Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)The Game Theorists
12 days ago
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 Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft's Haunted Discs (Minecraft)The Game Theorists
3 days ago
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 Film Theory: Joey Graceffa is LYING to You! (Escape The Night Season 4)The Film Theorists
1 months ago
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 Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft's EndermanThe Game Theorists
26 days ago
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 Film Theory: What is the Taste of a Liar? (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Meme)The Film Theorists
3 months ago
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 Film Theory: Poppy's Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED!The Film Theorists
2 years ago
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2 years ago
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 YouTubers Try To Find Themselves In Akinator (Safiya Nygaard, MatPat) | React: GamingREACT
6 months ago
Do you think Safiya and Matpat can find themselves in Akinator? Click to see another YouTuber Akinator Ep!
 Can Gamers SURVIVE the Real Mirror's Edge? - Game LabThe Game Theorists
3 years ago
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 6 Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas! w/ My Brother MatPat!Rosanna Pansino
10 months ago
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 They stole $1.7 millionThe Game Theorists
6 months ago
In November 2018, Defy Media shut down without any notice. They laid off their workers without warning and have held ransom ...
 Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister LocationThe Game Theorists
4 months ago
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 MatPat and StephLauren Anderson
10 months ago
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 Game Theory: FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose (FNAF VR Help Wanted)The Game Theorists
2 months ago
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 Bendy and the Ink Recording (feat. MatPat)Random Encounters
2 years ago
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 MatPat Reacts To MatPat/Game Theory Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube VideosREACT
8 months ago
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 Is MatPat ALIVE?! | Googling MyselfGTLive
1 years ago
CHLOE FINDS LOVE! | Before the Storm ▻▻ MANIC FOR SANIC! | Sonic Mania ...
 FNAF Musical Supercut Bloopers (feat. Markiplier, Nathan Sharp, & MatPat)Random Encounters
3 years ago
You don't film 'FNAF the Musical' without a few mistakes. Or a ton of them, if you're Mark, Nate, Matt, or AJ. More 'FNAF Musical' ...
 Bendy and the Ink Musical (feat. MatPat)Random Encounters
2 years ago
Stop motion studio tours are a dirty job, but someBendy's gotta do it! BUY THE SONG ...
 You Won't Believe Which Disney Character MatPat Wants To Be!VidCon
10 months ago
MatPat reveals which Disney character he'd like to be at his VidCon Q&A. VidCon is an annual convention for people who love ...
 Can YOU Survive FNAF IRL? | Free Episode Game Lab FNAFThe Game Theorists
1 years ago
Get ready for intense 360 FNAC horror! ▻▻ Want More NOW? Check Out Game Theory ...
 Losing the BattleThe Game Theorists
1 years ago
If you are in need of help, please reach out: US: 1-800-784-2433, 1-800-273-8255, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR Canada: +1 ...
 Draw My Life - Game Theory, MatPat, and YOU!The Game Theorists
5 years ago
Help us reach 1 million subs! ▻ The Game Theorists just hit 500000 subs and to thank you, I wanted to share ...
 Why People Hate MatPat - What's Happening to Game Theory?TheGamerFromMars
7 months ago
Sign up for Robinhood at Today we'll look over the recent controversies surrounding MatPat ...
 What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite ChannelsThe Game Theorists
5 months ago
It seems like all the news you hear about YouTubers now a days, or ever, is bad news. Whether it's a new scandal, controversy, ...
 Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!The Game Theorists
4 months ago
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 The New FNAF VR Game Is Officially Here! | Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted (Part 1)GTLive
2 months ago
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 Film Theory: All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13)The Film Theorists
8 months ago
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2 years ago
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 Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?The Game Theorists
11 months ago
Memberships Survey ▻ The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop ...
1 years ago
Today I played the Five Nights at Freddy's Jump Scare board game with my friend Matpat! Let me know down below what other ...
 Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)The Film Theorists
1 years ago
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 The MatPat Controversy: The Story You Never Knew | Heartbound (Game Release Debacle)Treesicle
7 months ago
MatPat, The Game Theorists, and GTLive have been the target of a lot of hate the past week or so. After posting a livestream to ...
1 years ago
CHLOE IS BACK! | Life Is Strange ▻▻ The Final Boss in Hello Neighbor Beta 3! ▻▻ ...
 Film Theory: Is Thanos Worthy of Thor's Hammer? (Avengers Endgame)The Film Theorists
1 months ago
SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theory! ▻ In Marvel's Avengers Endgame we learned that Captain America is ...
 Trying Halloween Candy w/ MatPat!Rosanna Pansino
10 months ago
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 Film Theory: Don't Look Away Don'ẗ̶̖́ Loo̶̹͑͜k Aẃ̸̗ạ̵̕ỹ̵͙ Look̵̪͊̈ Away (Local 58)The Film Theorists
2 months ago
Watch the entire Local58 series so far! ▻ A little while ago I was told to check out a mysterious YouTube ...
 Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)The Film Theorists
6 months ago
SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ▻ The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring ▻ How To ...
 GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD!Rosanna Pansino
1 years ago
Today I played the Real Food vs Gummy Food Challenge with my friend Matpat! Let me know down below what other videos you ...
 MatPat, Gabbie Hanna, and Ricky Dillon | You Posted That?Smosh
1 years ago
Gabbie reveals her addiction to TimeHop, MatPat theorizes how to beat the game, and Ricky brings the “FUN,” on the premiere ...
 Film Theory: What Is Us REALLY About? (Jordan Peele's Us)The Film Theorists
4 months ago
SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ▻ Us is a movie FULL of metaphors and hidden meanings that we will ...
 WHAT HAPPENED TO GAME THEORY? | MatPat Reacts to HatersGTLive
1 years ago
MatPat Reacts to YouTubers React! ▻ Watch the FULL STREAM Here! ▻▻ ...
 Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!The Game Theorists
1 months ago
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ▻ So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the ...
 MatPat and Stephanie Recreating Iconic KissesLauren Anderson
6 months ago
MatPat and Stephanie recreated some iconic kisses over on #FBE!
 MatPat Best Quotes + Moments | Escape the Night Season 3KalBit
9 months ago
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 FNAF VR - The End of FNAF! | Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted (Ending)GTLive
2 months ago
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 Food Court Ft. MatPatGood Mythical Morning
1 years ago
Can we convince Judge MatPat which disgusting food medley is the more superior choice? GMM #1319.1 Watch Part 2: ...
 MatPat SWEARS!!! (Game Theorist)Corridor Crew
3 years ago
 Game Theory: The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott's Problem With FanartThe Game Theorists
4 months ago
Game Theory's Biggest Problem ▻ SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ▻ Just a little while ...
 Game Theory: Peach's Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)The Game Theorists
1 months ago
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 Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)The Film Theorists
4 months ago
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 Game Theory: Does Luigi MEASURE Up? (Super Mario)The Game Theorists
1 years ago
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 Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)The Film Theorists
1 years ago
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 Kindergarten 2 is Officially HERE - The Return of Nugget!GTLive
20 days ago
Special thanks to Con Man Games & SmashGames for providing us with the game and the codes to give out! We are giving away ...
 Addressing Game Theory's Biggest ProblemThe Game Theorists
4 months ago
The FNAF 7 Oopsie! ▻ SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ▻ Hey guys. I've thought about ...