The Lie That Was Ideal Toys Manglors - Oddities #16Toy Galaxy
1 years ago
Back in the early 80's Ideal Toys released a line of toys called Manglors. You could squish them, you could stretch them but the ...
 I FINALLY GOT A MANGLORD! (Manglors 1983)! Mike Plays With Toys #80Black Terror
2 years ago
Mike Plays With Toys #80 - I Finally Got A Manglor! Its been more than a few years of searching on Ebay looking for the right deal ...
 Manglor Mountain | Toysplosion MinisodePixel Dan
12 months ago
New to the channel? Subscribe! ▻ Welcome to a special Toysplosion Minisode! Let's celebrate the ...
 Manglors Toy CommercialWishItWas1984
12 years ago
I don't remember this crap. I was too busy with robots that transformed into cassette players and ninja terrorists. I vaguely ...
 MANGLORS (Vulcalors) - Nijirain Giocattoli anni 70/80/90Nijirain
1 years ago
Oggi vediamo questa bizarra e dimenticata linea di giochi della Ideal Toys, distribuita in Italia dalla Harbert nel 1984/85, una linea ...
 The Manglors Disappointment... Ideal, 1984The Oldest Kid In The World
2 years ago
Reliving how the Manglore lie affected me.
 Manglors CommercialAutomaticShishkabob
14 years ago
I had these as a kid, and for the longest time I thought I was insane and making up a memory of a toy that never existed. Finally ...
 1979 Mattel Gre-gory (Gregory) The VAMPIRE Bat Toy Review VintagePopCultureNetwork
10 years ago
Check out our full review of the vintage (1979) Mattel's "Gre-Gory the Vampire Bat" This is the review pulled from show "That New ...
 Manglors Editcoo1ierthanthou
13 years ago
I made your commercial better. You're welcome.
 manglors tv commercialTrashCinemaJunkie77
11 years ago
One of my favorite toys as a kid.
 The Manglor Mountain Volcanic Fortress Playset! Manglord!imockery
12 years ago
From the article at: A rare look at the Manglor Mountain Volcanic Fortress ...
 That New Toy Smell Episode 17 - Manglors!PopCultureNetwork
6 months ago
Pixel Dan and co-host Killen are back with episode 17 of That New Toy Smell! In this episode, the guys discuss Mattel's ...
 Retro Video Review Episode 2 - MANGLORSToyWorldOrder
2 years ago
SUBSCRIBE to ToyWorldOrder so you never miss a video VISIT at LIKE us on ...
 Manglors Tv commercial. 1984Joe Nito
9 months ago
Mangors toy commercial.
 Arco Toys Play Kid Space War: The Laziest Star Wars Rip-Off?Toy Galaxy
1 years ago
Star Wars was a hit in 1977 that almost no one saw coming and as a result the rush was on for Kenner to release official Star Wars ...
 Maxx FX: How One Dumb Mistake Killed a Toyline | Oddities #13Toy Galaxy
1 years ago
Matchbox only released one figure from their Maxx Fx toyline in 1989, Freddy Krueger. But it was an incredibly ill-timed release ...
 Coleco Manglors (1984)Retrontario
4 years ago
Don't recall much about these guys.
 Glyos Recap for June 2015: Gunmetal, Kabuto Mushi, and ManglorsTJOmega
5 years ago
Support the channel on Patreon: To get your own Glyos figures: Onell Design: ...
 Vulcalors Manglors Italian CousinVintage Kenner Guy
4 years ago
A quick look at Manglords Italian Cousin.
 Zanjeer Zani 2018 Azadari Manglor Uttrakhand (Mehdi Aarfi)Janam Fida E Rehbar
1 years ago
Mehdi Ali official Sayyad Falak Zehra rizvi official Azadari Manglor Azadari Uttrakhand Shakir mangluri.
 Manglor demo with a terrible song by Nittyfrigginjoe
11 years ago
This thing came out in 1983. I was never into action figures, but this one was made of cool stuff. The rubber lets you detach a part, ...
 NISTUFF - Channel TrailerNi Stuff
3 months ago
Hello, wow, great to see you. It's me, Nistuff. Wowee, thanks for clickin on this video... also that sub button. I appreciate you. Alot.
