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 Fox News Media: America's news. And much more.Fox News
3 months ago
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 Sanders: The hypocrisy we see from the mainstream media is mind blowingFox News
9 days ago
Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders weighs in on her former role and the personal attacks hurled at ...
 Kushner: Americans are smarter than media, politicians give them credit forFox News
8 days ago
President Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner joins Fox News' Steve Hilton to discuss the 2020 election. Subscribe to Fox ...
 What If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama? | NowThisNowThis News
1 years ago
What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama? It would look like this. » Subscribe to NowThis: ...
 Tucker: Media fan racial flamesFox News
3 months ago
Things are falling apart in Minneapolis and, as they collapse, our leadership class seems thrilled by it. #FoxNews #Tucker ...
 Trump explodes on media: 'You ought to share the news accurately'Fox News
5 months ago
President Trump gets into heated argument with the press over misleading Washington Post headline. #FoxNews FOX News ...
 How Fox News and Right-Wing Media Brainwashed This Dad and Destroyed a Family | Opinions | NowThisNowThis News
1 years ago
'It was like some alien took over his body.' — Right-wing media brainwashed Jen Senko's once open-minded father, but the story ...
 Here's how the media twisted Trump's words about George FloydFox News
3 months ago
Press claim Trump said he hoped George Floyd would be happy about strong job numbers; reaction and analysis from Fox News ...
 You’re watching Fox News. You just don’t know it.Vox
1 years ago
Fox News was created to push right-wing nonsense to the mainstream, and now there's no escape. Join the Video Lab!
 Trump signs social media executive orderFox News
3 months ago
President Trump is crafting an executive order on social media that could seek to curb legal protections for the industry, ...
 Dave Rubin on 'Media Matters' and attacks on Fox NewsFox News
1 years ago
'The Rubin Report' host Dave Rubin weighs in on the media's attack on free speech and differing views. #Tucker #FoxNews FOX ...
 Trump unloads on press in response to Fauci tweet, media coverageFox News
5 months ago
President Trump gets into heated argument with members of press over media coverage of coronavirus and retweet about Dr.
 'The Five' slam media for 'downplaying' Trump's historic Middle East peace dealFox News
6 days ago
The media ramps up anti-Trump talk ahead of election, while downplaying his Middle East peace pacts. #FoxNews #TheFive ...
 Fox News vs. North Korean State TV | The Daily ShowThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah
2 years ago
Side by side, Fox News's and North Korean State TV's reverence for their countries' respective leaders is pretty telling. Subscribe ...
 State Run Media Or Media Run State: Inside The Fox News, Trump White House Tango | Deadline | MSNBCMSNBC
1 years ago
New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell, former Chief of Staff at the CIA and Pentagon Jeremy ...
 Trump signs social media executive orderFox Business
3 months ago
President Trump signs executive order regarding social media. #FoxBusiness Subscribe to Fox Business! ...
 Twitter slaps 'manipulated media' warning on Trump's CNN tweetFox News
3 months ago
Trump ups attacks on media, John Bolton and the Supreme court; Reaction and analysis from Fox News media analyst Howard ...
 'The Five' spar over Trump's social media 'crackdown'Fox News
3 months ago
President Trump signed an executive order on social media monitoring; 'The Five' weighs in. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to ...
 Democrats exhibit media bias double by barring Fox News from hosting 2020 debatesFox News
1 years ago
Is the DNC trying to delegitimize Fox News? Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ...
 Democrats exhibit media bias double by barring Fox News from hosting 2020 debatesFox News
1 years ago
Is the DNC trying to delegitimize Fox News? Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ...
 Fox News keeps breaking its own rulesVox
1 years ago
Sean Hannity appeared on stage at a Trump rally before the midterm elections. It's the latest example of Fox News' transformation ...
 Media targets Trump on pandemic after nationwide protests slow downFox News
2 months ago
As new virus cases hit record highs. Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: ...
 Breitbart, Fox News, and the mainstream media (The Investigators with Diana Swain)CBC News
2 years ago
Breitbart, Fox News, and the mainstream media: The Investigators is in Washington to discuss the polarized news media in the ...
 Fox News Defends Trump’s Russian Media Gaffe After Criticizing It | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBCMSNBC
2 years ago
Fox hosts blast criticism of the Trump-Putin summit, just days after Fox hosts themselves criticized the summit. The New York ...
 Gutfeld on Trump shattering the media ceilingFox News
5 months ago
President Trump defends early virus actions during fiery press briefing. #FoxNews #TheFive FOX News operates the FOX News ...
 Inside the unprecedented partnership between Fox News and the Trump White HousePBS NewsHour
1 years ago
President Trump has long acknowledged top-rated Fox News as his favorite media outlet, and the network relishes its role as a ...
 The Media's Response To Ebola | msnbcMSNBC
5 years ago
As Dr. Craig Spencer is sent home from the hospital, today is officially "Victory from Ebola Day" in the U.S. But according to the ...
 How Fox News Covered Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump | NowThisNowThis News
1 years ago
Does Fox News have a double standard when it comes to the First Lady of the United States? Here's how Fox News' coverage of ...
 Gutfeld on the media's role in the riotsFox News
3 months ago
Media rips President Trump over civil unrest in America. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News! Watch ...
 'The Five' slams Twitter for using sources like CNN to fact-check TrumpFox News
3 months ago
Trump threatens to regulate, close down social media platform; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #FoxNews #TheFive ...
