mighty orbots

 Mighty Orbots full transformation sequenceBargainBinAnime
10 years ago
The full epic transformation sequence as each of the robots combine to form the unfeasibly large Mighty Orbots.
 Mighty Orbots - Extended Intro (High Quality)LunarArchivist
6 years ago
Pretty much what the title says: a high-quality version of the extended introduction to the Saturday morning cartoon classic, "Mighty ...
 Mighty Orbots destroys the Shadow Star and Umbravoymetra
1 months ago
Clip from the final episode of Season One (and only season) of the beloved 1984 Joint American/Japanese Animated Series ...
 The History of The Mighty Orbots: Sued Out of Existence By The GobotsToy Galaxy
1 years ago
The Mighty Orbots, the story of smaller robots that combine into a bigger robot, only lasted 1 short 13 episode season on ABC in ...
 Mighty Orbots Full Transformation Sequence ExtendedAndrew Leta
5 years ago
Extended version (with more jazzy soundtrack) of one of Mighty Orbots detailed transformation sequences. From Japanese ...
 Mighty Orbots in ActionFrederikPrime17
3 years ago
From Magnetic Menace.
 Mighty Orbots Anime English Intro Opening Theme HDMenelamdir
3 years ago
Mighty Orbots (マイティ・オーボッツ) is an American/Japanese Super robot animated series created in a joint collaboration of TMS ...
 Mighty Orbots Vs. The Magnetic MenaceBargainBinAnime
10 years ago
Mighty Orbots emerges victorious from his showdown with Umbra's monster of the week. From the TMS show Mighty Orbots.
 "Broots" - Mighty Orbots Original Unaired PilotChris J
6 years ago
Here is the original animated pilot (less a pilot and more of a "pitch reel") for the awesome 1984 animated series, Mighty Orbots!
 Mighty Orbots Vachidra
13 years ago
Mighty Orbots Combination Sequence.
 Cartoon Clipshow: 47 - Mighty OrbotsRobTheWonderful
4 years ago
Originally created on 05/23/2013 Check out my video backlog at http://www.planet-rob.com Twitter: ...
 Mighty Orbots Transformation Sequence.mpgJeremy D
9 years ago
Alternate transformation sequence from the amazing but short-lived ABC Saturday morning cartoon Mighty Orbots. This is taken ...
 Rare Mighty Orbots vintage Popy K.O. chogokinchogokin chogokin
2 years ago
Nyene stumbles upon a well trashed Holy Grail.
 Mighty Orbots Activation and Combiation SequenceKevin Lookabill
7 years ago
From Episode 1 - The Orbots activate and unite for the first time.
 Mighty Orbots Introdvsbizzyb
13 years ago
Intro to the 80's cartoon Mighty Orbots. The 23rd Century, the future is a time of robots and aliens. The people of Earth have ...
 Mighty Orbots Save The Cosmic CircusHaniya Galaxy
3 months ago
From The Mighty Orbots Episode The Cosmic Circus.
 TV Intros Mighty Orbots 1985PhakeNam
4 years ago
TV Intros Mighty Orbots 1985.
 The Mighty OrbotsThe Saturday Morning Minute
7 days ago
Check out our quick look at the 1984 series THE MIGHTY ORBOTS. If you like what you hear, check out THE SATURDAY ...
 Mighty Orbots, Orbots and Kaiju Buster Mode complete! geek projectA geek's adventures! woohoo!
3 months ago
And the episode i showed the original appearance of the Orbots/drones.
 Mighty Orbots | Reactions : JetstreamJetstream
1 years ago
Today, we're checking out the Mighty Orbots! To home, the Gobots sued.. Why!? Orbots seems SO much more fun than Gobots.
 Plastic Fanatics: The Late Night Aftercast Episode 129 - Mighty OrbotsVictorysaber77
3 years ago
Blast From The Past - Mighty Orbots https://youtu.be/11NQ7w6YOLY?t=7667 The show that covers Transformers, Third Party, ...
