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 'I don't want to quit': Treating gaming addiction in Japan | Talk to Al Jazeera In The FieldAl Jazeera English
1 years ago
More and more young people are addicted to online video games. In a controversial decision last year the World Health ...
 20 Essential Travel Tips for Gamers Going to Japan [2019]IGN
1 years ago
Are you planning a trip to the land of the rising fun? We've done the hard work of going to Japan over and over again to bring you ...
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10 months ago
A Japanese Game Developer working in Tokyo Japan. This is the programmer life in Japan. As a Japanese game programmer ...
 What's Different about Gaming in Japan? - KidShoryukenKidShoryuken
3 years ago
I've been asked a lot about what makes the gaming scene in Japan different from the US and elsewhere. Here's my somewhat ...
 Japanese Retro Game Centers | Tokyo Arcade Experience ★ ONLY in JAPANWAO RYU!ONLY in JAPAN
2 years ago
Japanese game centers are must visit places on any trip to Japan, but in Tokyo, there is a place where you can time warp back to ...
 Metal Jesus in JAPAN - Game Hunting in Tokyo (Part1)MetalJesusRocks
1 years ago
Part 1 of our epic trip to Japan. In Tokyo we hunt for games, eat amazing ramen, visit historical shrines and watch robots fight!
 5 Awesome Things Every Gamer Needs to do in TokyoIGN
4 years ago
If you've ever dreamed of making the pilgrimage to Japan, there are a few things you absolutely need to do while you're in Tokyo.
 GAME LIVE JAPAN 2020 DAY3(English)ファミ通TUBE
2 days ago
GAME LIVE JAPAN 2020 is a gaming information program produced by KADOKAWA Game Linkage which operates gaming ...
 Why Xbox Failed In JapanCNBC
11 months ago
Microsoft's Xbox consoles have become a global hit. But there's one market where they don't work — Japan. Of the 46.9 million ...
 What it's like being a PC gamer in JapanDawid Does Tech Stuff
2 years ago
Japan is famous for its awesome technology, but does this mean its a great place to be a PC gamer? The truth may hurt a little, ...
 [COD WW2] The Sniper Girl in action! [Japanese Gaming Girl Jewelrry]Game Ninjas
3 years ago
Japanese female game player Jewelrry plays COD WW2. Jewelrry's Japanese channel ...
 Akihabara- ANIME & GAMING DISTRICT | TOKYO, JAPANyatri doctor
11 months ago
japan #tokyo #yatridoctor Previous Japan Series ...
 My $700 Tokyo Apartment and Neighborhood Tour - KidShoryukenKidShoryuken
3 years ago
After numerous requests to see my neighborhood, apartment, and gaming setup, here it is, in all it's tiny, cramped glory! KS on ...
 Meet the Man Who Has Spent $70,000 Playing a Mobile GameWall Street Journal
2 years ago
Sony's mobile role-playing game “Fate/Grand Order” takes up most of 31-year-old Daigo's time—and a lot of his money: His ...
 I Bought TOO MANY Nintendo Switch Games in JAPAN! (Tokyo, Akihabara, Shinjuku)BeatEmUps
11 months ago
JAPAN VIDEO GAMES! Nintendo Switch Japan Exclusive Games! Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ...
 Checking Out Round1 Ikebukuro in Japan! Arcade Games WalkthroughClawD00d - Coin Pushers
1 years ago
Lets check out Round1 Arcade in Japan! Today we took the train to Ikebukuro in Japan where we found a HUGE Round1 Arcade!
 My new RTX 2080 Setup in Japan 🙏Miraie
1 years ago
inb4 weird flex but ok in comments you know i had to do it to em love you all Let's shoot for 1000 likes? (◕ ◡ ◕) Miraie loves you ...
 Ask Japanese what GAMES they are playing and what the best game ever isAsk Japanese
3 years ago
What's the best game Japanese people have EVER played? What are they playing recently? Today we are asking Japanese ...
 Japan's Biggest Gaming Obsession Explained | PachinkoAbroad in Japan
2 years ago
Pachinko is Japan's biggest game. And yet many people overseas have never even heard of it. ▻ WHERE we played: Ebisu Cafe ...
 Meet the 90 year old gamer grandma! - Guinness World RecordsGuinness World Records
4 months ago
Watch more! || ▻ Watch the GWR's Favourites || The oldest videogames YouTuber is ...
 Finding Work in Japan (Game Industry)Yazuki Wolf
1 years ago
The Job Listing Site I used this time... Some Agents I recommend ...
 Net Cafe Refugees | Japan's Disposable WorkersWolrdUp
5 years ago
Japan's Disposable Workers Net Cafe Refugees Internet cafes have existed in Japan for over a decade, but in the mid 2000's, ...
 Is It Impossible to Win In a Japanese Arcade?? | Game CenterTokyo Creative
7 months ago
We tried our luck at a Japanese arcade or game center, as they call it! The gaming culture in Japan is intense and we decided to ...
 Living in a Japanese Internet cafehiding in my room
11 months ago
living in a japanese manga cafe mangakissa. this is like in manboo, in one tiny compartment with a pc and unlimited amount of ...
 Korean Gamer Goes Crazy!! HILARIOUS!! LOLHerbTwinz
5 years ago
A korean gamer goes mad while playing a shooter game... funny as hell :) See for yourself... Like, Share & Subscribe ::))
 The Dark Side Of Non-Stop Gaming: eSPORTS (Part 4/5)VICE
5 years ago
WATCH PART 5 NOW - Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle ...
 Top 10 Greatest Japanese Video Game Franchises of all
1 years ago
Remember those Zelda titles that were made in the US? Nintendo wants you to forget them ...
