EPIC 2HYPE Carnival Games Competition!Jiedel
vor 1 Woche
Today I continue to open different things in Jessers House today a Carnival The guys will compete in a variety of Carnival ...
 Being Jesser's Personal Chef for 24 Hours!Jiedel
vor 2 Monaten
Today I am going to be Jessers Personal Chef and make him gourmet meals and snacks throughout the day FOLLOW ME ON ...
 Epic Seafood Chopped! 2HYPEJiedel
vor 1 Monat
Today the boys are back in another kitchen battle this time centered around seafood FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ...
 Making the 10 Most Popular Drinks in the World!Jiedel
vor 1 Woche
Today my boy Garth and I try the worlds ten most popular cocktails according to Liquor.com FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ...
 I Became the 2HYPE Bartender for a day!Jiedel
vor 1 Woche
Today boys I am opening up a bar inside of Jesses house and everything is on the house FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ...
 Road to Dunking #2 Weight Loss and TechniqueJiedel
vor 2 Monaten
My fitness journey continues witha focus on losing weight and building jumping technique in order to hit our ultimate goal of ...
 We Tried the Internet's Most Popular LifeHacks... And they Actually Worked!Jiedel
vor 2 Wochen
Today I am once again calling upon the lifehacks crew to help me test the worlds greatest lifehacks to see which are worthy of ...
 NBA Signature Move Charades!Jiedel
vor 1 Monat
Today we reenact different iconic moves and moments from the NBA and try to guess who is being reenacted FOLLOW ME ON ...
 2HYPE Tailgate Chopped!Jiedel
vor 2 Monaten
Football season is over but delicious food never ends. Time for a new Chopped FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ...
 EPIC Mystery Box Hide 'n' Seek!Jiedel
vor 1 Monat
Today I have hidden an assortment of mystery boxes containing amazing prizes around the Bucketsquad mansion for the boys to ...
 Being Moochie's Personal Chef for 24 Hours!Jiedel
vor 3 Monaten
Today I am enlisting myself as Moochies Personal Chef and will be making him whatever he wants 2HYPE MERCH
 Epic 2HYPE NBA Trivia Party!Jiedel
vor 1 Monat
Today the boys compete in an EPIC match of my NBA Trivia Party Board Game FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA ...
 Road to Dunking #1 Jump Test and Workout RoutineJiedel
vor 3 Monaten
Today we embark on my personal journey to trying to be able to dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop This will be a monthly ...
 INTENSE Amazing Race Challenge!Jiedel
vor 1 Monat
Today Jeff Garth and I strap on our racing shoes and embark on an epic 7 step journey to see who is the most amazing...
 Reacting to the Worst and Best 2HYPE Haircuts!Jiedel
vor 4 Wochen
Today we are reacting to all of our wonderful and not so wonderful haircuts from the last 4 years of doing YouTube... FOLLOW ...
 Guess The Car 2HYPE Jeopardy!Jiedel
vor 2 Monaten
Today the boys try to guess different cars FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA YOUTUBE
 Drehen Sie das Rad der NBA All Star Signature Moves King Of The Court!Jiedel
vor 2 Monaten
Heute spielen die Jungs und ich in einem Spiel von King of the Court aber jeder Zug muss ein Signature Move von einem NBA All ...
 EPIC Real Life Rocket League Challenge!Jiedel
vor 3 Wochen
Today the boys and I play an epic game of Rocket League in Real Life using remote controlled cars FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ...