new fortnite strat. take away something so when you get it back, you appreciate it. #codelufu #epicpartner ...
24 days ago
Let me know what challenges you guys will be taking on in the New Year and if you want to get involved in #Gymshark66 (like me!)
 I ran into Lachy while playing Fortnite solos...Loserfruit
1 months ago
trying to keep calm while playing fortnite solos is definitely harder against a friend and when everyone can see your heartbeat.
 only 30 days to do the SPLITS!Lufu
3 months ago
i do be wearing my fav activewear ➡️ ‍♀️ and inspired by Morgan ...
 how my life has been in lockdown...Lufu
5 months ago
living my best life ...
4 months ago
Thank you to MWAVE for the PC: here it is and for everything else featured it's in the description.
 24hrs outside my house *SCARY*Lufu
3 months ago
went camping for the first timee ...
8 days ago
we finish the cayo perico heist in gta 5 today. After all our struggles and money spent, it comes down to this.
 all my friends hate me because of mario party...Loserfruit
5 days ago
we played the most skilled based group game there is out there. mario party. ...
 stream sniper RUINS our GTA heist! (Cayo Perico Heist)Loserfruit
29 days ago
seven year old game with a new update. Bazz, Cray, Marcus and I take on the cayo perico heist. ...
 what happened to Click? *emotional*Lufu
4 months ago
I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO IT! this is just a cosy reaction to my fav click vids. We went through some behind the scenes with Cray on ...
 i lost all of my friends after playing among us...Loserfruit
4 months ago
I have no friends after this video... ...
 Same Day. Different Countries.Lufu
3 years ago
Two best friends living across the world from each other, but life really isn't that different. [FRUITMAS #7] ...
 Lachlan got a Fortnite skin...Loserfruit
2 months ago
and it looks great and is in store NOW use code Lachy or code Lufu :) #epicpartner ...
 CUTEST FORTNITE KIDS! (Squad Fills)Loserfruit
1 months ago
this is actually the cutest squad fills I have ever experienced. All of it is super wholesome #codelufu #epicpartner ...
1 years ago
so deliciously evil and simple... Make sure to check out Cray. He is SO close to 1 million and deserves it after my bullying Crayator ...
 my cats stole my youtube channel..Lufu
4 months ago
my wonderful kittens wanted to say hello! ...
 my Fortnite skin dances better than me...😢Loserfruit
1 months ago
im sorry, its been a year since i've done one of these... ...
 7 Day Vegan Challenge!Lufu
1 years ago
Thanks to Ben and Jerry's for sponsoring this video! Use code BJSKIP5OFF to get $5 off your Ben & Jerry's order on Uber Eats.
 What is GOING ON in his bedroom?!Lufu
1 years ago
Heard some very strange moaning one day in the Click house... ...
 AMONG US IN VR (NEW)Loserfruit
2 months ago
nothing as horrifying as being betrayed by your friends in vr... if you want to play among us in vr: ...
 i have to get good at fortnite in 30 days or I uninstall...Loserfruit
12 days ago
so pretty much I have 30 days to get good at Fortnite or I have to quit the game forever #30days #codelufu #epicpartner ...
 when Fortnite nerds try Rocket League with x2twins & MuselkLoserfruit
3 months ago
PLAY ROCKET LEAGUE FOR FREE! Get the game free on the ...
 WE ARE STUCK IN OUR HOTEL ROOM! (*emotional*)Lufu
1 years ago
No wireless. No way out. Just Lufu and her addictions. ...
 choosing the PERFECT SKIN to date in Fortnite...Loserfruit
4 months ago
fortnite dating is hard life real life. we released the Rainbow Collection today! If you want some he is the store ➡️ ...
 Fortnite Season 9 & 10 DANCES (we still doing this?)Loserfruit
1 years ago
yes. epic. ...
 impostor BUT we won by ACCIDENT!Loserfruit
3 months ago
this game didn't go exactly how I planned, but it works out I guess? Check out the Meta Runner Season 1 movie ...
1 months ago
season 5 waiting room. new battle pass. different looking map? #epicpartner #codelufu ...
