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 DeVos doubles down on push to reopen schools despite coronavirus surgeFox News
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos joins Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday.' Subscribe to Fox News! ...
 Don Jr dismisses polls that show Biden ahead of TrumpFox News
Donald Trump Jr., EVP of the Trump Organization and son of the president, joins 'Sunday Morning Futures.' Subscribe to Fox ...
 Crews battle 5 alarm fire at Naval Base San DiegoFox News
Fire officials say multiple injuries are being treated; Christina Coleman reports. Subscribe to Fox News! ...
 Top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson resignsCNN
2 days ago
The top writer for Fox News host Tucker Carlson has for years been using a pseudonym to post bigoted remarks on an online ...
 Jordan Sekulow on the debate over reopening schoolsFox News
8 hours ago
Jordan Sekulow, a member of President Trump's outside legal team and Executive Director of the American Center for Law and ...
 White House blasts Mueller's op-ed on Roger Stone's commutationFox News
Trump 2020 senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis joins Fox News to discuss Trump's commutation of Roger Stone and Robert Mueller's ...
 Barrasso lays out what the next COVID-19 stimulus bill needs to containFox News
Republican Sen. John Barrasso says the bill can't be 'handout heaven' like what was passed by House Democrats. Subscribe to ...
 New, more contagious coronavirus strain discovered by researchersFox News
Emergency medicine physician, Dr. Cedric Dark, weighs in on 'America's News HQ.' Subscribe to Fox News!
 'The Five' skeptical on whether Biden will show up to presidential debatesFox News
2 days ago
President Trump and Joe Biden trade blows in 2020 battle; 'The Five' reacts. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
 Third major explosion in Iran in 3 weeks; Gen. Jack Keane reactsFox News
Retired four-star Army general Jack Keane joins Eric Shawn on 'America's News HQ.' Subscribe to Fox News!
 Judge Jeanine gets into heated argument with Juan over Goya boycottFox News
3 days ago
Goya Foods faces boycott after CEO praises President Trump; 'The Five' weighs in. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
 Jim Jordan hopes Durham report will be released before electionFox News
Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, reacts to the timeline of U.S. Attorney John Durham's ...
 FOX and Friends 7/13/20 6AM | TRUMP BREAKING NEWS July 13, 2020TRUMP BREAKING NEWS
11 hours ago
Fox & Friends 7/13/20 6AM Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy Mornings are always a good time with friends!
 Sean Hannity in the spotlight after another Fox News shake-upCBS This Morning
3 years ago
After news broke that Fox News co-president Bill Shine has left the network, all eyes are on Sean Hannity. Shine, a former ...
 Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of hiding details on coronavirusFox News
2 days ago
Hong Kong scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan believes the Chinese government knew about the novel coronavirus well before it claimed it ...
 Kellyanne Conway: Biden is 'plagiarizing' Trump’s economic planFox News
3 days ago
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reacts to Joe Biden's economic plan and previews Trump's New Hampshire rally on ...
 Trump's former physician: People are 'trying to make the president look bad'Fox News
2 days ago
Dr. Ronny Jackson, former physician to President Obama and President Trump, reacts. Subscribe to Fox News!
 Seattle ready to defund police by 50 percent; Union leader reactsFox News
2 days ago
Seattle's City Council has enough support in its body to defund the city's police department by 50 percent even without Mayor ...
 Kayleigh McEnany takes questions on reopening schoolsFox News
4 days ago
Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel ...
 Trump team reacts to calls for Biden not to debate without 'conditions'Fox News
4 days ago
Trump 2020 campaign press secretary Hogan Gidley joins Sandra Smith on 'America's Newsroom.' Subscribe to Fox News!
 What does Trump's decision on Stone mean for his reelection? Gidley weighs inFox News
2 days ago
Trump 2020 campaign national press secretary Hogan Gidley breaks down President Trump's decision to commute Roger Stone's ...
2 years ago
Mike Thomas looks at the week ahead, plus a preview of the Christmas Holiday and beyond!
 Romney joins Dems' criticism of Trump's Roger Stone commutationFox News
Republican Sen. Mitt Romney accuses the president of 'historic corruption'; former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker reacts.
 Ingraham: Reading, writing and radicalismFox News
4 days ago
Black Lives Matter zealots now have out-sized influence in school districts like Fairfax County. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle ...
 FOX 5 LIVE: Breaking news, live events, trending stories from DCFOX 5 DC
3 years ago
Live coverage of breaking news, events and the latest trending stories from FOX 5 DC in Washington. Molly Nevola hosts.
 De Blasio allows BLM marches despite ban on mass gatheringsFox News
3 days ago
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the protests are a historic moment of change that must be respected; reaction and ...
 Tucker: Can the left lead a country they hate?Fox News
6 days ago
Loving the people you lead is the most basic prerequisite of leadership. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
 Ingraham: Why the left liesFox News
6 days ago
If lying was an Olympic sport, Democrats would be draped in gold medals. #FoxNews #Ingraham Subscribe to Fox News!
 Gutfeld: Cancel culture is like COVID-19Fox News
It's contagious, airborne with a low barrier for entry. Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: ...
