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 How To Catch Striped BassTacticalBassin
1 years ago
From Topwater to Swimbaits, we show you how to target big striped bass! If you've ever wanted to catch Striper on artificial lures, ...
3 years ago
OBVIOUSLY YOU AREN'T DUMMIES lol (Can't believe I have to add that) but some young man took offense, I guess he doesn't ...
 Best Lure For Striped Bass: How To Catch Striped Bass From Shore - Catch & Cook | SFSCStop Fishing Start Catching
2 months ago
Today we take you through how to use the best lure for Striped Bass. We go into detail in how you can use this lure to know how to ...
 TIPS ON HOW TO CATCH STRIPED BASS - Surf FishingMore Than Fishing
4 years ago
Join our fishing chat group Striped bass fishing 2015: Tips and Rigs - On ...
 How to catch Stripers with a very simple rig that makes a HUGE difference! Striped Bass fishingMike Smedley
3 years ago
Using a very simple rig with no weight at all to catch bigger fish. We catch some fish and have some laughs along the way. Please ...
 Catch and Cook Striped Bass - Catching, cleaning and cooking StriperCatfish and Carp
12 months ago
Striper and Catfish guide Scott Manning took me fishing on the Tennessee river for catfish, white bass and stripped bass. So we ...
 How to Catch Big Striped Bass From the Shore With Bait (Chunking)Fishing With Jonny
8 months ago
Winter time hit Rhode Island (and me) hard. The 2019 Rhode Island shore fishing season is over, so here's a couple simple tips ...
3 years ago
HOW TO STARTS AT 4:50 Catch Striped Bass every trip ! This technique is probably the easiest way to catch striped bass.
 Most INSANE GIANT Striped Bass TOPWATER Fishing -- (Striper Mayhem D.1)Jon B.
2 years ago
Lures that Caught fish (in order of success) 1. Sebile swimbait -- 2. Sebile Glide bait ...
 Striper Fishing with a very simple rig that always works!Mike Smedley
1 years ago
Lakes, Rivers, Bays, Sounds, Oceans, this rig is the standard that always gets it done. Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe!
 Striper Fishing for Dummies! How to catch Stripers for BeginnersMike Smedley
3 months ago
Striped Bass Fishing for Dummies. How to catch Striped Bass on your FIRST TRIP! This video shows you everything you need to ...
 Striper Fishing Freshwater Basics, How to catch Stripers RIGHT NOW!Mike Smedley
6 months ago
Striper fishing Smith Mountain Lake with Gizzard Shad, planer boards and floats. We share some tips and secrets on how you can ...
 How to catch Striped Bass PRO Tips and Secrets never shared before! Striper Fishing - Joe MarcianoMike Smedley
2 years ago
We share quite a few tips in this one! Fishing with Joe Marciano from The F/V Hard Merchandise, Via Wicked Tuna. Proper Circle ...
 Sonar for Dummies! Fish Finder Explained for BEGINNERS!Mike Smedley
3 months ago
Fish Finder Screenshots Explained for Dummies is a series in my Sonar Screenshots Explained collection helping those new to ...
 Striper Lures - OOW OutdoorsOutOfWork Outdoors
7 years ago
Based on my 10 years experience of fishing for Striped Bass on the surf, coast and inland, these are the lures that have been the ...
 When Stripers Go Crazy! Striped Bass Boils Explained - Bait TipsSin City Outdoors
2 years ago
When Stripers boil they go crazy. I explain how to catch striped bass during boils and I give some bait tips in this video. FISHING ...
 Striper Fishing BASICS. How to catch Stripers in Freshwater!Mike Smedley
11 months ago
Striper fishing freshwater LOTS of Tips. Techniques for Lake Lanier. Lake Gaston. Kerr lake. Lake Murray. Clark's Hill.
 How to catch Striped Bass in the SUMMERZMRC Fishing videos
3 years ago
New season & and new goals. One thing remains the same. Fishing. Here to teach everyone from beginning anglers to avid ...
 Cut Bait for Big Striped BassKayak Catfish
2 years ago
To purchase a Kayak Catfish shirt: Video footage from a couple days of striped bass fishing action.
 How to catch striper Tips and Tricks ~ Lake LanierKickinTheirBASSTV
4 years ago
Today we are going to show you some tips and tricks for how to catch striper, our friend who is a fishing guide on Lake Lanier, ...
 Striper Rig we use for Live Bait! How to catch Striped Bass LIVE LINE RIGMike Smedley
1 months ago
Striper fishing rig we use EVERY DAY! It's simple and versatile. You will see our rig, rod, reel, and hooks we love. Striped Bass rig.
