KMVB Vidya Wacana XIV SPARKS - Launching VideoKMVB UPH
2 months ago
Vidya Wacana Edisi ke XIV telah resmi diluncurkan!!! SPARKS - LIGHT THE DHAMMA INSIDE YOU Vidya Wacana merupakan ...
 KMVB Enchanted Odyssey - Makrab 2019KMVB UPH
11 months ago
From an epic voyage through the ocean searching for Timeless Treasure, to a magical journey in the land of Magnificent Dreams.
 Born in 90s - A Short Film by KMVBKMVB UPH
1 years ago
'Born in 90s' A short film by KMVB, for the celebration of KMVB's 23rd Birthday. "To you, every single member of this family.
 KMVB Goes to Candi BorobudurKMVB UPH
2 years ago
27th to 29th June 2018, KMVB volunteered in Vesak Celebration from Yayasan Hemmadhiro Metavati and Yayasan ...
 KMVB FangShen X TrashHuntKMVB UPH
9 months ago
Here's the highlight video of KMVB's FangShen X TrashHunt! On January 18th, KMVB held two events, FangShen and TrashHunt.
 KMVB Magnificent Dreams - Makrab 2018KMVB UPH
1 years ago
Malam Keakraban KMVB 2018 took on the theme of Magnificent Dreams, inviting 100 Wizards for a magical weekend on Nov 2 ...
1 months ago
A lot can happen in one year. Same goes with KMVB UPH! It's finally time.. to Rewind all KMVB Events throughout 2019-2020!
 KMVB Goes to Wihara Ekayana Serpong 2019KMVB UPH
1 years ago
On Sunday, September 15th 2019, KMVB went to Wihara Ekayana Serpong to be a part of Sunday School of the primary kids.
 KMVB Goes to Wihara Ekayana SerpongKMVB UPH
2 years ago
On Sunday, 8th of July 2018, KMVB went to teach primary kids Sunday School at Wihara Ekayana Serpong. Not only smile, joy, ...
 KMVB Halloween Party - Magical PumpkinKMVB UPH
11 months ago
Here's the highlight video of KMVB's Spooktacular Halloween Party: MAGICAL PUMPKIN Not only the room turned into a ...
1 years ago
Thankyou for coming to KMVB's Welcoming Party 2019: MONSTERS UNITY! . "You and I are a team. Nothing is more ...
 Indahnya Kasih - Dari KMVB, Untuk DuniaKMVB UPH
6 months ago
"Tebarkan Cinta Kasih Semaikan Rasa Empati" Teruntuk para pasien yang sedang berjuang melawan COVID-19, semoga lekas ...
 KMVB First Gathering 2019 - VB PlanetKMVB UPH
1 years ago
Thankyou for coming to KMVB's First Gathering: VB Planet! After solving the given missions, VB heroes were told to keep ...
 SENAM Makrab KMVB UPHenternalmana
10 years ago
senam ini dibuat oleh Meiliana Lukman jurusa Teknik Pangan 2008.
 Behind KMVB 2018/2019KMVB UPH
1 years ago
Behind KMVB 2018/2019 is one tight family consists of 32 hardworking individuals. Thank you for the outstanding performance ...
 KMVB First Gathering 2020 - VB Back to the 80'sKMVB UPH
26 days ago
Halo Vbers! Pada tanggal 25 September 2020, KMVB mengadakan First Gathering loh! First Gathering ini bertujuan untuk ...
 KMVB Goes to Wihara IsipatanaKMVB UPH
2 years ago
(Sunday, 16 July 2017) KMVB spent such a wonderful and fun morning with the students from Sekolah Minggu Vihara Isipatana ...
 Fun With Dhamma 2018 - Come and See, MindfulnessKMVB UPH
1 years ago
On 13-17th of December 2018, KMVB held Pekan Penghayatan Dhamma (PPD) "Fun with Dhamma" in Pondok Sadhana ...
1 years ago
It's time to rewind all KMVB activities throughout 2018-2019! Multimedia KMVB 2018/2019 proudly presents, 'KMVB REWIND ...
 KMVB OUR STORY - Welcoming Party 2017KMVB UPH
2 years ago
KMVB's Welcoming Party 2017 with the theme "Our Story"
 KMVB Vidya Wacana XIII WAVE - Launching EventKMVB UPH
1 years ago
Here's a recap of KMVB's Vidya Wacana XIII Launching Event 'WAVE: Ride the Tide with Dhamma'! - The launching event was ...
 KMVB CNY Dinner - Cai Shen Ye is Coming to TownKMVB UPH
1 years ago
CNY Committee Dinner — On 17th of February 2019, KMVB celebrate Chinese New Year by dining together! — And to spice ...
2 years ago
Produced by : KMVB 17/18 Director : Valerian Makmur & Wendy Chen Asst. Director : Carelyn Rudly Director of Photography ...
 Serangan Fajar KMVB 2018KMVB UPH
1 years ago
Here is a brief recap of Serangan Fajar 2018! Thank you for all participants for joining KMVB Serangan Fajar 2018 "Shared Joy ...
 KMVB's 24th Birthday Party - COLOR FESTKMVB UPH
8 months ago
Here's the highlight video of KMVB's Birthday Party, "COLOR FEST", which was held on February 12th 2020! It was truly a colorful ...
 Road to Color FestKMVB UPH
8 months ago
A short film by KMVB, for the celebration of KMVB's 24th Birthday. "A black box mysteriously appeared in front of KMVB's ...
 REMEMBER ME - KMVB Welcoming Party 2018KMVB UPH
2 years ago
WELCOMING PARTY KMVB 2018 Thank you for joining our celebration! May the joy, laughter, and good memories that are ...
 KMVB's 23rd Birthday PartyKMVB UPH
1 years ago
Here's a recap of KMVB's 23rd Birthday Bash, which was held on 13th of February 2019! Thank you Vbers for celebrating KMVB's ...
 VB Airlines - KMVB First GatheringKMVB UPH
2 years ago
After our very First Gathering, which was held on August 29th 2018, we hope that it opens new spirit, energy, and new chances to ...