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 Jackie Chu Funny Moments! | SML CompilationToxic Entertainment
9 months ago
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 Jackie Chu Funniest Moments!SuperOddball
1 years ago
If you watch Jeffy then I am sure you have heard of Jackie Chu, Jackie Chu is known for saying 'Ohh I so ASIAN I can't see a thing' ...
 SML Movie: The FlySuperMarioLogan
6 years ago
SML Movie: The Fly While Chef Pee Pee and Jackie Chu try to cook Bowser some food, a pesky fly interrupts them.
 SML Movie: First Day Of School!SuperMarioLogan
4 years ago
Today is Bowser Junior and Jeffy's first day of school! Watch Next Part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtCvT6XnyJU.
1 years ago
We got more puppets! FOLLOW THE SML CREW ON INSTAGRAM (CHILLY) https://www.instagram.com/ChillyJimenez (LOGAN) ...
 SML Movie: Bowser's Chinese FoodSuperMarioLogan
6 years ago
SML Movie: Bowser's Chinese Food Bowser is craving some traditional Chinese food. VIDEO IDEA BY: SonicDashPro20.
 Jackie Chu Funny Moments! SML CompilationSML Slider
4 months ago
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 Jackie Chu yells at Jackie TwoDarkEmoNinja *
5 years ago
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 SML Movie: Bowser Junior Learns Spanish!SuperLuigiLogan
1 years ago
Bowser Junior learns Spanish! http://www.smlmerch.com.
 Jackie chu best moments part 1Blue Ninja
7 months ago
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 SML Movie: The Fly Problem!SuperMarioLogan
6 years ago
There is a pesky fly bothering King Strongbottom! Only the master can kill it!
 How Well Do You Know Jackie Chu? | SML Quiz | SuperMarioLogan GameCapi & Piriquita Show
1 years ago
In this video you will discover how well you know the character Jackie Chu from SML Movies. In past videos I've made quizzes ...
2 years ago
 Jackie Chu's Japanese Candy Box!!!Lance Thirtyacre
1 years ago
Receive a Special Message from Your Favorite SML Character! https://www.cameo.com/lancethirtyacre Lance and Aud taste test ...
 Jackie Chu Hits Himself With A Clock!!! Dishnet1969 Forever CrossoverDishnet1969 Carreiro
1 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! When Jackie Chu Is Hitting Himself With A Clock All Characters Burst Out Of ...
 SML Movie: The Baby Project!SuperMarioLogan
3 years ago
In class Junior and Jeffy are given a baby they have to take care of for a full 24 hours! Will they pass the grade? BEHIND THE ...
 Jackie Chu Q&Ajackie Chu
1 years ago
These are all the Q and A's I don't own these videos.
 Funny Jackie Chu Moments! SML CompilationSML Slider
3 months ago
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 CHARACTER Q&A!!! (Jeffy, Goodman, Shrek, Black Yoshi, Jackie Chu)Lance Thirtyacre
2 years ago
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1 years ago
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 Jackie Chu- YOU DUMB Remix 1 hourAustin McCann
5 months ago
ORIGINAL VIDEO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HKz1fozHbko Check out SML's channels!
 Jackie chu smlKayla Hirsch
14 days ago
Jackie chu egg roll egg roll all rights to super bowser Logan.
 SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem!superbowserlogan
8 months ago
Bowser Junior gets a girlfriend! http://www.smlmerch.com.
 Jackie Chu Classroom from Super Mario Logan Puppet HumorCrazy Tech & Puppets
11 months ago
The famous puppet Jackie Chu in his classroom from SuperMarioLogan SuperBowserLogan, SuperLuigiLogan. Includes Jeffy ...
 SML Remix: Jackie Chu "You dumb"Kid Remix
3 years ago
The FINAL time re-uploading this. It was messed up last time. Leave A like so I can grow.
 JACKIE CHU FAILS HIS OWN SON! | SML Movie: Bowser Junior's 1st Grade Reaction!PrinceCharming
1 years ago
I react to SML Movie: Bowser Junior's 1st Grade 1 (Part 2)! ORIGINAL VID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsUAtWQMOno ...
 Jackie Chu SML I'M BORED ClipYouTube Duck Channel 120
4 years ago
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 SMF Movie: Jackie Chu's Daily Life!SuperMarioFrank
3 years ago
Filmed - 5/13/17 Edited - 5/13/17.
 Jackie chu does laundry 3 (offensive)MrHorse
3 years ago
So this is the third episode of the Jackie chu does laundry series. Btw puppet vacation is coming very soon at the end of march get ...