 Nintendo Switch HUNTING in JAPAN! (Tokyo, Akihabara, Nakano)BeatEmUps
11 months ago
JAPAN, TOKYO is FULL of VIDEO GAMES! Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Famicom, JRPGS, Japan Elusive Games and MORE!
 JAPAN'S RETRO VIDEO GAME HEAVEN! - Super Potato NagoyaTheTravelingClatt
2 years ago
JAPAN'S RETRO VIDEO GAME HEAVEN! - Super Potato Nagoya. Today we visit Japans retro video game heaven! I even get my ...
 Japan is Jealous of Ghost Of Tsushima - Inside Gaming RoundupInside Gaming
1 months ago
Today we talk about some BIG praise laid upon Ghost Of Tsushima by none other than Toshihiro Nagoshi, the executive director ...
 Hardware Prices in Japan are ATROCIOUS! The Japan Vlog Part 1Bitwit
2 years ago
The new Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset is here. Learn more: CREDITS Epidemic Sound ...
 I WON ANIME PRIZES!💖Arcades in Tokyo!Alice LPS
2 years ago
CLICK ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ Here is another video I filmed during my holiday in Tokyo! ~✿❀ ⋆☆❤FOLLOW ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ AliceStarz: ...
 Japan's Arcade Gaming Scene is so COOL!GLOCO
1 years ago
Visiting Kawasaki Warehouse and attending the Japan Amusement Expo 2019 for the Konami Arcade Championships. It's a BIG ...
 Samurai☯ Trap & Bass Japanese Type Beat ☯ Lofi Hiphop MixMr_MoMo Music
3 years ago
THE BUSHIDO CODE: Buy some amazing Japanese and Anime displates for decorating your walls: ...
 Hirohito Breaks HOI4 3x TimesFeedBackGaming
1 years ago
GREETINGS EMPEROR! It is time to cheat the marco polo focus, do the dupe exploit with doctrines and reduce supply down to ...
 Weird Japanese Arcade Games!Plush Time Wins
3 years ago
While we were in Japan we came across a few games that stood out from the rest. These games all had something that made ...
 Gaming in Japan be like...maydaysan
1 years ago
JOIN THE DISCORD NOW: Sub for more Japan Content : -SOCIALS- Like the ...
 GAMING DISTRICT in TOKYO, AKIHABARA | Best Chicken in Japanyatri doctor
1 years ago
yatridoctor This was our last day in Tokyo,Japan. We first went to Tokyo Municipality Building as going on that building's top floor ...
 Japan's Retro Video Games | RARE Game Hunting [PART 1/2]Eric Abroad
2 months ago
Make the most of your limited time in Japan by finishing all of your Retro Game Hunting in just one day! Game Collecting has ...
 Japan's junk is retrogaming treasure: More retro video game hunting at Hard Off Fukuoka Hisayamajcontra
1 years ago
I have always been impressed by the junk section at the Hisayama Hard Off location. Come with me as we hunt for Japanese retro ...
 JAPAN SURPRISE! - Happy Console GamerHappyConsoleGamer
2 years ago
Mystery Japan gaming unboxing! Check out jimmys channel here Like the show?
5 months ago
Hello everyone, Ito po yung kaunahan ko na Desktop Gaming PC. All Item was buy in amazon. hope you enjoy the video. and ...
 'Konoha' - A Trap & Bass Gaming Japanese TypeCloudx Music
2 years ago
"Konoha" A Trap & Bass Japanese Type Beat Tracklist: 0:00 Naruto Wind (TrackGonEat Trap Remix) 3:32 GRILLABEATS ...
 Hotel Built for Gamers - WHAT???Linus Tech Tips
2 years ago
Check out the NEON K81 (Kailh Blue Switch) on Amazon at Check out the NEON K81 (Kailh Brown Switch) ...
 Japan's MEGA Used PC Parts Hunt 2019 - "Part 2: I Spent EVERY Dollar'Tech YES City
1 years ago
Ad: Get the best out of 9th gen in a small form factor with the ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming ITX TB3 - In ...
 7 Hardest Japanese Arcade GamesIGN
3 years ago
From maimai MURASAKi to Gunslinger Stratos 3, the world's most difficult games can be found inside Japanese arcades.
 My New Weeaboo-type Japan Setup 2019Miraie
1 years ago
ONLY 60% COMPLETED ⚠ More to come! What is your fav thing in this new setup I have in Japan? (◕‿◕✿) Let's shoot for 1000 ...
 Review: Japanese Gaming Restaurants Super Bunnyhop
3 years ago
LIMITED EDITION MERCH: Want to support your favorite YouTuber *and* stomp on their face at the same time? Buy some ...
 Does Japan Hate PC Gaming? - PC Gaming at Tokyo Game Show 2012GameSpot
8 years ago
Japan, the home of Sony and Nintendo, has always been known for being a console-loving country. But at Tokyo Game Show this ...
 9 Japanese Video Games You NEED to Play but Probably Haven'tFragHero
2 years ago
 The Birth of the Japanese RPG | Design IconsGame Maker's Toolkit
2 months ago
There's only one genre that we divide down strict geographical lines: the RPG. But western RPGs and Japanese RPGs have way ...
 Taito Hey: One of the Best Arcades in TokyoIGN
3 years ago
From its obscure bullet hell shooters to the latest and greatest fighting games, Taito Hey is heaven for hardcore gamers. In this ...
 HELLO KITTY DREAMCAST & Japanese Import GamesMetalJesusRocks
2 years ago
Only 1500 special edition Hello Kitty Dreamcast consoles were made for the Japanese market. In this video I show you what ...
 Why You Can't Rent Video Games in JapanCensored Gaming
2 years ago
Download War Robots NOW and get an awesome starter pack! --------------------------------------------------- This ...