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 Clashes between Indian and Chinese troops at Naku La near Sikkim border | World NewsWION
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An incident of minor face-off occurred between Indian and
 New video shows clash between Indian and Chinese troops on borderSouth China Morning Post
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A new video has emerged which appears to show Chinese and
 India China Border Row - China deploys Rocket Launchers near LAC - Defence Current Affairs for UPSCStudy IQ education
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 Indo-China border skirmishWildFilmsIndia
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A messy border skirmish ensues when
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Arunachal series is about to end this trip has given me a lot of new crazy amazing experiences lifelong experiences. Contact ...
 China - India border dispute explainedPolitics with Paint
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In June 2020 the most serious confrontation between Chinese and
 India Army Conducts Military Exercises Near China BorderVOA News
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Indias army conducted exercises in the Himalayan deserts of Ladakh Sunday September 27 after it deployed tanks near the ...
 India-China Border Fight | Bloody Brawl In North Sikkim's Naku LaIndia Today
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The Indian Army foiled an attempt by the
 The India vs China border conflict explainedChannel 4 News
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When an Indian commanding officer plunged to his death reportedly pushed off a cliff it triggered mayhem. And what happened ...
 China tries to usurp Indian territory again! Indo-China border skirmishWildFilmsIndia
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Recently China has tried to intrude upon what is arguably and undeniably
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I went to the India -
 China-India border clash in June left four PLA troops dead and one injured, report saysSouth China Morning Post
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China has for the first time revealed that four of its soldiers were killed and one seriously wounded in a Himalayan border
 What happened on the India-China border? - BBC NewsBBC News
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The fall out from a deadly clash between Indian and
 China releases footage of last year's deadly border clash with IndiaRT
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Chinese media released unique footage of the deadly border
 Troops at Indo-China border face off against each otherWildFilmsIndia
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This footage is part of the broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd. the largest collection of HD imagery from ...