 How to Catch Striped Bass in Lakes and RiversFishden365
2 years ago
In this video, I describe the easiest way that I know of to locate and catch Striped Bass in lakes and rivers. This is a comprehensive ...
 My Best Advice For Fishing Soft Baits or Bucktails - Striped Bass Tips - "CADENCE"EliasVFishing
3 years ago
Here is my best advice when fishing with soft plastics and bucktail/strip combos. If you are not incorporating extra cadence into ...
 Striped Bass Fishing from a Pier!! (EASIEST WAY)FirstStateFishing
2 years ago
I take you guys with me to a local fishing pier to try and catch some BIG fish! This is pretty much a saltwater pier fishing cheat code!
 How to catch freshwater Stripers! Live Bait TIPS, SECRETS, And BASICS. Striped Bass fishingMike Smedley
5 years ago
FOLLOW OLD SCHOOL FISHING TEAM ON FACEBOOK! Freshwater Striped Bass TRICKS and TIPS. How to net Shad. How to ...
 Striper Fishing Lures | Favorite Night Time Baits & Lures | OOW OutdoorsOutOfWork Outdoors
10 months ago
Hey everyone, in this video, Konerri goes over what lures we use when we are chasing stripers at night! Please Subscribe ...
 How I Bank Fish For Striped BassIsaac's Fishing Corner
3 years ago
These week I do a quick walk through on how I fish for Striped Bass this time of year ...
 How to Catch STRIPED BASS! {Catch Clean Cook} Striper PastaMullet Man
4 months ago
Striper fishing in Texas is a blast especially this time of the year when you can catch them on topwater. Jud and I headed to the ...
1 years ago
Hi Guys/Gals Thought I would post this quick video to try and help a few viewers that are struggling to catch a good Striped Bass.
3 years ago
Obviously you guys/gals aren't dummies, I'm using the "Windows for Dummies" analogy. Believe it or not some kid took offense to ...
 How to tie the BEST Striper fishing rig!Jake Derado
3 years ago
Striped Bass (Striper) Fishing from the surf, boat, kayak, pier or bay.
 SPRING STRIPED BASS - Fishing For STRIPERS w/ Soft Plastic Lures 2017EliasVFishing
3 years ago
Yeah, here it is. Bonked about 7 fish other morning to around 33" or so. First fish was the biggest of them but my camera on a stick ...
 Catch Hybrid Striped Bass (how to, cleaning, and fun)outdooroklahoma
5 years ago
Go fishing with Bill Wentroth (ODWC Fisheries), Spencer Grace (ODWC Game Warden) and Steve Carroll on Lake Skiatook in ...
 How to catch Striped Bass using a few TIPS +SECRETS. What is a TOXIC BUNKER??Mike Smedley
2 years ago
Striper fishing Great tips and secrets to Catch more Striped Bass. Stay in or slightly above the strike zone to increase hookup ...
 Striper - Live Bait River Fishingnu Skool Fishing
10 months ago
Live bait fishing for striper.
 How to Use Frozen Anchovies for Bait Fishing and Catching Striped BassTosTinMan
5 years ago
In this fishing video, I demonstrate the way I usually use frozen anchovies for bait fishing to catch small striped bass. We were ...
 45 INCH STRIPED BASS ★ "MONSTER STRIPER" caught on BEACH! How to catch BIG FISH from Shore - FishingSharkMan HD
3 years ago
On this awesome day of surf fishing I caught a Monster 45 + inch Striped Bass and I also caught a 26 incher on a beach here in ...
 How to Catch Large Striped Bass Using Mojo Lures, Part 1Reaper Fishing NJ
1 years ago
In this video I teach you all about the productive lure known as the mojo. I will show you how to make the rigs, which lures to buy, ...
 How to Catch More STRIPED BASS with Sand Crabs, Non-Stop Striped Bass ActionDie Hard Fishing
3 years ago
How to Catch More STRIPED BASS with Sand Crabs, Non-Stop Striped Bass Action: Carpooled with my surfer bro Ben and ...
 'Top 5' Fall Run Striped Bass LuresEliasVFishing
1 years ago
You'll probably see a video like this from someone, or somewhere. Hopefully my real world non YT experience can help you ...
 How To Catch Stripers at this TOP SECRET Location! Secret Striped Bass Spot! (don't tell)Mike Smedley
3 years ago
Power plant out flow currents can be STRIPED BASS MONEY! Even MORE SO in the winter when the out flow waters are slightly ...
