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 ANYWHERE BUT HERE - Short Film [Award Winning] Indiechamberofnoize
3 years ago
Fear and abuse lurks behind every corner for Sarah who elicits the help of her friend Ben to make an escape. All goes tragically ...
 10/10 - Indie Short Film | 2020Sterling Mills
9 months ago
Experimental video about self-love shot mostly with my new Sony FE f/1.8 50mm lens. Idea by Sophia Vratsinas. My gear ...
 Now What (Indie Short Film)Pashionistas TV
3 months ago
Two young women must figure out what to do next after a mischievous act of love causes their house to burn down. Written and ...
 Genesis (Abstract Short Film)Genieous Productions
3 years ago
FOR INQUIRIES/REPRESENTATION: Made entirely from the ...
 "Alone" - *Award Winning* Post-Apocalyptic Short FilmRuffneck101
7 years ago
Winner of the Halifax Film Festival awards for Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design. Alone. Alone is what this man is.
 Batak | Short Film - Full MovieTsiboy Mallari Event Filmmaker
3 years ago
With ZERO budget, minds full of ideas, hearts equipped with prowess, and helping hands from family and friends, this short film is ...
 "In Between Daze" short filmCarbon City Cinema
4 years ago
Life is made of the moments in between. Grow up and forget them forever... a short film by Jesse Dvorak released though ...
6 months ago
 PAPERBOY Short FilmAnnie Jaynes
4 years ago
A young adult becomes a paperboy to win the love of the neighborhood girl of his dreams.
 Speechless | Award Winning Short Horror Film | 2018Movie Time With Dee
2 years ago
2nd Place Winner of the HSV EXPO 72 Hour Film Contest *Award for Best Use Of Surprise Element *Award For Best ...
 5AM: A Short Film Shot on IPHONE 6 - JUSTIN ESCALONAJustin Escalona
5 years ago
Can we PLEASE hit 1500 likes??? I made an entire short film with only my iPhone 6. I haven't been going to bed at a "normal" ...
 FATHER | Horror Short FilmChris Keller
2 years ago
A young boy lives with his mother who does not give him the attention he needs. There is also a father figure, but unfortunately for ...
 SKYWATCH: a Sci-Fi ShortColin Levy
10 months ago
SKYWATCH is a sci-fi proof of concept written & directed by Colin Levy. Six years in the making, funded via Kickstarter, and ...
 How to shoot a No-Budget FilmD4Darious
3 years ago
Low Budget filmmaking tips and advice. Budget filmmaking gear I get my music here ...
 ASTRAY (Full Short Film)Nerissa Picadizo
2 years ago
Winner of the “Best Indie Producer” award at International Film Festival Manhattan 2014, “ASTRAY” is an unrequited love story ...
 Listen To Me - Short FilmWindstruck Production
3 years ago
Award Winning short film! Best Film Narrative - Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival 2017 Best in Show - Media & Design Show 2017 Ai ...
 The Wallet - Indie Short FilmThirstyDogProduction
10 years ago
A man finds himself lost and betrayed in a strange world. This film was written and shot specifically to take advantage of some of ...
2 years ago
"Bag" (2018) directed by Chris Cahilig is an award-winning Filipino LGBT-themed short film. It competed in 35 international film ...
 Lockdown | One Minute Short Film Challenge | Film RiotFran Films
5 months ago
OneMinuteCHallenge #Filmriot #Challenge #oneminutefilm #Coronavirus #Staysafe #quarantine MUSIC : Jonas George (FStudio ...
 A DATE - An Indie Feature Film | English Full Movie | #Traveling | #Bangalore | #RespectVimalraj N
8 months ago
A DATE - AN INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM (English) A DATE chronicles the deepest human emotions, two strangers can ...
 Roadside - Thriller Short FilmTheBuffNerds
3 years ago
"Roadside" A thriller short film shot entirely in 1 take Directed by Jakob Owens and Ryan Alexander. More Short Films: ...
 Chai - An Independent Indie Short FilmWeaver Films
6 years ago
A window sill hosts a date over a cup of Chai between a melancholic writer and a girl who has nearly figured out everything.
 TAYA (2013) - A Cinemalaya short film by Adi Bontuyan and Francis Beltejar (8:45)Adi
6 years ago
WE WON!!! Cinemalaya 2013 Special Jury Prize Award Cinemalaya 2013 Audience Choice Award Exhibited in San Francisco, ...
 Horror Short Film “Teeth” | ALTERALTER
1 years ago
That which is neglected, is lost. "Teeth" by Daniel Gray & Tom Brown Subscribe to ALTER on YouTube: ...
 HANGGANG DULO - BL Film w/ ENG SUBS (Philippines) - Best Picture Film at the MiLK Film FestivalPatrick Laano
1 years ago
Best Picture in the MILk Film Fest 2019 // Deux Productions (11HA20 - USTSHS) -----STUDENT ADVOCACY FILM GEARED ...
3 years ago
"Pitaka" (The Wallet, 2017) is the directorial debut of award-winning filmmaker Chris Cahilig based on a poem by written by Louie ...
 Anxiety - Short FilmA Mike Smigiel Visual
2 years ago
Coming home to find your house unexpectedly empty can leave you with a lot of alone time for your mind to wander... Shot on the ...
 Empty - Award Winning Short Eating Disorder FilmTom Smith
5 years ago
eatingdisorder #mentalillness #anorexia An award winning short social realist drama which follows Keira (Kate Louise Turner) as ...
 Spinners - a short film starring Timothee ChalametBarnacle Films
2 years ago
A short film starring: Timothee Chalamet Kristin Slaysman Ify Nwadiwe Directed by: Erik L. Barnes Written by: Cami Delavigne ...
