ACTUALLY SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME | Escape the AyuwokiMarkiplier
19 hours ago
Escape the Ayuwoki is ACTUALLY SCARY!! Like... WHAT THE HELL? Other games have tried to be the scariest monster chasing ...
Barotrauma was supposed to be a simple scary game about monster hunting under the ocean... Instead I find myself drowning ...
2 days ago
Shiver is a point and click horror game set in the cold of winter. When the frozen wind blows and the monsters creep closer.
 Try Not To Laugh Challenge #22Markiplier
14 days ago
It's another Try Not To Laugh so sit down and don't laugh while you react to this compilation of funny videos and memes!
 Final Nights 4 FULL GAMEMarkiplier
4 days ago
Final Nights 4 is an amazing FNAF Fan Game! In this FNAF story you are investigating the origins of Five Nights at Freddy's at the ...
 Try Not To Laugh Challenge #21Markiplier
4 months ago
No better welcome home than a Try Not To Laugh Challenge! SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ...
 I LOVE ROBLOXMarkiplier
2 months ago
I have never played Roblox before. It honestly never even crossed my mind. And yet... could this game be FUN?! SUPPORT THE ...
 WARNING: EXTRA BRUTAL | Whack the Serial KillerMarkiplier
2 months ago
A "Whacking" game? In 2019? WHAT TIMELINE ARE WE IN?! MY COMFY CLOTHES ▻ Play the Game ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #30Markiplier
5 days ago
3 Scary Games continues with even more scary games and horror games! In this episode we explore a haunted train in estacao ...
 CLICK IF YOU DARE!! | One Night at Flumpty'sMarkiplier
4 years ago
The BEST Five Nights at Freddy's clone I've played yet! I should listen to your suggestions more often ;P MORE Fnaf ...
 BLAIR WITCH Part 6 --- (ending)Markiplier
8 days ago
This is it! The ending of the Blair Witch game! What scary things are waiting for us in this haunted house finale? How will it all end?
 BLAIR WITCH Part 1Markiplier
1 months ago
BLAIR WITCH the movie is now BLAIR WITCH the game with an all new story set in the very same woods that changed the face of ...
 Baldi's UNREAL BasicsMarkiplier
1 years ago
It's time to learn again with Baldi! Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning has been remade in the Unreal Engine!
 SAVE DAT RUMP!! | Mr. PresidentMarkiplier
3 years ago
GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT!! It's time to save our savior Mr. Rump! Subscribe Today! ▻ Play Mr. President ...
 Ow... All Of My Bones Are Broken...Markiplier
1 years ago
Getting ready to fly head-first into a mountain! Superflight is a SUPER fun game that you should definitely try out! Break Your Face ...
 TIME TO GET STUFFED... | Case Animatronics - Part 1Markiplier
3 years ago
Something's gonna get stuffed... and I don't know what... Subscribe Today! ▻ Play Case Animatronics on ...
 BLAIR WITCH Part 2Markiplier
23 days ago
Check out my new PODCAST ▻ BLAIR WITCH the movie is now BLAIR WITCH the game with ...
 Untitled Goose Game (FULL GAME)Markiplier
13 days ago
It's time to GOOSE our way to victory. With out mighty HONKER and our beefy FOOTSIES we shall GOOSE our way to victory!
 ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING | Mr. Hopps PlayhouseMarkiplier
3 days ago
Mr Hopps Playhouse is one of the SCARIEST GAMES I've play in a long LONG time! Turn off the lights and get your blanket ...
 FAITH: Chapter 1Markiplier
2 months ago
Big scares come in most unlikely of places in FAITH: Chapter 1!! MY COMFY CLOTHES ▻ Play FAITH ...
 SCP Containment Breach UNITY REMAKE - COMPLETE OVERHAULMarkiplier
2 months ago
It's time once again to dive into the horrible world of SCP Containment Breach UNITY!! EDITED BY ▻ LIXIAN ...
10 days ago
Tyler joins me as we get closer to BIGFOOT (aka Sasquatch) than we've ever wanted to be... The Edge of Sleep (NEW) ...
 Markiplier Tries: TOBii EYE TRACKERMarkiplier
8 months ago
I got myself a Tobii Eye Tracker! So obviously my first instinct was to set myself up with a challenge to see what I'd look at!
 DO YOU LOVE ME, SENPAI? | Yandere Simulator #1Markiplier
4 years ago
Yandere Simulator isn't quite what I was expecting... Play Yandere Simulator ▻ MORE ...
 What Markiplier is like in REAL LIFE *When Not Recording Games*Dillon The Hacker
8 months ago
UPDATE (4.3.19) - Markiplier is SUING me: UPDATE (4.5.19) - Calling Markiplier: ...
 Try Not To Smile Challenge #2Markiplier
2 years ago
I've never clenched this hard trying not to smile in my entire life... Subscribe Today! ▻ Awesome Games ...
9 months ago
I don't want to spend Christmas over at Granny's House! MY CLOTHING BRAND ▻ SUPPORT THE ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #28Markiplier
1 months ago
Peek-a-boo... time to scare you... MY COMFY CLOTHES ▻ Hollow Head ...
 Baldi's Basics SECRET ENDINGMarkiplier
1 years ago
You shouldn't have come back... why did you have to come back... GET TICKETS HERE ▻ Subscribe ...