 The Infaceables - A Unique Gimmick & A Quick Failure | Oddities #26Toy Galaxy
6 months ago
Riding the popularity of Masters of the Universe toys Galoob first released Blackstar action figures followed by a sister line called ...
 Manglor Mountain by Ideal PreviewVintage Kenner Guy
4 years ago
A look at Maglor Mountain by the Ideal company..."Made from the strangest stuff on earth"... Coming Soon.
 TV Old TV Commercial manglorRobertR
8 years ago
Manglor Commercial.
 The History of The Mighty Orbots: Sued Out of Existence By The GobotsToy Galaxy
1 years ago
The Mighty Orbots, the story of smaller robots that combine into a bigger robot, only lasted 1 short 13 episode season on ABC in ...
 Noman Haqani Manglormanglor swat
1 years ago
Noman Haqai Manglor.
 Mattel Krusher - Raymond Castile's Basement of Horror - S2, Ep. 14Raymond Castile
9 months ago
The krazy, kooky, krunchable KRUSHER monster toy made in 1979 by Mattel. Vintage Krusher TV Commercial: ...
11 months ago
ICKY'S glyos collection.
 Netflix Masters Of The Universe Voice Cast Is AMAZINGMr H Reviews
8 months ago
Netflix Masters Of The Universe Voice Cast Is AMAZING #netflix #heman #mastersoftheuniverse teespring ...
 Netflix Masters Of The Universe Voice Cast Is AMAZINGMr H Reviews
8 months ago
Netflix Masters Of The Universe Voice Cast Is AMAZING #netflix #heman #mastersoftheuniverse teespring ...
 MEGO Fashion Candi's Sweet Friends 70s Fashion Dolls Unboxing ~ Toy-AddictToy-Addict
8 months ago
These dolls are so neat! Do they still smell? Children are not the primary audience for this video. This content was created with ...
 Dan in the Photobooth #44: Recent Acquisitions (Crystar, Spawn, TMNT)Toy Galaxy
4 years ago
Dan shows of some of the stuff he recently acquired on his tireless mission to own all the things. Among the booty are some ...
 Glyos Recap for June '16: Darkness Soldier, Prince Tributes, Viyer ReturnsTJOmega
4 years ago
Support the channel on Patreon: Featuring Glyos toys by- Onell Design: ...
 Batman The Dark Knight Collection Commercial + Kenner 1990 Toy Catalogue Retro Toys and CartoonsRetro Toys and Cartoons
4 months ago
Batman The Dark Knight Collection Commercial + Kenner 1990 Toy Catalogue.
 Glyos Recap for Jan '16: Titan Mushi, Zeroids, RaritiesTJOmega
4 years ago
Support the channel on Patreon: Looking back at all the offerings in the world of Glyos last ...
 Robo Forcepanbiscuit
14 years ago
commercial for Robo Force toys.
 Glyos 101 Review: Kabuto Mushi (The Godbeast)TJOmega
5 years ago
Glyos 101 continues with Japanese-based bugmen! Marty Hansen, AKA The Godbeast, has used Glyos to make the biggest, ...
 80's Mad Scientist Monster Lab Toy CommercialSpacedCobraTV
12 years ago
80's commercial for the Monster Lab from the Mad Scientist toy line. I actually had this playset and once all the skin bubbles off all ...
 Toy Room of Insanity---Ep.29 "MEGO Mad Monsters"Count Stankus' Toy Room of Insanity
8 years ago
In this episode we take a look at the histroy of the Mad Monster Series created by MEGO. Check out Rebel Toy Company for all of ...
 Colgate Pump CommercialAutomaticShishkabob
14 years ago
Even moms and dads agree, what makes it good is MFP!
 Kabuto Mushi Interview with TheGodBeast at C2E2 2014Pixel Dan
6 years ago
Pixel Dan catches up with Marty "TheGodBeast" Hansen to talk Kabuto Mushi, Bio-Masters, and more at C2E2 2014! For more ...
 Glyos Recap for Feb/March '17: Hyper Henshin, Callgrim, ThundercatsTJOmega
3 years ago
Support the channel on Patreon: Featuring these toy creators: Onell Design: ...