 Ingraham: The madness of voting against yourselfFox News
2 days ago
If you vote for Joe Biden in November, what exactly will you be voting for? How will America change? #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle ...
 Is TikTok really a danger to Americans? | FOX News RundownFox News
3 days ago
Fox News Rundown podcast | July 10, 2020 Get more episodes of the Fox News Rundown podcast here: ...
 Tucker: 'Social justice' shields elites from criticismFox News
2 days ago
Revolution is the best thing that ever happened to our political class. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
 How Fox News has shifted its coronavirus rhetoricWashington Post
3 months ago
Over the past month, many Fox News anchors and personalities have gone from doubting the seriousness of the coronavirus ...
 Ingraham: Sacrificing the kids to beat TrumpFox News
5 days ago
With the Trump recovery underway, Democrats are shifting back to their default position: Shut the economy down and that ...
 Gutfeld on Joe Biden's 'America First' strategyFox News
4 days ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden touts Trump-like economic recovery plan. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
 How Roger Stone was treated 'should scare every American': LewandowskiFox News
2 days ago
Trump 2020 senior adviser Corey Lewandowski reacts to Trump commuting Roger Stone's prison sentence on 'Fox and Friends ...
 Fox & Friends First 7/13/20 I Fox News July 13, 2020Donald Trump - latest news
12 hours ago
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 'The Five' react to Kanye's harsh critcism of Joe BidenFox News
5 days ago
In an interview with Forbes, Kanye West said Joe Biden was not 'special;' 'The Five' weighs in. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to ...
 Fox News books wrong guest, she slams TrumpCNN
1 years ago
Producers for the Fox News morning show, "Fox & Friends First" meant to book Arizona congressional candidate Ann Kirkpatrick ...
 FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 7/12/20 | Breaking Fox News July 12,2020TRUMP BREAKING NEWS
FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace 7/12/20 Like and subscribe channel Thank all for watching.
 McEnany calls on Dem leaders to take action against rising violenceFox News
7 days ago
Trump offers federal help to cities facing deadly violence; White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany weighs in. Subscribe ...
 'Hannity' investigates dangerous consequences of lawlessnessFox News
10 days ago
Democrat-run cities in America remain plagued by crime and lawlessness; reaction from Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, New ...
 Fox News keeps breaking its own rulesVox
1 years ago
Sean Hannity appeared on stage at a Trump rally before the midterm elections. It's the latest example of Fox News' transformation ...
 Trump delivers a joint press statement with President of MexicoFox News
4 days ago
President Trump delivers remarks with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Subscribe to Fox News!
 'The Five' rips CNN's Don Lemon for dismissing Terry Crews in heated interviewFox News
6 days ago
Crime spikes in major cities and CNN's Don Lemon spars with Terry Crews over Black Live Matter movement; 'The Five' weighs in ...
 Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to name namesFox News
9 days ago
Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam is reportedly set to cooperate with the FBI after her arrest; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.
 Watch the Latest News Headlines and Live Events — ABC News LiveABC News
5 months ago
abcnewslive #news #livenews LATEST NEWS: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: ...
 Kayleigh McEnany holds White House press conference | 7/8/20Fox News
5 days ago
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds press conference. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
 Kellyanne Conway slams new tell-all book from Trump's nieceFox News
6 days ago
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, weighs in on 'cancel culture' and reopening schools on 'Outnumbered ...
 'Squad' members Tlaib, Pressley unveil proposal to defund policeFox News
5 days ago
'Squad' members Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley unveil a proposal to defund police departments and establish a reparations ...
 President Trump Town Hall hosted by Sean Hannity | FULLFox News
17 days ago
President Trump discusses cancel culture push to remove statues, Democrat-run cities in crisis, support for 'stop and frisk' policing ...
 How Trump could demolish Biden's campaign: Lewandowski | FOX News RundownFox News
5 days ago
Fox News Rundown podcast | July 8, 2020 Get more episodes of the Fox News Rundown podcast here: ...
 McEnany blasts Pelosi for 'playing politics': It's despicableFox News
14 days ago
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany responds to reports on Russian bounties and comments made by Speaker ...
 Mark Meadows: When Democrats fail to act there are real consequencesFox News
6 days ago
President Trump offers to help New York City and Chicago amid spike in violence; insight from White House chief of staff Mark ...
 National Guard to statue looters: You 'won’t be successful'Fox News
16 days ago
Four-hundred National Guard troops have been deployed to protect statues and monuments in Washington, D.C.; insight from Maj ...
 Trump blasts Supreme Court decision: This is 'political prosecution'Fox News
4 days ago
The Supreme Court has deferred issuing a definitive ruling on whether congressional committees can have access to President ...
 Steve Hilton: Positive patriotism is how Trump gets reelectedFox News
7 days ago
We've got to get America's mojo back. Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: ...
 The 'deep state' in the White House is real: Mick MulvaneyFox News
5 days ago
The Trey Gowdy Podcast | July 7, 2020 Get more episodes of The Trey Gowdy Podcast here: Subscribe to ...
 Trump campaign responds to Kanye's 2020 runFox News
5 days ago
Hogan Gidley, national press secretary for the Trump 2020 campaign, joins 'Fox & Friends.' Subscribe to Fox News!