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 John Piper: partially right, dangerously wrong.Wretched
3 days ago
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 ‘How God Made Me Happy in Him’: John Piper’s Journey to JoyDesiring God
11 months ago
Glory and joy appear all over the Bible, but how they relate is not readily obvious. Listen to John Piper tell the story of how God ...
 What Happened to John Piper?Conversations That Matter
4 days ago
Liberty University Petition: ...
 How to Get Wisdom: Become a Fool – John PiperDesiring God
2 years ago
Wisdom from God is more valuable than gold. It may look foolish to the watching world, but the lasting path of happiness comes ...
 How to Seek the Holy Spirit – John PiperDesiring God
2 years ago
Without the work of the Holy Spirit, we are helpless. Seek him, and he will rest upon you — especially in your hour of greatest ...
 The Gospel in 6 Minutes -- John PiperDesiring God
7 years ago
Excerpt from John Piper's sermon "God Strengthens Us by the Gospel" (November 26, 2006). Find this and many more free ...
 John Piper Gets Laughed at by 8000 Christian CounselorsTheologyJeremy
2 years ago
In 2009 John Piper preached a sermon to the "American Association of Christian Counselors". In this famous clip, he's met with ...
 How Do I Glorify God in My Daily Life? // Ask Pastor JohnDesiring God
3 months ago
God created us to glorify him by enjoying him forever. But how do we fulfill that purpose in the little things, in the small moments, ...
 Don’t Waste Your Mornings // Ask Pastor JohnDesiring God
3 years ago
Reaching over to check your phone will start your day on the wrong foot. What we need in our morning routine is to be filled with ...
 John Piper // Romans 8 // The most EPIC reading you will ever hearJeremy Leong
6 years ago
Drop at verse 28 "There is no greater message to be heard than that which we call the gospel. But as important as that is, it is often ...
 John Piper on “Coronavirus and Christ”Desiring God
6 months ago
John Piper's book "Coronavirus and Christ" is available in audio (read by John himself), eBook, and paperback: ...
 Christian, You Are Free Not to VoteDesiring God
3 years ago
The right to vote in America is not a binding duty (without regard to other factors) for Christians in every election. “The children are ...
 The Second Coming: Not Before the ‘Man of Lawlessness’ by John
6 months ago
Recommend Book: The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer Website: ...
 Your Emotions Matter to God: Learning from the Bible’s Songbook – John PiperDesiring God
1 years ago
Satan is trying to steal your joy. God gave us the Psalms to fight back. Sing! Conference | Nashville, Tennesee | September 11, ...
 The Renewed Mind and How to Have It - John PiperTruth Endures
7 years ago
 Dr. Brown Responds to Pastor John Piper on the ElectionsASKDrBrown
4 days ago
Support AskDrBrown on Patreon: Become a Partner: ...
 White culture is at odds with Christianity says John Piper / You just can’t see it -White PrivilegeDoctrinal Watchdog
8 days ago
Sounds to me he is just making crap up to prop up his liberal narrative - ...
 Passion 2020 - John Piperpassionconferences
9 months ago
The desire of your souls for His name and His fame will not be disappointed, there's no maybe about it.” The desire of our Savior is ...
 My response to John PiperLou Engle
My response to John Piper regarding the 2020 election.
 How to Know the Will of God – John PiperDesiring God
5 years ago
We are going to look at Romans 12:1–2 and talk about the will of God, what it means, how to find it, and what it means to have ...
 Seek the Things That Are AboveDesiring God
10 months ago
Every believer in Jesus Christ has a potent spiritual superpower. With the Spirit's help, we now can seek the very things of heaven ...
 False Teachers Exposed!! [Pat Robertson, David Platt, John Piper, etc. Feat. Bethel Church]AVBTM
1 years ago
This video exposes open and closet false charismatic teachers for their views on charismatic doctrine (speaking in tongues) which ...
 If I Could Start All Over: Six Lessons for Your Twenties – John Piper (Audio)Desiring God
2 years ago
What advice would John Piper give to someone with their adult life ahead of them? Here are six lessons from his twenties.
 The EVANGELICAL CASE FOR TRUMP - Dr. Michael Brown's Response to John PiperA Frisch Perspective
3 days ago
This video goes through Dr. Michael Brown's response to John Piper on the issue of who evangelical Christians should vote for.
 How Did John Piper Become a Calvinist? // Ask Pastor JohnDesiring God
2 months ago
When John Piper entered seminary in 1968, he believed in the self-determining will of man. But then he encountered Philippians ...
 The Pope, the Red Pill, the Muslims, and John PiperAlpha & Omega Ministries
8 days ago
Pope Francis certainly gave us plenty to talk about and so we did, but connecting the current controversy to a wider reality about ...
