that can't be good... | RAFTMarkiplier
 The problem we need to confront.Markiplier
2 days ago
Campaign Zero ▻ This video is not monetized. Talking about the current situation with George ...
 THIS GAME IS SO UNFAIR... | Minecraft - Part 2Markiplier
2 days ago
NEW CLOAK MINECRAFT COLLAB ▻▻ Minecraft continues with me discovering just how bad at this ...
 5 YEARS LATER... | Minecraft - Part 1Markiplier
5 days ago
NEW CLOAK MINECRAFT COLLAB ▻▻ It's been 5 years since Drunk Minecraft and even longer since ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #52Markiplier
3 days ago
Let's take A Long Walk Home down The Hallway and watch a movie on The Silver Screens since we fell like we're Dead Inside.
11 days ago
Siren Head is very real. And quite possibly standing right outside your window. But in other news you probably should never go ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #49Markiplier
18 days ago
Can we all just take a second to the incredible work Lixian puts into these videos? Just amazing. Round of applause for that ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #51Markiplier
6 days ago
You're going to love my smile... you'll feel it creeping up from beneath your lips very soon... don't resist it... Let is spread across ...
 BIG-E WILL KISS YOUR BOO-BOO AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER | Resident Evil 3 - Part 4Markiplier
1 months ago
Did Jill get a boo-boo? Does it make Jill all owy-wowy? How about a big old smacker from the big ol E? Would dat make it feel all ...
 Tearing a Phone Book in Half with Our Huge Manly MusclesUnus Annus
14 hours ago
One half Unus, the other half Annus. Two halves of one whole. One soul. One Phone book now torn in half. We have big big ...
29 days ago
Monopoly has never been kinder to Bob until now. There must be some way to stop his reign of terror... but I'll have to break the ...
 uh oh... | RAFTMarkiplier
4 days ago
Raft continues with our journey taking us to one of the never-before-seen story locations... what secrets await us? EDITED BY ...
 DIY WineUnus Annus
Bonjour! Je vois que vous êtes aussi une personne de culture qui aime les belles choses de la vie. Rejoignez-nous!
 3 SCARY GAMES #50 (Siren Head Edition)Markiplier
8 days ago
Siren Head games are creeping out of the woods with a loud large WoOooOO!! So it's time to tackle every single Siren Head fan ...
 HI HO! HI HO! It's Off to WUMP We Go! | GTFO Part 5Markiplier
3 months ago
We're getting close to the end of Rundown 1 in GTFO! How evil does it get down here?
12 days ago
SCP Containment Breach Unity has somehow become even scarier than it's ever been before... Billy and Larry are going to be a ...
 Who is SIREN HEAD?Markiplier
1 months ago
If you hear Siren Head's siren call while out in the woods at night... it's already too late. It's coming for you and you'll never be able ...
 I Made an entire game just for MARKIPLIERLixianTV
9 days ago
Watch Damien▻ Watch Markiplier Play My Game▻ Subscribe to ...
 Try Not To Laugh Challenge #23Markiplier
7 months ago
IT'S OUT NOW ya HEATHENS ▻ Try Not To Laugh si BACK!! Do I win the ...
 I'M ALONE AND SCARED | The Convenience StoreMarkiplier
3 months ago
NEW INVISIBLE HEARTS COLLECTION ▻ What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a ...
 CHASING DOWN THE YETI | BigfootMarkiplier
1 years ago
BIGFOOT has been updated with the winter wonderland of the YETI!! JOIN MARKIPLIER'S HEROES ...
 A Day in the Life of MarkiplierMarkiplier
2 months ago
This video shows everything I do in a day. From waking up, to walking the dogs, to working out, we go through all of the exciting ...
 THE ULTIMATE LIFE SIMULATOR | Imagine LifetimesMarkiplier
2 months ago
Is your life everything you imagined it to be? Is there anything you would do again if you had the chance? Well with Imagine ...
 WARNING: YOU WILL DIE | Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Part 1Markiplier
5 years ago
Forget everything you think you know about Five Nights at Freddy's. I beat Nights 1 and 2 and the only thing I learned is that I've ...
 DIY WineUnus Annus
Bonjour! Je vois que vous êtes aussi une personne de culture qui aime les belles choses de la vie. Rejoignez-nous!
24 days ago
In a normal game of 7 Days to Die there's a Blood Moon every 7 days... but for Wade's Birthday I decided to give him the best gift ...
 SHADOW PEOPLE ARE REAL!! | Blackout Club - Part 2Markiplier
2 months ago
Blackout Club is a co-op multiplayer horror game where Bob, Wade, and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT WE'RE DOING ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #40Markiplier
4 months ago
3 Scary Games has even more delicious spooky goodness to give you! NotTacoTuesday ▻▻ EDITED BY ...
 Five Nights at Freddy's: REVISITEDMarkiplier
1 months ago
CLOAK // FNaF Collab ▻▻ It's been 5 years since the original Five Nights at Freddy's came out... will my ...
 Try Not To Laugh Challenge #12Markiplier
2 years ago
It's the LIGHTNING ROUND of Try Not To Laugh!! Watch out because these funny videos are coming at you CRAZY FAST!
