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 Henry Winkler Shows Off His Official Happy Days Fonzie JacketThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
2 months ago
Henry Winkler shows Jimmy some of the memorabilia he's kept from Happy Days and other projects and spotlights the work his ...
 Henry Winkler speaks, at his doorCBS Sunday Morning
3 months ago
Henry Winkler was preparing to film the third season of the hit HBO series "Barry," when COVID-19 put production on hold.
 70th Emmy Awards: Henry Winkler Wins For Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy SeriesTelevision Academy
1 years ago
Henry Winkler wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Barry!
 Henry Winkler on Saving a Fan’s Life, The Fonz & “Barry” Emmy WinJimmy Kimmel Live
12 months ago
Henry talks about his days as the Fonz, jumping the shark, writing children's books, his Emmy win for his HBO show “Barry,” ...
 Henry Winkler Is Finally Part of the 'Ellen' Family with a ScareTheEllenShow
1 years ago
"Barry" star Henry Winkler returned to Ellen and talked about working with Portia de Rossi on "Arrested Development," when his ...
 Henry Winkler Took Inspiration from Sylvester Stallone for FonzieThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
10 months ago
Henry Winkler shares tips for aspiring actors and the connection between Sylvester Stallone and Fonzie and reveals where he ...
 Sylvester Stallone Reacts to Henry Winkler Using Rocky as Inspiration for The FonzThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
10 months ago
Sylvester Stallone teases his ideas for the future of Rocky and responds to Henry Winkler's confession that he based Happy Days' ...
 Watch Bill Hader Adorably Crash Henry Winkler's Backstage Interview (Exclusive)Entertainment Tonight
1 years ago
ET spoke with Winkler backstage after he won his first Emmy during the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. #Emmys ...
 Henry Winkler Kicks Off His Tonight Show Interview with "The Fonz" DanceThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
1 years ago
Henry Winkler starts his interview off dancing to "Hava Nagila" with his famous Fonzie dance moves and reveals how Netflix's The ...
 Sunday Profile: Henry WinklerCBS Sunday Morning
3 years ago
As the Fonz on the classic TV comedy "Happy Days," Henry Winkler played America's most famous teenager. A little-known fact ...
 Henry Winkler Interview (Merv Griffin Show 1977)Merv GriffinShow
7 years ago
Henry Winkler chats with Merv about Fonzie, his film "Heroes", and some advice from Bette Davis. Merv Griffin had over 5000 ...
 Henry Winkler on Happy Days & Meeting The BeatlesJimmy Kimmel Live
2 years ago
Henry talks about watching 'Happy Days' with his grandson, meeting The Beatles and running into Paul McCartney on Lexington ...
 Henry Winkler on the "Happy Days" fan frenzy - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORGFoundationINTERVIEWS
7 years ago
Full interview at http://emmytvlegends.org/interviews/people/henry-winkler.
 Emmys 2018: Henry Winkler & Wife Stacey Weitzman On Whether His 'Barry' Character Is The Real Him!Access
1 years ago
On the red carpet at the 2018 Emmys, Henry Winkler and wife Stacey Weitzman speak with Access' Kit Hoover and Scott Evans ...
 Shin Lim Shocks Ellen with a Magic Trick Proving Their SimilaritiesTheEllenShow
7 months ago
Magician Shin Lim returned with a trick that proved he and Ellen have a lot in common... and left her so awestruck she forgot one ...
 Henry Winkler's "Happy Days" Costars Surprise Him at 2019 Globes | E! Red Carpet & Award ShowsE! Red Carpet & Award Shows
1 years ago
The "Barry" actor and his wife Stacey Weitzman get a surprise message from Ron Howard, Anson Williams & Don Most at the ...
 Henry Winkler on reinventing himself after iconic role as FonzieABC News
1 years ago
Winkler discusses his journey from overcoming dyslexia on the set of "Happy Days" in the 70s, to getting behind the camera, ...
 Bill Hader on Henry Winkler & New Season of BarryJimmy Kimmel Live
1 years ago
Bill talks about the new season of 'Barry' on HBO, watching his own work, being a control freak, working with Henry Winkler and ...
 The Fonz · Top 10 AaayyysChief Scheider
7 months ago
Whoa 0:17 0:37 0:56 1:16 1:47 2:12 3:08 3:41 4:17 4:46.
 Henry Winkler's Secrets to a Happy 40-Year MarriageThe Late Late Show with James Corden
2 years ago
James asks Henry Winkler about the secrets to his successful marriage of 40 years and learns that Henry is a man full of wisdom.
 Henry Winkler's Celebrity Knowledge Tested in 'Who Dat?'TheEllenShow
7 months ago
Since Henry Winkler is excited about meeting fellow nominees at the upcoming Golden Globes, Ellen tested his knowledge of ...