2 months ago
we cannot talk, we can only explain what happened with hand gestures. its...difficult... ...
 among us but only ONE VOTE matters...Loserfruit
3 months ago
this was one of my most 1000IQ detective games and I'm proud of it...even if I doubted myself immediately.
 Loserfruit bought some "PRIVATE" time | Cyberpunk (part 13)Lufu Plays
9 days ago
We had some special time with a special person! Did some driving and violence along the way! I upload whatever I want here with ...
 How did we meet? *CUTE?*Lufu
1 years ago
more lame than cute, but that's okay... ...
 He thought it was a PRANK!Lufu
1 years ago was real... ...
 BEST MOMENTS OF 2020!Loserfruit
18 days ago
Been a rough year for everyone. I'm glad I could make videos and entertain people this year. Here are some of the best of it and a ...
 Lufu and Marcus being Cute compilation ♥️#2 (LoserFruit)Player 288
1 years ago
I do not own any of the clips used in this video. They are all owned by Lufu [Loserfruit] or Click. All links are below for the videos ...
 voted out after saying ONE thing...Loserfruit
4 months ago
among us has been great for meeting new friends...that want to vote me out immediately... ...
1 years ago
And watching some videos too... ...
 versing the FINAL BOSS of AMONG US!Loserfruit
19 days ago
getting in a top 3 situation with the biggest among us competitor out there. Can lufu handle the stress or crumble like usual?
3 months ago
loserfruit FINALLY gets imposter. WOOOOOOO! ...
2 months ago
i don't choose to be a role model for rage management, I just am. ...
 pretending to be a teen boy in Fortnite...Loserfruit
1 months ago
PEOPLE love the voice changer videos, so I TRIED AGAIN and this time tried to be a teen boy and let's just was ...
 most FLIRTY video game EVER!Loserfruit
1 years ago
the puns and innuendos are endless...particularly more in from the livestream AT... ...
24 days ago
before sending you all off to enjoy your holidays, I present you one last gift. A loserfruit video. You're welcome #epicpartner ...
 DONT TRUST ANYONE | Among Us with voice proximityLoserfruit
1 months ago
among us proximity chat has so many gems, so we had to make two videos out of one night. ...
 this was the HARDEST IMPOSTOR game of Among Us...Loserfruit
3 months ago
this is one of the most unbelievable but hilarious rounds i've ever been apart of and its all because I didn't charge my headset.
3 months ago
gotta be one of the stupid least sweaty among us groups going around. ...
 my cats win among us...Loserfruit
2 months ago
we play among us but my cats help me find the impostor! ...
 Fortnite SEASON 5 is loooking HYPE!Loserfruit
1 months ago
a very odd looking battlepass and odd themes everywhere, Fortnite season 5 brings together new and old seasons in what I think ...
 Loserfruit takes out a CULT from the inside | Hitman 2 (part 5)Lufu Plays
7 days ago
lufu has a mission to kill some people that are in this so called cult. Hurt some people, took there clothes. you know, the usual.
 learning how to play fortnite THEN we ran into SOME YOUTUBERS...Loserfruit
10 days ago
cannot believe this innocent training session turned into being memed on by another youtuber #codelufu #epicpartner ...
 The Creepiest Video Game... ft. Crayator & BazzaLoserfruit
2 years ago
and what two teenagers would do if it were their last night on earth ...
 He surprised me with KITTENS!Lufu
11 months ago
i'm so happy to have our two rescue kitties named stormy and pip. ...
 I HAVE A FORTNITE SKIN! [Loserfruit x Icon Series]Loserfruit
7 months ago
codelufu LOSERFRUIT SKIN IS HERE! code lufu code lufu #epicpartner holy fruit im in a game. im so lucky i could cry. wait ...
3 months ago
playing among us at the highest speed! ...
 stuck in the middle of Lazarbeams relationship..Loserfruit
2 months ago
the biggest test. can I convince them to vote their significant other out? ...
1 months ago
season 4 comes to an end and so its time for ANOTHER set of predictions! I'm uninspired this season, but the hope that someone ...
 pretending to be an NPC in Fortnite...Loserfruit
1 months ago
hello humans, I have bounties too #codelufu #epicpartner ...
 the crewmates got REALLY confused in among us...Loserfruit
2 months ago
among us with the highest of iq of people of course and me just mumbling pretending I belong ...