 How You Can Know You Are a Child Of God — John Piper — 2015Desiring God
1 years ago
Everyone struggles with doubts at some point, but God doesn't want us to wallow in uncertainty. He gives us his Spirit to testify to ...
 What God Can Do in Daily Devotions – John PiperDesiring God
2 years ago
The Bible will change you from the inside out. Every time you read his word, God is mending, strengthening, and shaping your ...
 No temas, Yo estoy contigo - John PiperEdificando
2 years ago
Devocional del pastor John Piper, leído por él mismo. Audio: Subtitulado por Canal Edificando No olvides ...
 John Piper’s article, ‘Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin’ (response)Elizabeth Farah
13 hours ago
This should be my last video before the election...yeah!!! And it is very long...sorry...wont happen again. BUT THIS SUBJECT IS ...
 Why Did Demons Ask Jesus for Pigs? // Ask Pastor JohnDesiring God
25 days ago
When Jesus comes, he brings deliverance, freedom, grace, and power. But some people prefer what life is like without him.
 John Piper, Me, and the Cool Shame ElectionCanon Press
4 days ago
Check out Charles Spurgeon's Lectures to my Students from the Christian Heritage series: ...
 John Piper - Don't Waste Your Life (Sermon Jam)Except Ye Repent Video Ministries
3 years ago
"Only one life, 'twill soon be past, Only what's done for Christ will last." - C. T. Studd "15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as ...
 John Piper - What is humility?Desiring God
7 years ago
 Race Is More Than Just a Social Issue – John PiperDesiring God
3 years ago
Race isn't just a social issue. It's a blood issue that undermines and rejects the work of Christ on the cross.
 You Have One Life, Don't Waste It – John PiperDesiring God
6 years ago
From John Piper's message "Boasting Only in the Cross" at Passion OneDay 2000. Watch the full message: ...
 REVIEW of JOHN PIPER'S ARTICLE - Discussion between Jason Whitaker and Tim FrischA Frisch Perspective
17 hours ago
In this video, Jason Whitaker joins Tim Frisch to discuss John Piper's article "Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin: Pondering the ...
 John Piper - Shocking Message - Don't Waste Your LifeJ C
3 years ago
"To make a difference in the world, you don't have to know a lot of things. One thing. Get one thing clear, and die for it."
 John Piper ~ Prosperity GospelCurious Studios
8 years ago
Typography animation featuring a message from John Piper, speaking against the prosperity gospel. Credits: this video is my ...
 The Love of Human Praise as the Root of Unbelief - John PiperTruth Endures
5 years ago
 John Piper and R.C. Sproul: Ministry ReflectionsLigonier Ministries
5 years ago
A round table discussion on the valuable lessons learned by each man throughout their ministry experiences as well as advice to ...
 Is Abortion Like the Holocaust? // Ask Pastor JohnDesiring God
17 hours ago
Pastor John discusses the similarities and differences between the Holocaust and abortion, ending with this certainty: God will ...
 Como buscar o Espírito Santo – John PiperVoltemos Ao Evangelho
1 months ago
Sem a obra do Espírito Santo, estamos desamparados. Busque-o e Ele repousará sobre você — especialmente na hora da maior ...
 In The Beginning Was The Word - John Piper [John 1:1-3]Gospel Tracks
8 years ago In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the ...
 John Piper Is Wrong On Politics - John MacArthur and James White Are RightDaily Theology
7 days ago
John Piper is wrong about voting here's why... you can discuss current events and connect them to the truth of God's word.
 Happy in Hope, Patient in Pain, Constant in PrayerDesiring God
7 years ago
 When I Don't Desire God, Part 1 – John PiperDesiring God
7 years ago
God does everything for his glory. Therefore, you don't need health, wealth, or prosperity in order to be happy. Message by John ...
 "I Wont be Voting for Biden or Trump" - John Piper Election Blog Causes Controversy Among ChristiansArminian Eddie
5 days ago
"I Wont be Voting for Biden or Trump" - John Piper Election Blog Causes Controversy Among Christians john piper,john piper ...
 Orgullo vs humildad - John PiperEdificando
16 hours ago
Devocional del pastor John Piper, leído por él mismo. Audio: Subtitulado por Canal Edificando ---------- No ...
 Why I Abominate the Prosperity ‘Gospel’Desiring God
11 years ago
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 John Piper. A blaspheming heretic who is going to hell!jacksmack77
2 years ago
John Piper has to be one of the biggest, unsaved demon-possessed children of Satan I can think of. He's a heretic out of hell who ...