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 I Usered Dee Virgin The Whole Game...MMG
2 days ago
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 Galaxy Opal Blake Of The Year! Wheel of 2K Ep. #6MMG
defending champ for blake of the year decides to clap some absolute cheeeeeks.... Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' ...
 The Meags Dynasty - Madden 20 Career Mode Ep. #1MMG
1 years ago
Papa Meags, the elite high school quarterback, makes his college decision. Hope you enjoy this quick 3 episode series ...
 Marshawn Lynch Almost BROKE Madden 20...MMG
6 months ago
Beastmode leaves retirement to play for the Seahawks... EA drops this card... the result is this video. Get Your Madden 20 Coins ...
 Wheel of MUT Season Opener! Madden 20 - Ep. #1MMG
1 years ago
Episode 1 of Wheel of MUT for Madden 20! Buckle your seatbelts, because the best Madden series alive returns today me bois.
 How Did I Pull THIS!?! Madden 20 Pack N' PlayMMG
11 months ago
Father returns from the milk store to drop an absolute banger right on your head, Madden 20 pack n play baby, eskeeeeeeeetit.
 Michael Vick Actually BROKE Madden 20...MMG
10 months ago
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 I Asked SIRI To Draft My Madden Team... Madden 20 Draft Champions!MMG
11 months ago
hey siri, lemme clap ur cheeks! haha jk jk..... unless? thank you for watching my video you absolute stud, simply by clicking this ...
 I Spent $300 On Madden Packs... Here's What Happened...MMG
8 months ago
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 I Actually Drafted the BEST Possible Madden Team...MMG
3 months ago
since when was mut draft so JUUUIICED?! not gonna complain, but i really think they should add x factors to draft... -Get Your ...
 EMBARRASING Kids In Superstar KO... Madden 20MMG
10 months ago
Install Bombastic Brothers through my link and, in the next few days, you get an awesome bonus. Only for two ...
 Make Me Laugh and I Will Buy You Madden 20...MMG
1 years ago
if i crack a genuine laugh, the winners get one free copy of Madden 20. WAY less corny than a twitter giveaway. 10/10 would ...
 The FASTEST Draft! Madden 20MMG
12 months ago
speed kills baby, enjoy this Madden 20 Draft where we take only the fastest players in each round! thank you for watching my ...
 the greatest pack opening you will EVER watch...MMG
2 months ago
madden 20. golden tickets drops. papa meags pulls packs for them. he never gets one... until this happened. just watch, and enjoy ...
 Lamar Jackson Actually BROKE Madden 20...MMG
8 months ago
Lamar MVP Jackson got a new 94 overall card. His highlights are ridiculous. Enjoy Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' ...
 This Ability BROKE Madden 20...MMG
9 months ago
The New Ability "Mossed" in Madden 20 allows you to AUTO catch any ball thrown past 50 yards... regardless of the coverage.....
 99 Speed Tyreek Hill BROKE Madden 20...MMG
6 months ago
For Superbowl 54, EA Gave Tyreek Hill an INSANE 99 Card, with 99 in every speed related stat. As Papa knows, Tyreek is truly ...
 I Played With a 99 Overall GOD Squad...MMG
23 days ago
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 I Was on the Pat McAfee Show!MMG
3 days ago
just two GOAT special teamers... pretty incredible day! papa meags on the mcafee show... Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here!
 The HIGHEST Jersey Number Draft! Madden 20 Draft ChampionsMMG
11 months ago
drafting only the big fellas with big numbers on this madden 20 draft champions... hope you cuties have an excellent day too hehe ...
 Playing With The BEST Possible Madden Team... Madden 20MMG
11 months ago
very rarely does father meags pull out a god squad, especially this early in the year. let us see how well it fares thank you for ...
 The All-Time Chiefs Team!MMG
4 months ago
Welcome to video one of the all time teams, featuring the super bowl champions, the kansas city cheifs! next up is the Browns, get ...
 So I Tried Out The INSANE Team of the Year Players...MMG
6 months ago
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 Opening ALL The Madden Christmas Gifts!MMG
7 months ago
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 HOTTEST NFL Wives Draft! Madden 19 Draft ChampionsMMG
1 years ago
gotta love a good ol fashioned thottieeee draft amirite fellas or amirite thank you for watching myguy Social Medias ...
 Madden 20 MUT Draft is JUICED!MMG
25 days ago
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 The New Team In Superstar KO is Overpowered...MMG
9 months ago
Superstar KO in Madden 20 is quickly becoming my favorite game mode... Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' is 15% ...
 I Opened This INSANE Blitz Bundle...MMG
8 months ago
blitz bundle baby lezzz goooo Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' is 15% Off! - thank ...
 This Pack N' Play Got WEIRD...MMG
7 days ago
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 The LOWEST Jersey Number Draft! Madden 20MMG
11 months ago
a classic... drafting only the lowest jersey numbers on each round. wish us luck! thank you for watching my video you absolute ...
 The Most DISRESPECTFUL Taunt in Superstar KO...MMG
1 months ago
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 The Human Joystick Ability is UNFAIR...MMG
6 months ago
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 I Sold Everything for the GLITCHIEST Player...MMG
3 months ago
Bo Jackson may be packing a minimum of 12... maybe 13. I wouldn't be surprised if it was 14. 15 though..? That's a reach.
