago
This tutorial will cover the 7 BEST Jetty Fishing Rigs & Best Jetty Fishing Setups that will CATCH you MORE FISH. Whether you ...
 Giant Salmon caught off the docks. Some crazy pudget sound fishing.Fishing Sage
2 years ago
Yeah this guy is good. Merchandise: Fund my Dinner Catch. Donate: ...
 Rob & Steph Fishing the Jetty at Westport, WA 9-24-2017Stephen Ramos
2 years ago
Moving to a different location, with one Cabezon each. Spent a lot of time and tackle in other spots. Here's my second Cabezon for ...
 Crab Snare & Fishing Tips from a Jetty. "Be Like Water" - Bruce LeeFisherman's Life
4 years ago
I wanted to get one more day of crabbing in before the season closes so I headed out to the South Jetty in Half Moon Bay to go ...
 Westport jetty catch and cook Rock fishfish slayer82
1 years ago
Catching black rock fish with the slayers and cooking it fresh on the rocks. At westport jetty.
 Oregon Coast Fishing, How I Catch {BIG} RockFish At Barview Jetty With Berkley Gulp BaitsAngling Addicts PNW
5 months ago
Another AMAZING day of Oregon Coast Fishing! I typically have a lot of luck when i fish barview jetty and today i want to show you ...
 Westport Jetty Adventure, Washington!!!Emilio Exploring
3 years ago
On my return trip to Westport, Washington I set out to venture onto the jetty that shoots out into the Pacific Ocean. Quick facts ...
 Jetty Fishing the Triangle for Big GreenlingAge of Anderson
1 years ago
I had to get away from the heat and smoke in the valley, so I took off for the coast to do a little fishing off the rocks. It turned out to ...
 BOBBER DOWN! Jetty Fishing For Coho Salmon. (GoPro Chesty Mount)ATKAFilmsUSA
6 years ago
Fishing the jettys for coho, using the float and herring method, Enjoy! -ATKA.
4 years ago
REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT!! Watch it HD 1080p!! Help me get to 500 OR MORE subscribers ...
 Jetty Fishing Newport Part 1 (How to, bait and tackle)Silhouette Outdoors
3 years ago
Jetty Fishing Newport This is Part 1 of 3 of a do it yourself fishing trip to the Newport South Jetty in May of 2017 in Oregon with ...
 Seabass fishing Westport Wa, Charter boat Slammerjosephthehunter
1 years ago
another killer day out with the crew of the slammer! fast action fishing per usual for Seabass, but this time i got a little surprise ...
 Westport Bottom Fishing - Going over the Westport bar in a small boatPacific Northwest Best Life
4 months ago
Fishing for Sea bass, Ling Cod in the open ocean around Westport in a small boat (20 ft jet sled) requires you to research and pick ...
 Hittin Bottom on the Hula Girl May 2016 Northwest Jetty JunkiesGlo Ballerz
4 years ago
Mike G boards the Hula Girl out of Westport, WA for some bottom fishing, targeting Ling Cod and Sea Bass. The Hula Girl is by far ...
 Westport,WA Camp/Fishing Day 1 VLOG #6 I lost my rod...The Finja
1 years ago
Annual Camping trip with the family. What first started as an end of the year camping trip before the kids go back to school, ...
 Jetty Fishing With Sand Shrimp { Tutorial } MULTIPLE Catches + Coastal CATCH & COOKAngling Addicts PNW
1 months ago
Today we are on the Oregon Coast with another jetty fishing setup, using sand shrimp, which can also be used for beach fishing ...
 Camping in a Sedan + Jetty Fishing and CrabbingMulgogi Fishing
4 months ago
Jessica and I went out to do some jetty fishing and crabbing for the first opening day at the jetty. Although we didn't catch many ...
 Tuna Fishing at WestportDave Graybill
5 years ago
Have you ever wanted to fish for albacore tuna out of Westport? That's where Dave Graybill is taking us this time of "Fishin' ...
 Crabbing in Westport WA| 2018Holiday Roeun
1 years ago
Please watch: "BEST Camping Trip OF OUR LIVES (Part 1 Of 3)" --~-- HELLO ...
 Westport Fishing on the Charter Boat Slammer with Dad - July 2017FGK Fishing
3 years ago
These are 2 of the days we fished on the charter boat Slammer. We fished for King salmon, Coho and Sea bass. The trip was in ...
 NONSTOP ACTION California Jetty Fishing for Black Rock Fish!!!CHILI is FISHING
3 years ago
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 Top 5 Coastal Jetty Fishing LuresTroutHammer
1 years ago
First off, I apologize that I couldn't make the jetty fishing video I planned to. I explain why in this video. But, instead, lets talk jetty ...
 Crabbing at Ocean Shores, WA! Things to do.theoceaniscalling
8 years ago
Steven Simmons and Marti Schmidt, 360.589.2439. Ocean Shores real estate brokers. John L Scott Ocean Shores Real Estate.
 Jetty Fishing for Rockfish + Lingcod! (Nor Cal)Redwood Coast Fishing
2 years ago
Great day of fishing on the Crescent City, CA jetty. Hopefully next time we can catch a keeper lingcod! Subscribe for more!
 Westport Lingcod & Rockfish 2017: Easy Limits!Rusty Hooks Northwest
2 years ago
Another great trip in Westport - easy limits on Rockfish. Strong tidal currents made targeting for Lingcod a bit tricky, but we got the ...
 King (Chinook) Salmon Fishing Westport, WA 8-17-13 with Zack and PaulBarweezee
6 years ago
King (Chinook) Salmon Fishing Westport, WA 8-17-13 with Zack and Paul. Fishing off Ocean Shores in about 40-45 feet of water ...
 Havin such a good time Northwest Jetty Junkies Casting for Dungeness Crab from the Westport JettGlo Ballerz
3 years ago
It's Jetty Season! We had a beautiful day here in Washington, so Mike G decided to get out to Westport and cast for Dungeness ...
 Jetty Fishing off the coastHeavyHittersOutdoors
3 years ago
Filed staff member Josh Taylor and son Gavin Taylor do a little fishing with The Hammer off the Oregon coast in Newport Oregon.
 Ocean Perch Fishing near Westport Washingtonseattle fishing
1 years ago
Ben Kesling catches a Redtail Perch in the surf from Washington's Southern coast.
 jetty fishing summer 2010TheTunaMaster
9 years ago
jetty fishing summer 2010.
 newport oregon jetty fishing rock bass august 23 2014Oregon Life
5 years ago
went out to newport, oregon today for some rock bass fishing. landed 2 but only got 1 on camera as I didn't have my gopro on for ...