My Life Changing Experience with a Baby Sea LionJ.R. Gilkinson
7 years ago
A day at sea that I will never forget!!!
 Dreaming of nursingJ.R. Gilkinson
7 years ago
Worlds best baby sleeping and dreaming of nursing.
 Can SIRI save lives? I say, "Yes!!!"J.R. Gilkinson
5 years ago
With step-by-step CPR instructions, Siri may be able to save lives! Let's get this to Apple and Siri's attention!
 Not So Graceful Swan in Paris ParcJ.R. Gilkinson
6 years ago
Paris swan learning to step over a rail! Think's he's got it figured out by the second attempt??!!??
 Elaine Pictures MovieJ.R. Gilkinson
4 years ago
Elaine Gilkinson memorial video.
 Melissa "MeLo" Lopez MBA, PMPJ.R. Gilkinson
3 years ago
MBA Graduation Video.
 Scout and HudsonJ.R. Gilkinson
6 years ago
Waiting for just the right moment ...
 Circling with DolphinsJ.R. Gilkinson
5 years ago
We approach the pod and as I circle around them, they seem to follow in unison.
 J.R. Triathlon Training-Part 1jrgilkinson
11 years ago
J.R. Training for a triathlon.
 Dave Larson doing John Lennon Imaginejrgilkinson
12 years ago
Dave Larson doing John Lennon Imagine on a Mexican Riviera cruise Karaoke!!!
 Jim and Elaine Gilkinson 50th Anniversaryjrgilkinson
12 years ago
Jim and Elaine Gilkinson 50th Anniversary.
10 years ago
Marathon Triathlon Runner.
 Andrea the Runnerjrgilkinson
10 years ago
Andrea Runner.
 Seelöwenbaby rettet sich zu Menschen auf BootitsVision.tv
6 years ago
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung: J.R. Gilkinson Beinahe unwirklich findet J.R. Gilkinson, was er vor der Küste von Kalifornien in den ...
 Baby Sea Lion Jumps Aboard Boat, Snuggles With ManBro s
7 years ago
Reuploaded Maintenant que les caméras numériques sont devenus aussi répandus que les lunettes, de plus en plus particulière, ...