 Henry Winkler Family: Wife, Kids, Siblings, ParentsThe Skeleton
6 months ago
A famous producer, director, writer and movie star Henry Winkler was delivered in the autumn of 1945 in New York. His career in ...
 Henry Winkler Writes Fan Letters to CelebritiesTheEllenShow
7 months ago
Hollywood icon Henry Winkler divulged to Ellen that when he admires other actors, he writes touching fan letters to them to show ...
 Henry Winkler - Archive Interview Part 1 of 5FoundationINTERVIEWS
12 years ago
In his 5-part (each 30-minute segment is posted separately) oral history interview, actor / producer Henry Winkler talks about his ...
 Henry Winkler Plays 'Are You Smarter Than Two Kid Geography Experts?'TheEllenShow
1 years ago
Henry Winkler is an Emmy-winning actor, but does he have what it takes to go up against two geography experts? Find out if Nate, ...
 Henry Winkler Asks Kelly Clarkson How She Does Her Multiple Jobs So WellThe Kelly Clarkson Show
9 months ago
Henry Winkler stops by to tell Kelly Clarkson just how much he loves watching her on “The Voice,” and asks how she manages to ...
 Henry Winkler Answers the Internet's Weirdest QuestionsAnswer the Internet
1 years ago
Leave your weird, crazy hypotheticals in the comments. We'll feature them on the show. We've collected the Internet's dumbest ...
 Henry Winkler on Ron Howard - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORGFoundationINTERVIEWS
7 years ago
Full interview at http://emmytvlegends.org/interviews/people/henry-winkler.
 Henry Winkler on Emmy Win, Fonzie & BarryJimmy Kimmel Live
1 years ago
Henry talks about finally winning an Emmy after losing for four decades, Barry, and playing Fonzie on Happy Days. Jimmy Kimmel ...
 (Henry Winkler) Barstool Pizza Review - Big Al'sOne Bite Pizza Reviews
1 years ago
Ayye! The Fonz reviews Big Al's with Dave. Download The One Bite App to see more and review your favorite pizza joints: ...
 Bill Hader on How He Cast Henry Winkler in BarryVulture
2 years ago
The former SNL star reveals how a TV icon landed a role in his (very dark) HBO comedy.
 Henry Winkler Interview - Home & FamilyHallmark Channel
10 months ago
Henry Winkler has been collecting awards left and right for his role on HBO's "Barry." He is also a New York Times Best-selling ...
 The Best of the Fonz MomentsAnt Man
6 years ago
Some of the best Fonzie scenes. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. I don't have all the episodes so I cut the best scenes and spliced ...
 Henry Winkler is genius on BarryStubborn Belly Fat
2 years ago
By: Gene Cousineau Love Barry on HBO!
 Henry Winkler's Advice For Young Actors - CONAN on TBSTeam Coco
10 months ago
Henry encourages young actors to be Weeble-like. When you get knocked down, spring right back to center. More CONAN ...
 Bruno Mars and Henry Winkler "Love" Each Other // SiriusXM // StarsSiriusXM
7 years ago
Sign Up for a Free SiriusXM Trial: http://full.sc/1cXK7Rz SiriusXM Stars - Our flagship talk station featuring unique and diverse ...
 Henry Winkler, actor - BBC HARDtalkBBC HARDtalk
4 years ago
HARDtalk speaks to an actor whose long career will always be defined by one role. Henry Winkler was the Fonz, the cool dude at ...
 Bill Hader's Hand-Based Impressions Of Henry Winkler & Al Pacino - CONAN on TBSTeam Coco
2 years ago
When it comes to impersonating Henry Winkler and Al Pacino, it's all about what you do with your hands. More CONAN ...
 Henry Winkler's Crash Course In Physical ActingThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert
1 years ago
'Barry' star Henry Winkler guides Stephen through a crash course in physical acting. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel ...
 Henry Winkler Recalls Robin Williams' 'Happy Days' Debut | Rachel Maddow | MSNBCMSNBC
6 years ago
Actor Henry Winkler talks to Rachel Maddow about Robin Williams' passing, recalling his first encounter with the extremely ...
 Jovanotti consegna il Telegatto a Henry Winkler, Fonzie di Happy Days | Mediaset Play CultMediaset Play Cult
24 days ago
Ai Telegatti Jovanotti premia Henry Winkler, Fonzie di Happy Days, e commenta "è un personaggio incredibile, dovete ...
 Henry Winkler on His Career, Cursing & Bill HaderJimmy Kimmel Live
2 years ago
Henry talks about his long career on TV, his new HBO show 'Barry' with Bill Hader, his love of swear words, and being taught by ...