 Trump's heated argument with media over states' rights, WHO fundingFox News
5 months ago
President Trump argues with the press over China's transparency surrounding coronavirus. #FoxNews FOX News operates the ...
 Video shows double standards of Fox News coverage of ObamaCNN
1 years ago
CNN's Brian Stelter takes a look at a viral video from NowThis showing Fox News hosts bashing former President Obama for the ...
 Tucker: Media embrace Big Tech censorship instead of pushing backFox News
3 months ago
The only reason we have a free press is to fight back against authoritarian power structures demanding we read from approved ...
 Biden, Trump battle over handling of violent protestsFox News
22 days ago
Reaction and analysis from Josh Kraushaar, politics editor and chief political columnist at The National Journal, and Fox News ...
 Kurtz: The Mauling of Megyn KellyFox News
2 years ago
'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz weighs in on media critics using Megyn Kelly's previous position at Fox New to bash her new NBC ...
 This is what Fox News said when Obama considered meeting with Kim Jong UnCNN
1 years ago
CNN's Brian Stelter looks at how Fox News' coverage of North Korea, and meeting with its leader Kim Jong Un, has changed ...
 Trump Wants Fox News To Learn From North Korea's State TVThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert
2 years ago
Move over, Tucker Carlson. Trump wants to make room at Fox News for the 'pink lady' of North Korea's state TV. Subscribe To ...
 Our Favorite Media Screwups w/ Katie Halper: Fox News Utterly SHAMELESS Spin Of Woodward BombshellThe Hill
10 days ago
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Fox News' anchors Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson's reactions to the Bob Woodward ...
 Sexism in News Media in 2012The Representation Project
7 years ago
 Gutfeld on the media and the virusFox News
5 months ago
Media pundits tear into President Trump's coronavirus briefings. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), ...
 Howard Kurtz on media coverage double standardsFox News
3 years ago
Insight from 'MediaBuzz' host on 'The Story'
 Gutfeld on the creeps of social mediaFox News
2 months ago
Study finds regular social media users enjoy humiliating, angering others. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
 Media contempt against Trump is personal: Howard KurtzFox Business
2 years ago
'Media Buzz' host Howard Kurtz on his new book 'Media Madness.'
 'The Five' slams biased media coverage of governors based on political partyFox News
4 months ago
As more states begin to reopen people are looking to the media for accurate coverage. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox ...
 How Fox News has referred to migrants as an ‘invasion’ that is ‘replacing’ AmericansWashington Post
1 years ago
A racist conspiracy theory that warns of immigrants “replacing” native-born citizens has been cited by two gunmen in 2019.
 Trump Struggles With Pushback In Fox News Interview | Pod Save AmericaCrooked Media
2 months ago
Donald Trump's 40-minute interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace is perfection, the Administration is sending unidentified ...
 Chinese state media accuses Fox News of 'economic warmongering'SupChina
1 years ago
In one of the more eloquent Chinese state media responses to the Trump administration's trade war, CGTV reporter Liu Xin calls ...
 How Fox News' 'low-quality information' fuels Trump's policiesPBS NewsHour
18 days ago
As the presidential election approaches, questions are raised daily about not only the candidates themselves, but also how they ...
 Fox News Claims It Never Called COVID-19 a Hoax | NowThisNowThis News
6 months ago
Sean Hannity denies ever referring to the coronavirus a hoax. » Subscribe to NowThis: » Sign ...
 Fox News anchor debunks Fox hosts' rhetoricCNN
1 years ago
In social media posts, the suspected synagogue shooter railed against immigrants as "invaders," a term that has been used by ...
 Is Facebook censoring conservative voices? Zuckerberg weighs inFox News
3 months ago
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joins Dana Perino on 'The Daily Briefing' discussing censorship, the coronavirus pandemic, and ...
 Murdochs Failed To Rein In Fox News ‘Hoax’ Narrative Amid Coronavirus: NYT | All In | MSNBCMSNBC
6 months ago
Chris Hayes talks to New York Times columnist Ben Smith about the dangers of the media downplaying the coronavirus pandemic ...
 At Fox, ‘The Propaganda Wins, The News Loses’, Media Journalist Stelter Says | Deadline | MSNBCMSNBC
13 days ago
Media journalist and author of 'Hoax' Brian Stelter reveals the despair felt by journalists who work at Fox News because he says ...
 Howard Kurtz Accuses Media Of Bias... Works At Fox News.The Young Turks
4 years ago
Fox News's Howard Kurtz recently criticized the rest of the media for being biased. The non-Fox News media. Yeah. Cenk Uygur ...
 Does this ex-NFL star hold the secret to Trump's reelection? | FOX News RundownFox News
1 months ago
Fox News Rundown podcast | Aug. 7, 2020 Get more episodes of the Fox News Rundown podcast here: ...
 DNC announces Fox News will not be a media partner for 2020 debatesCBS News
1 years ago
The Democratic National Committee announced Wednesday that Fox News will not be a media partner for the 2020 primary ...
 See why Fox News cut away from White House briefingCNN
1 months ago
The White House Press Secretary played a video so violent Fox News cut away. An ad attacking Biden warns of more mayhem.
 Fox News reporter attacked by protesters: A mob targeted usFox News
3 months ago
Fox News' Leland Vittert describes the hostile scene of the George Floyd protests on 'CAVUTO Live.' Subscribe to Fox News!