 MOLAVE STREET (2018) - A Filipino Short FilmVrylle Vireynato
2 years ago
Cinematography / Editing : Vrylle Vireynato Story / Concept : ABHnormal Creatives Shot with Sony A7S © Copyright 2018.
 Kahapon - (Filipino Indie Short Film)JC Dijan
2 years ago
Kahapon (FIlipino Indie Short Film) Masining na Pelikula 2017 RFT 2017 Region 4-A Calabarzon San Pablo City, Laguna.
 Outgrowing My Shoes (LGBTQ+ Short Film)Kaya Trefz
7 months ago
Do we notice when our shoes don't fit anymore, or do we simply stop wearing them? Starring (in order of appearance) Nadja ...
 Indie Short Film - REVERSE - Our Action Comes Back To Us | Karma Cycle is ReverseSahu Brothers 2.0
25 days ago
A boy catches fish after a lot of struggle and a second boy steals and eats the fish. Then he pays the penalty for his actions.
 Irog | A Filipino Short Film 2018Caleb Jasper Lumingkit
1 years ago
IROG2018 The story took place at the edge of the Pasig River as an old man unfolds the bitter-sweet story behind his constant ...
 FIRE - Teaser | Amimated Indie Short Film made with Blenderjotahehe
22 days ago
IG: More info and artist portfolio
 Martin del Rosario Birthday Q&A, Talks about His Indie Short Film 'Sagwan'StarmoVidz
5 years ago
For more details, please visit and like us on Facebook:
 In the Clouds - LGBT Short FilmViolet Wave Productions
1 years ago
Check out our newest film: Dreams serve as a gateway into your unconscious mind. Dakota ...
 Nenena: Telugu Indie film by TMC pictures (with ENG subtitles)TheTMCPictures
4 years ago
Nenena: Telugu Indie film by TMC pictures Cast: Anirudh Thotapalli Swathi Deekshith Karthik Srinivas Abhishek Pathri Niharika ...
 Deja Vu - A Mindfuck Paradox (Indie short film)Jarand & Jens
9 years ago
Find us on Facebook: Or say hi on Twitter: @JarandandJens & @JBHerdal Dejavù is a ...
 Housewife || Short Film || Indie MM || Creatives by Geetika Bansal || Produced by Ekalavya HansajIndie MM
7 months ago
Rutuja is a housewife and she is great at that. Of late Rutuja has been wondering why her life sucks. "Subscribe Now" to watch ...
 CGI **Award-Winning** Indie Short Film: "Voyager" - by Team Voyager | TheCGBrosTheCGBros
3 years ago
Watch this **Award-Winning** short about the space probe "Voyager", that was sent deep into space by NASA back in 1977. Now ...
 How to Make a No-Budget Short FilmRyan Camp
1 years ago
On this episode of the Piedmont Motion Picture Show, we're talking about how to make a no-budget short film using the resources, ...
 Horror Short Film “Kookie” | ALTERALTER
1 years ago
Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old, meets a terrifying visitor after a parenting lesson goes horribly wrong “Kookie” by Justin Harding ...
 The BEST Way To Come Up With Ideas For Your Short FilmsLevi Morgan
2 years ago
Hey guys today I am starting a brand new series about How to make a short film. Today's video is part 1 of that series and we are ...
 The Percussionist| short film| indie short filmsindie short films
1 years ago
The story is based on two Percussionists, A depressed (thejus) and successfull one(Keshavan). Thejus wasn't praised for his ...
 AGWAT (2017) - A Filipino Short FilmVrylle Films
3 years ago
Cinematography / Editing by Vrylle Vireynato Story / Concept by ABHnormal Creatives Shot with Sony A7S © Copyright 2018.
 Short Film Screening | Indie Film Club | MumbaiCineShorts Premiere
1 years ago
6 Shorts, 6 Beautiful Stories came to light on 14th September with an interesting round of discussion with the Filmmakers.
 Perspective - Concept Indie Short-FilmReality Vids Short Films
4 years ago
Music by: MorningLightMusic Facebook Page: ...
 TOKHANG (Short Film)Kervy Ramos
2 years ago
A short film made for our Literature subject. Edited and Directed by: Eugene Garbosa Cinematographer: Vince Justin Infante.
 MERCY | Short Film (Suspense/Thriller/Indie) RE-UPLOADThe Misfit Pond
3 months ago
This is a re-upload for my short film because a lot of people are having playback issues with the original upload. Please leave ...
 Suspense! Mystery! Murder! And, Quirky! Watch the "The Audition" -- short film, indie filmYuval David
3 years ago
This quirky film is a comedy with suspenseful oddity. Watch what happens to the main character (played by Yuval David), ...
 LIMBO | Indie short film (2020)jojo
17 days ago
a short film by olivia jönsson. LIMBO (2020) is an experimental short film exploring the numbness of depression. We follow a ghost ...
 Horror Short Film “Skintight” | ALTERALTER
1 years ago
Set in a small Texas town, a young Black woman becomes the prey of a cult built on a secret that is skin-deep, with a Southern ...
 FILIPINO SHORT FILM | SUNSET full movie | INDIE FILM 2018Clifford D.
1 years ago
 Devi | Kajol | Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short FilmsLargeShortFilms
7 months ago
A tale of sisterhood. A tale of suffering. A tale of truth. Watch Devi, a powerful short by #PriyankaBanerjee & produced by Electric ...
 [Short Film] Snow (Luzon Leg Winner of the First Makata Indie Film Fest)Carlo Aragones
2 years ago
Written, Edited, and Directed by Carlo Aragones Cinematography by Insel Culla Starring Stanley Pantano as Francis Justin ...