The Gory Story of Inhumanoids: This Was Supposed To Be For Kids?Toy Galaxy
2 years ago
Inhumanoids is the title of an animated series and the name of a Hasbro toy property that were both released in 1986.
 Inhumanoids (Intro)quake4ever2007
9 years ago
Inhumanoids "The Evil That Lies Within" , Hasbro © 1986 THE EARTH CORPS The "Earth Corps" a geological sciences research ...
 Movie Night: Inhumanoids (1986)BeetleMan1979
2 months ago
This animated movie features giant monsters pulling open their rib cages to expose their pulsating organs, as well as a woman ...
 Inhumanoids: Part 1 - Kid's Entertainment Goes to H##LRetroBlasting
1 months ago
Support us on PATREON: Visit Reklaimers Vintage Toys: ...
 Vintage 1986 Inhumanoids Action Figure Commercial AD Compilation!Open By Chance
4 months ago
Inhumanoids was a very short lived and underrated action figure toy line made by Hasbro in 1986, and is one of my all time ...
 Inhumanoids - Decompose TransformationFlea Djinn
9 years ago
Sandra Blackthorne gets transformed by Decompose. Damn 80's. You scary.
 After the Fact: InhumanoidsMLP-Silver-Quill
12 months ago
Happy Halloween! Let's take a break from ponies to talk about a horror cartoon from the 80's. Though the real horror might be ...
 Inhumanoids TV Series ReviewCinemassacre
3 years ago
Cinemassacre resurrected review. Inhumanoids 80s TV show. From Hasbro. As awesome as Transformers and G.I. Joe. Twitter ...
 Animation Review: INHUMANOIDS (1985/86)Michael Mercy
3 years ago
An in-depth retrospective on the scariest, creepiest and quirkiest Sunbow animated series of the 80's. From the makers of GI Joe, ...
 Inhumanoids Mutors profile (1986)inthepark002
3 years ago
A clip from The Inhumanoids profiling the Mutors.
 Inhumanoids profile (1986)inthepark002
3 years ago
A clip from The Inhumanoids profiling the Inhumanoids themselves.
 Cartoon Clipshow: 65 - InhumanoidsRobTheWonderful
4 years ago
Originally created on 10/27/2014 Check out my video backlog at Support me on Patreon: ...
 Review Inhumanoids, series ochenterasTe de Frikis
3 years ago
Revisión de una polémica serie de televisión ochentera, que sufrió la terrible censura de la época y abrió el debate sobre la ...
 Inhumanoids clips (1986)inthepark002
3 years ago
When Inhumanoids was released on DVD, for some reason they cut out the "To Be Continued…" title cards at the ends of the first ...
 In Bob We Trust - SCHLOCKTOBER: "INHUMANOIDS"moviebob
3 years ago SCHLOCKTOBER digs up The Evil That Lies Within! (note: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ...
 Inhumanoids - Rise of the Civil War StatuesFoywonder
3 years ago
From the 1986 cartoon Inhumanoids comes this very special take on the current Confederate monument controversy. At first, it ...
 INHUMANOIDS - 80s cartoon 4K intoRay Sullivan
21 days ago
I like INHUMANOIDS, and remastered the intro. You are welcome.
 inhumanoids Español latinoMoscaconlentes Clásico
9 years ago
opening español latino de esta beuna serie.....
 Inhumanoids: Granok monster toy reviewRetroToyReview
6 years ago
Reviewing the heroic stone monster, Granok, from Hasbro's scary 1986 Inhumanoids toy line. Join the official Retro Toy Review ...
 Inhumanoids Open (1986)fourchinnigan
12 years ago
Open to the 1986 animated show Inhumanoids.
 Tendrill from the Inhumanoids is totally Cthulhu...iamashark
10 years ago
This link between Cthulhu and Tendrill makes total sense in my mind. I mean just look at him!
 360 Swag Review: Inhumanoids Earth Corps HERC ARMSTRONG figureMichael Mercy
3 years ago
Earth Corps' fearless leader HERC suits up! My Patreon page is live! Go to if you want to ...
 INHUMANOIDS Cartoon Introsuperherocartoonsite
11 years ago
 Ep. 122 - InHumanoidsDevana Ancelina
2 years ago Continuing Monster Madness Month, Sean and Dave are joined by Jamal ...
 (Fake) Inhumanoids movie trailerbloodrunsclear
7 years ago
Based on the 80s animated series by Hasbro. James Rolfe (The AVGN) recently did a retrospective on the program and stated he ...
 Inhumanoids español latinoMoscaconlentes Clásico
9 years ago
Extracto del capitulo.-11 de inhumanoid doblaje latino.
 M.A.S.K. and InhumanoidsThe Lost Toys
3 years ago
Wow! Cool Inhumanoids figures plus some great and complete M.A.S.K. including the rare Skybolt and more! The Lost Toys 1451 ...
 Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix - INHUMANOIDSNostalgia Road Trip Channel
3 years ago
Welcome to the Saturday Morning Breakfast Mix! A show that remembers and honors those great cartoon shows that many of us ...
 Moschops & Ionskribe - Illustriusharrymoschops
7 years ago
Track taken from the album 'Prophecy' by DJ Moschops. Lyrics by Ionskribe. Video by Moschops, edited on ableton using clips ...
 Inhumanoids (Intro) in Real LifeMichael Redd
24 days ago
Inhumanoids "The Evil That Lies Within" , Hasbro © 1986 THE EARTH CORPS The "Earth Corps" a geological sciences research ...
 Inhumanoids - KB's RetrospectiveKB's Retrospective
3 years ago
KB talks about the obscure Inhumanoids animated series from the late 80's. KB also hosts the Ninja Turtle Power Hour Podcast ...
 #122 The greatest scene in an '80s cartoon!Transfixed
2 years ago
In this "Odds & Sods" video we take a look at Cravex's outrageous meltdown in the third episode of Visionaries YouTube ...
 Vintage Action Figure Room Tour Inhumanoids Mego Buck Rogers & More!Open By Chance
6 months ago
Continuing on with our Mini-Tours, today we'll be taking a look at the Inhumanoids, Mego Buck Rogers, Rock Lords, and a few ...
 Hunting ALIENs / Heman Toys in WALMART : Watching 80s VHS Cartoons INHUMANOIDS - Huge CollectionJustice Cury
6 months ago
FILMED before COVID-19. Hanging out with my Toy buddy Zach. Watch as we hunt for Alien and Heman toys at his local Walmart.
 Inhumanoids #1 Issue Comic Book 1988 1980s 80sThen80sNow80sThen80sNow
2 years ago
80's COMIC BOOKS of the Day: Inhumanoids (1988) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ~ Follow J.P, 80's ...
 Inhumanoids 7 - Who Owns the Inhumanoids! Hint. Not Hasbro!The Bronze Age of DC Comics
2 years ago
If the FX seem off, that is due to the art being off. Jeesh. You'd think the artist on this issue would have used a T-Square or a ruler ...
 80's Inhumanoids Toy Commercial 1SpacedCobraTV
12 years ago
Toy commercial for the Inhumanoids figure Granok(Though it features several others). These toys were pretty cool and rather big.
 Inhumanoids cartoon bgm ost music 01 The Evil That Lies Within soundtrackAnimation Den
2 months ago
Inhumanoids cartoon bgm ost music 01 The Evil That Lies Within background music soundtrack, an animated series and the ...
 Inhumanoids 1986 Tendril Toy CommercialRetropolis Channel
2 years ago
Retro goodness! This channel does not monetize any videos. It's only for the preservation of things we all love in the past.
 Lego Inhumanoids Gagoyle TutorialBrickTricks
4 days ago
In this video I show how to build the Inuhumanoid Gagoyle!