 I put the GOAT at halfback... and THIS happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #83MMG
a months ago
the only man who can steal a women from me is cory schlesinger. and only honestly im okay with that reality Get Your Madden 20 ...
 John Ross is WAY Too Fast...MMG
4 months ago
Madden 20 gets the 99 Speed Demon John Ross... and he did what you might expect... Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here!
 We SNAPPED His Ankles... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #84MMG
27 days ago
barry the goat sanders lugggggss his monster peen onto the field to embarrass this man.. is that enough to secure the bag tho?
 The New Tyreek Hill is UNFAIR... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #26MMG
8 months ago
Tyreek Hill, the fastest nfl player, got a brand new Madden 20 card, so we added him to Wheel of MUT. Its bout that time fellas Get ...
 Spin The Wheel of NFL Teams! Madden 19MMG
1 years ago
Spinning the wheel to get one player from the NFL team we land on! Hope you guys enjoy this one, it was a banger :) thank you ...
 Undefeated Running ONLY The Triple Option in Superstar KO..!MMG
5 months ago
Thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Download the game now: triple option OP no cap #mmg ...
 Bo Jackson Is The GLITCHIEST Madden 20 Player...MMG
11 months ago
They Dropped A LTD Bo Jackson into Madden 20... he is the fastest, the strongest, and the most over powered card, gameplay ...
 You HAVE To See This INSANE Pull! Madden 20 Ultimate TeamMMG
11 months ago
they dropped a ltd bo jackson and ltd signature series cards into packs in madden 20... so papa meags did his best to pull. i wont ...
 Our New Halfback Went OFF in the Playoffs... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #28MMG
8 months ago
We add Saquon Barkley to help us try to win in the Madden 20 Playoffs... let's see how that goes Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here!
 The All-Time Steelers Team!MMG
3 months ago
juju needs to play me in madden already... Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' is 15% Off!
 Huge Hits In The SUPERBOWL! Wheel of MUT! Ep. #16MMG
10 months ago
Wheel of Mut. Superbowl. Madden 20. Mmg. Abuse Pig. Our new friend. What else do you need? thank you for watching my video ...
 So EA Made My Players 8 Feet Tall...MMG
9 months ago
Madden 20 gets the most feared enraged promo, where all the halloween players get HUGE boosts to their stats, height, and ...
 I Threw Up A Hail Mary... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #19MMG
9 months ago
With the trash squad still struggling to find a win, papa meags enters yet another hard fought game. Let's see if a big peen and ...
 Playing Madden on the Cowboys Jumbotron!MMG
8 months ago
is this insane or what... the cowboys and team seatgeek hooked me up and got me to play madden vs rbt on the jumbotron in the ...
 This Was The CLOSEST Game... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #32MMG
7 months ago
a 16 minute cheek clapping episode of the best madden 20 series... and it comes down to the wire. what more could you ask for?
 They Added Golden Tickets To Superstar KO!MMG
1 months ago
EA with the absolute FIRE update... brand new Golden Tickets in the KO mode... ESKHHHKKKKHHHEETIIIITTT Get Your Madden ...
 The 69 Draft! Madden 20 Draft ChampionsMMG
11 months ago
my maturity has peaked thank you for watching my video you absolute stud, simply by clicking this video you have become 4x ...
 Our First Ever Playoff Game... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #6MMG
11 months ago
playoffs in Madden are always NOT lit, but hopefully my immense peen and gigantic muscles can push through this intense ...
 The WILDEST Pick Six Ever... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #54MMG
5 months ago
after a heartbreaker last season, papa meags regroups the squadron to clip the cheeks off anyone who dares oppose him. this is ...
 I Went for it on Fourth Down... And THIS Happened... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #25MMG
9 months ago
with the challenge of 80+ percent completion, papa meags' brain decides to absolutely stop working. despite this tho, can he ...
 If I Lose This Game, The Season Is Over... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #49MMG
6 months ago
mmg dropping this wom banger on the day of super bowl 54. madden 20 in a super clutch super bowl game, lets acquire so much ...
 Superman Cam is WILD...MMG
3 months ago
did i nail that title guys? was it accurate? i think this counts as vagueness. sue me Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' ...
 DISRESPECT in the Divisional Championship... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #88MMG
5 days ago
divisional playoffs... quite possibly the final episode of wheel of mut... lets get this shmoney boys, like our life depends on it.
 Throne plays with MMG for Charity!Throne2
2 months ago
Today I play with MMG in a game of Madden 20 for charity! MMG's channel: ...
 NOBODY Can Catch Lamar Jackson... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #31MMG
8 months ago
The new Lamar Jackson.... YEESH. Too fast. Paired with papa meags' large peen, can anyone truly take down papa these ...
 The All-Time Lions Team!MMG
1 months ago
closing out theme teams strong with the greatest team to ever play the game... Get Your Madden 20 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' is ...
 The Sweatfest Continues... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #85MMG
21 days ago
ppppoooooppppyyy?? weeeeieiiinnnerrrr? ppppppppuuuubbbeeeesssss? these are all very good questions gentlemen. find out ...