 Mighty Orbots introMYSATURDAYM0RNINGS
9 years ago
Visit my Fan Art site http://mysaturdaymornings.com/ Mighty Orbots intro.
 Marc Zicree Talks about Mighty OrbotsSpace Command Studios
8 years ago
To learn more about this amazing breakthrough in Science Fiction please visit http://www.SpaceCommandMovie.com ...
 Opening & Closing To Mighty Orbots:The Wish World 1986 VHSThePreviewsGuy VHSOpenings
5 years ago
Here Is The Opening & Closing To Mighty Orbots:The Wish World 1986 VHS And Here Are The Order: Opening: 1.FBI Warning ...
 Broots (Mighty Orbots Pilot and extras)80sMechaAnime
22 days ago
Mighty Orbots (Maiti ōbottsu) is a 1984 American/Japanese Super robot animated series created in a joint collaboration of TMS ...
 Mighty Orbots fan fic!!!A geek's adventures! woohoo!
2 years ago
An origin for our favorite merging mechs! Here is the link to the live journal page: ...
 Mighty Orbots robot toy! Wow. from www.Robot-Japan.comRobot Japan
11 years ago
Wow, our friend H-man has unearthed a Mighty Orbots toy that may be one of our only TV show toys to enjoy. It has unique head ...
 Don Glut Wrote Transformers, Gobots, and Mighty Orbots Simultaneously.TFcon
1 months ago
As Transformers Generation One voice actor Michael McConnohie (Tracks and Cosmos) and writer Don Glut (War of the ...
 Ep. 57 - "Mighty Orbots" ReviewSaturday Mourning Cartoons
5 years ago
A weekly podcast that revisits, reviews, & ridicules the world's weirdest animated series! On the 57th episode of the podcast, we ...
 Mighty Orbots TributeBoOrbot
5 years ago
This is My Tribute to The Show Mighty Orbots(1984)
 LIVE DRAWING CHAT! 1980s Cartoons, The Quartering and MoreClownfish TV
2 years ago
We do our first ever drawing livestream and talk about all kinds of crazy, obscure 1980s and 1990s cartoons like Kidd Video, ...
 Opening Theme Challenge of the GobotsBlackKnight555XP
5 years ago
Classic 80's cartoon. many 80's cartoon are still good to watch. SIlver Hawks, Thunder Cats, Transformers, Galaxy Ranger, Mighty ...
 TV Intro Mighty Orbots Promo 1985PhakeNam
4 years ago
TV Intro Mighty Orbots Promo 1985.
 Mighty Godmars (マイティ・ゴッドマーズ)Ryoga Kazehino
5 months ago
Mighty Orbots but with the Godmars OP (Orbots was inspired in part by Godmars, btw)
 Opening Mighty Orbots Español LatinoSuperEddiejam
4 months ago
Gentileza de un amigo fans de esta animación. Mighty Orbots es una serie animada de super robot estadounidense / japonesa ...
 TriL Beatz - "Orbots" (Instrumental)TriL TV
6 years ago
Thought i'd give you a glimpse of the Classic Cartoon with the Beat i made from it... sorry about the visual delays, it was ripped ...
 Mighty Orbots Intro - Complete.HentacleTentai
7 years ago
Mighty Orbots Intro - Complete. I guess from what I was reading there isnt alot of orbots material out there, if this one gets enough ...
 Robotix: The Series (1985)capitalP77!!
7 years ago
The COMPLETE short series of this rare cartoon gem from the 80's....ENJOY!!
 Mervamon And Ponydramon Ep12 Mighty OrbotsRanamonFanDK Galaxy
6 years ago
Meet Bo And Boo's Friends Tor Bort And Crunch.
 Orbots GameNix
8 years ago
Almost final video about the game for univercity. Could be some tweaks But the game is not finished yet.