 Striped Bass Secrets-Tips+Tricks, Striper Secrets! How To Catch MORE Stripers!Mike Smedley
5 years ago
How to CATCH MORE STRIPERS! Stuff the pros wont tell you.How to anchor in most productive water. How to rig live and cut bait.
 Striped Bass Fishing with Live EelsJohn Skinner Fishing
7 years ago
How to catch Striped Bass surf fishing while casting live eels. Striped Bass fishing tips for catching big striped bass on live eels.
 Striped bass, Fresh Water,Umbrella Rig, Basics, Striped Bass- Team Old SchoolMike Smedley
9 years ago
Using Cowcatcher umbrella rigs to catch Striped Bass in freshwater. Please SUBSCRIBE here on YouTube and FOLLOW OLD ...
 How To Bait Fish Delta Stripers - IFInformativeFisherman
7 years ago
How To Bait Fish Delta Stripers... Join us on FaceBook ...
 Freshwater Striper fishing. Lake Lanier. Jigging Spoons and Live BaitMike Smedley
5 years ago
Catching DEEP Stripers on Lanier with Live Bait and jigging Spoons. Using your electronics to find deep fish can lead to some ...
 How to Find Summer Stripers (Pt 1)The Original Capt Jack
1 years ago
Instagram @TheOriginalCaptJack Facebook @TheOriginalCaptJack Lake Lanier contains Blueback Herring which do not tolerate ...
 Striped Bass Surfcasting with Tin LuresJohn Skinner Fishing
5 years ago
Supports my book Surfcasting for striped bass with jigs. Catching stripers on tins. Surf Fishing with metal ...
 Striper Fishing - How to Use Live Bait - Lure Tips for Easy Catching!Sin City Outdoors
1 years ago
I had an amazing day striper fishing. I show live bait and lure tips. Catching striped bass can be easy if you know how to fish for ...
 How to Rig Soft Plastics for Striped BassOn The Water Media
1 years ago
Learn multiple ways to rig soft plastics for stripers! For more OTW content check out the links below! Instagram: ...
 How to Rig and Hook Bait for BIG Striped BassMark KIDCOCHIESE Garry
4 years ago
oops...I forgot the terminal tackle section: It's a FishFinder rig and a 60# mono 4-5" leader to an 8/0 Circle hook This is a video of a ...
 How To Fish At Night For StripersStriperschool
12 years ago
This is Part 5 of our ongoing Striper School training programs. Please visit for more information and details ...
 Large Surf Fishing Striper And Surfcasting Gear ReviewJohn Skinner Fishing
10 months ago
Topwater striper fishing action sees a large striped bass caught after what seemed like a morning of small fish. New waders and ...
 BEST STRIPED BASS CATCH AND COOK | Vietnamese Style DishOutdoor Chef Life
3 months ago
This video is sponsored by Bespoke Post. Use code CHEF20 to get 20% off your first box. Catch and cook ...
 Following Birds to Find STRIPED BASS - Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing1Fish2Fish
1 years ago
Kristi and I traveled to the Tangier Sound - or the Tangier Islands to do some Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing. While it was a little ...
 TOP 5 STRIPER LURES for Fresh Water Dam Fishing | 2018OutOfWork Outdoors
2 years ago
In this video, we show you our Top 5 Favorite Striper lures that we use specifically to target Stripers at dams. Links listed below.
 Striped bass fishing basics on the Hudson RiverNYup
2 years ago
Outdoors writer David Figura goes out on the river with Capt. Richard Booth of Reel Happy Charters out of Catskill, N.Y..
 How to Catch Large Striped Bass Using Mojo Lures, Part 2.Reaper Fishing NJ
1 years ago
Here we show how we use the Mojo lures to catch multiple large striped bass in just an hour. Lights out fishing off NJ. Like.
 Catch and Cook Vegas Striped Bass at Lake Mead Fishing TripFowler's Makery and Mischief
6 months ago
I went to Vegas for shot show 2020 and found some time to sneak away to see the real sites! 30 Day Survival Challenge Season 2 ...
 Chesapeake Bay Shallow Water Striped Bass Fishing TipsFishTalk Magazine
9 months ago
Lenny Rudow and the folks from Anglers Sports Center spent a day on the Chesapeake Bay to show you some tips on fishing for ...
 Kayak Fishing Catch and Cook Striped Bass out of my Toyota TRD Tacoma TruckOutOfWork Outdoors
7 months ago
We went out to do some Striped Bass Fishing. We caught many and released many. During mid day, we got hungry and cooked ...
 Big Striped Bass Crushing Bass LuresLakeForkGuy
2 years ago
Fishing with bass lures, we got crushed by big striped bass and smallmouth bass in the same fishing hole SUBSCRIBE ...