 KRAMPUS is HOMEMarkiplier
9 months ago
 Random Horror Reaction Compilation #14Markiplier
4 months ago
It's time for yet another Random Horror Reaction Compilation chock full of scary and funny moments! EDITED BY ▻ LIXIAN ...
 OIL is LOVE! OIL is LIFE! | TurmoilMarkiplier
3 years ago
Get ready to lose everything for the sake of OIIIILLLL!!! Subscribe Today! ▻ Play Turmoil ...
 YOUR PHONE IS WATCHING YOU | SimulacraMarkiplier
1 years ago
Simulacra is the Spiritual Successor to Sara is Missing? What dark secrets lurk within this phone the mysteriously appeared?
 Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted - Part 1Markiplier
4 months ago
Five Nights at Freddy's is BACK in TERRIFYING VR!! Seriously... this is the scariest game I've played in a long time! MORE FNAF ...
 ALL NEW GAMES!! | Jackbox Party Pack 6Markiplier
17 days ago
Jackbox Part Pack 6 is here with TONS of new games and SEQUELS to some of your favorites of the past! There's Trivia Murder ...
 Try Not To Smile Challenge #4Markiplier
1 years ago
These videos are NOT cute, NOT happy, and definitely WON'T make me SMILE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN ...
 Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGEMarkiplier
2 months ago
Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya? EDITED ...
 CAMPING IS FUN!! | The Visitor: Massacre at Camp HappyMarkiplier
3 years ago
The Visitor returns to massacre EVERYTHING ON EARTH!! Subscribe Today! ▻ Play The Game ...
 FRICK THE OCEAN | RaftMarkiplier
2 years ago
Yeah this is a good idea... let's build a raft in the middle of the freaking ocean and punch a shark in the face... great idea.
 YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE | Mr. WhiskersMarkiplier
1 years ago
Mr. Whiskers has cordially invited you to a jail cell of your very own! Try and get comfortable, but watch out for the Boar Man.
 i'm sorry what...? | KIDSMarkiplier
3 months ago
KIDS doesn't make any sense at all... but neither did Plug and Play! Watch Plug and Play ▻ Play ...
 FAITH: Chapter 2Markiplier
1 months ago
The strange story of FAITH continues with Chapter 2! What lurks in the abandoned church? SUPPORT THE CHANNEL, GET ...
 CAMPING IS FUN!! | The Visitor: Massacre at Camp HappyMarkiplier
3 years ago
The Visitor returns to massacre EVERYTHING ON EARTH!! Subscribe Today! ▻ Play The Game ...
 KOREAN McDonalds vs AMERICAN McDonalds (mukbang?)Markiplier
18 days ago
It's time for a McDonalds Mukbang! Is fast food different in Korea? New Comfy Clothes ▻ The Edge of ...
 Man of Medan Part 1Markiplier
1 months ago
From the makers of Until Dawn comes another story of horror and woe... and it's also unintentionally hilarious. MY COMFY ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #29Markiplier
15 days ago
3 Scary Games returns with more jumpscares, more creepypasta, more creepy pasta (very different), more spooky haunted ...
 Try Not To Laugh Challenge #20Markiplier
6 months ago
This Try Not to Laugh Challenge might be the hardest I've laughed in my entire life. I couldn't breathe... SUPPORT THE ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #24Markiplier
3 months ago
These 3 Scary Games are ALL AWESOME!! Love every one of them! SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ...
 EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED!! | Oxygen Not Included - Part 1Markiplier
1 months ago
Oxygen Not Included has been fully released and along with it comes a complete overhaul of the game from top to bottom!
 Dark Deception: CHAPTER 2Markiplier
7 months ago
Dark Deception has been UPDATED with even more scares and even more PACMAN!! Can I beat these new enemies?
 WARNING: STRANGEST. GAME. EVER. | Sonic Dreams Collection - Part 1Markiplier
4 years ago
This is no exaggeration. There is no hyperbole. Sonic Dreams Collection is the STRANGEST GAME EVER MADE. And it gets ...
 Happy Wheels | Part 2 | 6 YEARS LATER...Markiplier
3 months ago
It's time for the greatest let's play of this decade to come back in FULL FORCE!! Subscribe today for even more great videos ...
 I'M "FLEE" FALLING (i'm not sorry...) | Fleeing the ComplexMarkiplier
3 years ago
Fleeing the Complex is one of the FUNNIEST games I've played in a long time! Also I got ALL medals, ALL secrets, and ALL ...
 SCIENCE GONE (horribly) WRONGMarkiplier
1 months ago
Scientist Slaughterhouse is one of my favorite mods for one of my favorite games from the days of yore. SUPPORT THE ...
 FUNNIEST GAME EVER | West of Loathing - Part 1Markiplier
2 years ago
West of Loathing had me laughing hard the whole way through! Subscribe Today! ▻ Play The Game ...
 3 SCARY GAMES #23Markiplier
3 months ago
Things get slightly... broken in this return to 3 Scary Games! SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ▻ ...
 Man of M'Chungus Part 2Markiplier
1 months ago
Man of Medan continues with the terror gripping every fiber of your SOUL!! SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ...
 Some bad newsMarkiplier
3 months ago
Send Tyler Some Love ▻ Help out Jay's family ...