 Henry Winkler on his dyslexiaCBS Sunday Morning
3 years ago
In this web exclusive, the actor talks with Mo Rocca about how dyslexia affected his performance as the Fonz on the classic 1970s ...
 Better Late Than Never - Henry Winkler's Family History (Deleted Scene)Better Late Than Never
2 years ago
Henry Winkler tells George Foreman how his parents fled Berlin and more in this deleted scene. » Subscribe for More: ...
 Henry Winkler Celebrates With Ron Howard After Huge Emmy WinWochit News
1 years ago
Actor Henry Winkler had a big night at the Emmy's on Monday. The iconic star won an Emmy award for his role as Gene Cosineau ...
 Henry Winkler’s Parents Nicknamed Him “Dumb Dog” Due to His Dyslexia (2012)The Howard Stern Show
3 months ago
Dummer hund” means dumb dog in German and it's what Henry Winkler's mother and father would call him as a kid due to his ...
 Celebrate Student Greatness with Here's Hank authors Henry Winkler and Lin OliverMicrosoft Education
2 years ago
Join Actor, Producer and Author, Henry Winkler & his partner Lin Oliver, creators of the Hank Zipzer and Here's Hank book series, ...
 Shin Lim Wows Henry Winkler and Ellen: Extended CutTheEllenShow
7 months ago
Since Henry Winkler is a huge fan of magician Shin Lim, Ellen welcomed him back to assist in another astounding card trick by the ...
 William Shatner and Henry Winkler have a complicated gay relationshiptotallyjk
10 years ago
William Shatner and Henry Winkler have a complicated gay relationship,
 Henry Winkler on The Jenny McCarthy ShowJennyMcCarthyTV
2 years ago
Henry Winkler from “Never Too Late” talks to Jenny McCarthy about filming on location with George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw, ...
 Henry Winkler talks about what being The Fonz has meant to himLos Angeles Times
2 years ago
Henry Winkler of HBO's 'Barry' discusses the legacy of The Fonz and what the character has given him over the years.
 Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver Discuss Here's HankPenguin Middle School
3 years ago
Here's Hank, the New York Times bestselling series written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, is the perfect series for the ...
 Henry Winkler Q & A Panel From Comicpalooza 2015AFK Show Austin
5 years ago
You know him mostly as "Fonzie" from the 1970's hit show "Happy Days" But, Henry Winkler has played in many other roles too ...
 Watch Henry Winkler Talk About FINALLY Getting to Meet Brad Pitt (Exclusive)Entertainment Tonight
5 months ago
ET spoke with Winkler while he was being honored at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles, California. Exclusives from ...
 Henry Winkler on his Emmy Nominated Role on "Barry"KTLA 5
1 years ago
Check out “Barry” on HBO. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning, News, Wednesday, August 22, 2018.
 Henry WinklerTalk Stoop with Nessa
2 years ago
Talk Stoop Taxi: The actor and children's book author brings Cat Greenleaf his newest installment in his Here's Hank book series ...
 ✅ Henry Winkler shared a video of himself drinking water with one hand in an apparent jab at Presid CHELY168
1 months ago
Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpU5yZi5CnUuqTERHGrOqXQ?sub_confirmation=1 ✍ In the video, the ...
 Henry Winkler Was 'Starstruck' By Jeff Bridges And Viggo Mortensen At The Golden Globes EXCLUSIVEX17onlineVideo
1 years ago
Monday, January 7, 2019 - Legendary actor Henry Winkler catches a flight out of Los Angeles with wife, Stacey Weitzman.
 Henry Winkler talks to DeanWGN News
11 days ago
Henry Winkler talks to Dean.
 Henry Winkler Recalls Robin Williams' 'Explosive' Beginning On 'Happy Days'Entertainment Tonight
5 years ago
One man who was at the ground floor of Robin Williams' meteoric rise to fame was actor Henry Winkler, who played the iconic ...
 Henry Winkler - Abusive Parents, Adam Sandler, Arrested Development, etc - Jim Norton & Sam Robertsnotsam
2 years ago
Subscribe to JIM NORTON AND SAM ROBERTS on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/JimandSamShow Jim Norton and Sam ...
 Octavia Spencer & Henry Winkler: COME ON DOWN!The Late Late Show with James Corden
1 years ago
James arranges for "The Price Is Right" super fan Octavia Spencer and fellow show guest Henry Winkler to take part in one of the ...
 Henry Winkler talks about dyslexia - CBBC Hank ZipzerCBBC
4 years ago
Henry Winkler, who plays Mr Rock in CBBC's Hank Zipzer, shares his own experiences of living with dyslexia and tells us a few ...