 Markiplier Not Getting Over It (RAGE COMPILATION)RedHood
2 years ago
LINKS ▽▽▽ 1. — I LITERALLY THROW A CHAIR IN RAGE | Getting Over It - Part 1 2. ...
 ONE FOOT MARKIPLIER | Killing Room - Part 1Markiplier
3 years ago
I ONLY HAVE ONE FOOT!! WHY MUST YOU ALL TORMENT ME!! Subscribe Today! ▻ Play Killing Room on ...
 1 vs 1,000,000 | DOOM Eternal - Part 1Markiplier
2 months ago
It begins... Doom Eternal is finally here! And now I get to rip and tear my way through every single demon that dared to set foot on ...
 help... | RAFTMarkiplier
21 days ago
Raft is a game where you build a raft in the middle of the ocean and are constantly harassed by a voracious shark... yay... EDITED ...
 Markiplier Plays Raft W/Friends (FULL VOD)Jacksepticeye & Markiplier Moments
25 days ago
Markiplier *unofficial channel made for the fans that ...
 A Heist with MarkiplierMarkiplier
7 months ago
Everything's finally ready so just stick to the plan and you'll do great! You do remember the plan... right? All Sneaky Like ...
 THEY PUT MY DAD IN THE GAME!! | DOOM Eternal - Part 2Markiplier
2 months ago
100% Serious! The developers of Doom Eternal knew that my dad introduced me to this game so they put an Easter Egg in the ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #47Markiplier
1 months ago
Yes. You are in the right place. This is 3 Scary Games Episode 47. Congratulations for reaching this video. You are going to like ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #47Markiplier
1 months ago
Yes. You are in the right place. This is 3 Scary Games Episode 47. Congratulations for reaching this video. You are going to like ...
 DUDE... STOP...Markiplier
1 years ago
Meet the most infuriating game on the internet! But for all the wrong reasons... Subscribe Today! ▻ Play ...
 I Will Eat YouMarkiplier
5 months ago
I Will Eat You is a bear simulator game that is definitely not broken and works perfectly fine. Don't trust what Bob and Wade are ...
 3 Scary Games LIVE (special surprise at 33,333 likes)Markiplier
3 months ago
It's time for a LIVE rendition of 3 Scary Games! Also there'll be a special surprise if we hit 33333 likes! New Invisible Hearts Club ...
 MY LITERAL NIGHTMARE | Night of the ConsumersMarkiplier
2 months ago
A nightmarish look into the realities of working retail. Horrifying in every sense of the word! Scary beyond measure!! TERROR ...
 i'm sorry what...? | KIDSMarkiplier
11 months ago
KIDS doesn't make any sense at all... but neither did Plug and Play! Watch Plug and Play ▻ Play ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #48Markiplier
28 days ago
Don't open the door for this episode of 3 Scary Games... EDITED BY ▻ LIXIAN MORE ...
 Someone Wrote a Book About Me... WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?!Markiplier
2 months ago
Title says it all! Ethan bought me this book as a gift and what a surprise it was to find a biography of my entire life and YouTube ...
1 months ago
You Must Be This Rich to Donate ▻ Hope From Home, Learn More ...
1 months ago
Nothing brings everything together in tearing ourselves apart like a united front to divide our team of separatists. Resident Evil ...
 REALLY GOOD HORROR GAME | The Possession ExperimentMarkiplier
4 months ago
What if you could take complete control of a person? Override any and all willpower... Now what if that was your only means of ...
 I Am FishMarkiplier
6 months ago
SEAN'S BIG MISTAKE ▻▻ From the creator's of I Am Bread comes the next big rage-inducing game.
 Happy's Humble Burger BarnMarkiplier
26 days ago
Welcome to Happy's Humble Burger Barn! Home of the home fries and Humble Burger Deluxe! You'll be treated like family here!
 I FOUND THE BEST SCP EVER | SCP Containment Breach UNITY REMAKEMarkiplier
7 days ago
No other SCP can ever top this one that I found in the Unity Remake of SCP Containment Breach... NONE!! EDITED BY ▻ LIXIAN ...
 SCP-173 HAS BEEN CHANGED!! | SCP Containment Breach UNITY REMAKEMarkiplier
27 days ago
SCP Containment Breach Unity has received it's long-awaited 0.7 update and with it comes a re-imagining of the SCP that started ...
 Hand Simulator SURVIVALMarkiplier
3 months ago
Hand Simulator goes for broke with putting the power of the entire human body in our hands... Will we surive? SUPPORT THE ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #45Markiplier
2 months ago
Some SERIOUSLY scary games in this episode! Holy crap, the last one is one of the creepiest experiences I've been through in a ...
 THE NEMESIS RETURNS | Resident Evil 3 - Part 1Markiplier
1 months ago
Resident Evil 3 Remake is HERE! And following the trend of excellent remakes, this one starts off with a BANG! And a NEMESIS!
 I COULD HAVE BEEN AN ENGINEER... | Scrap Mechanic: SurvivalMarkiplier
15 days ago
Scrap Mechanic Survival released recently and lets you bring your friends with you as you struggle desperately to survive during a ...
 I Challenged James Charles, Markiplier, and Ethan to a Military Obstacle CourseAusten Alexander
2 months ago
James Charles, Markiplier, and Ethan (CrankGamePlays) from Unnus Annus came out to our neck of the woods and attempted ...