The Most DISRESPECTFUL Swerve... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #32MMG
get swerved kid? ur bad? ur literally so unbelievably bad, ur literally dogwater? get boxed? ur free so free freeer than a free ...
 The MIRACLE Endzone Pick Six... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #31MMG
3 days ago
dk and julio finally finish their 100th push up, dripping in sweat. they look up to see papa meags, barely fatigued, already onto the ...
 The Super Bowl Was INSANE... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #23MMG
1 months ago
papa meags enters the dungeon. he slaps his massive schlong down as a tripod, relaxing before a massive wheel of mut super ...
 Playing Every Madden in One Video...MMG
1 months ago
playing every madden (that was possible to record) all in one video. We traveled from the xbox 360 all the way to the series x... a ...
 ABUSING the New Glitch...MMG
4 days ago
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 Kamara at QB for the Halloween Special..!?MMG
2 months ago
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 The New Morph Mode Is RIDICULOUS...MMG
2 months ago
the midnight morph house rules gives you insanely tall and insanely short madden players... this challenge should prove difficult.
 Deion Sanders at WR is NOT Fair... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #25MMG
26 days ago
"but matt - how do you maintain a 6 foot 5 frame, with 245 lbs of muscle, and also pipe so many thotties that it literally is in the triple ...
 Can the 61 Over QB Pull it Off...!? Wheel of MUT! Ep. #24MMG
29 days ago
not only was the season opener goated... but I got to play against Trace Mcsorley!! check out that video here!
 The Greatest Madden Video You Will EVER See...MMG
2 months ago
truly the best madden gameplay and pack opening you may ever see... the ultra massive mega super banger... and it all lands on ...
 The Christmas Pack N' Play!MMG
a months ago
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code MMG at → Sponsored by Manscaped, your ...
 Wheel of MUT Christmas Special! Ep. #27MMG
22 days ago
merry chrimmy to all my muhfubbin goats out there, who are clapping cheeks and putting thotties in the dungeon. lets get this ...
 Each Box Has Only SIX NFL Cards...MMG
19 days ago
the GRAND finale to the panini nil card openings... hope you have enjoyed my 3 week bender of addiction. back to your madden ...
 NEVER Showboat This Early... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #29MMG
13 days ago
so i smell... a super heat banger? an absolute cheek clapping wheel of mut? a video 10x better than anything ever made by any ...
 Madden 20 Wheel of MUT Season Finale!MMG
5 months ago
grand finale to wheel of mut madden 20.... electric year boys. i love you. enjoy this absolute banger... eskeeeeeeetit Get Your ...
 LaDainian Tomlinson Puts in WORK at QB!MMG
27 days ago
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 Whoever I PACK Goes on my Madden Team!MMG
21 days ago
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 Opening EVERY Christmas Present!MMG
12 days ago
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 Tyreek Hill BROKE Madden 21...MMG
1 months ago
been a long time old friend... lets see if Tyreek is as overpowered as always, and lets see if peeeeeen is truly 13 inches. yes im ...
 So THIS Happened in the Divisional Playoffs..! Wheel of MUT! Ep. #22MMG
1 months ago
one more win and papa meags can finally plop his coooockeroni sandwhich right smack dab in the middle of the NFC ...
 De’Aaron Fox Adjusts His NBA 2K Ratings and Plays against MMG | Play Yourself EP. 3Full Squad Gaming
14 days ago
 We Had to Punt From HERE..?! Wheel of MUT! Ep. #26MMG
24 days ago
yo lemme get uhh one boneless pizza with uhh no toes in it... wait on second thought lemme get some toes to suck yeah wait no ...
 Opening EVERY Christmas Present!MMG
12 days ago
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 This Was The Most DISRESPECTFUL Game... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #28MMG
15 days ago
thanos quickly snaps awake, sensing a tear in the balance of the world. "Papa Meags... has not posted... in two days.
 D.K. Gets UP in the NFC Championship! Wheel of MUT! Ep. #23MMG
1 months ago
metcalf was up late that night in the film room, studying papa meags' film. “but coach... how does papa meags move so quickly ...
 The $10,000 NFL Mystery Box Opening!MMG
1 months ago
pristine auction brought us $5000 last time... so we had to go WILD with $10000 this time! check out their site here, and use my ...
 Kyler Murray LIGHTS it Up!MMG
1 months ago
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 how did i get away with this...MMG
3 months ago
after piggy, our fallen soldier, dies early, papa meags has to pull off the 1v6 clutch. little did the lobby know what they were in for.
 Superstar KO Got a HUGE Update!MMG
2 months ago
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 Making All The Kicks NFL Kickers Shanked... Pt. 2MMG
3 months ago
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 Trace McSorley Plays as Himself in Madden with MMG 🤯 | Play Yourself Ep. 1Full Squad Gaming
29 days ago
 Tyreek Hill BROKE Madden 21...MMG
1 months ago
been a long time old friend... lets see if Tyreek is as overpowered as always, and lets see if peeeeeen is truly 13 inches. yes im ...
 $100,000 Golf CHALLENGE with MMG, TJass, Jesser and Kris London | HoH ShowdownHouse of Highlights
1 months ago
Watch MMG, Tristan Jass, Jesser, and Kris London compete for $100000 in a closest to the pin challenge LIVE in lead up to ...
 Make the FOOTBALL Pass, Spin the Wheel of Prizes w/ MMG !!ZackTTG
a months ago
SUBSCRIBE IF YOU SEE THIS!! In this video, I challenge MMG, Jiedel, and Jeff, to a series of football challenges! MMG Channel: ...
 I Pulled The GOAT..!!!MMG
10 days ago
yesserskiiiissss you already know what it is baby, papa meags pulling his favorite player of all time, lets acquire this shmoney ...
 Ask Us Anything...MMG
6 days ago
brought my friend along to answer all your verrrrrrrrry interesting questions... hope you guys enjoy! me and my friend will make lots ...
 so i about broke a controller today...MMG
3 months ago
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 Diving For it in the FINAL Seconds... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #10MMG
2 months ago
after a rough start to the new season... papa meags enters with one large schlong, and two laaaaarge monkey nuts. but will that ...
 Madden 21 Superstar KO is BROKEN...MMG
4 months ago
honestly not even clickbait. madden 21 ko is amazing buuuuuttt.... its a bit busted. I stream on Twitch now! ...
 Blitz Pack N' Play Goes NUTS!MMG
1 months ago
raw dedication - papa meags carries his fat peeen and an xbox all the way to arizona to film a fat W of a pack n play... enjoy this ...
 EA - We Want AnswersMMG
8 days ago
electronic arts updates franchise? gameplay? servers? next gen? no... but they did put spongebob uniforms into the yard. im sure ...
 We Have Important News!MMG
25 days ago
la la la la la you will never get this you will never get this wa waa weee wahhhh - i have mastered the art of cuuuuckery, the art of ...
 The Most Expensive NFL Cards in the World...MMG
20 days ago
opening 3 panini impeccable nfl trading card boxes... the most expensive possible boxes. tune in later today for panini immaculate ...
 The Halloween Packs Are JUICED!MMG
2 months ago
ayee episode 2 unofficially of the pack n play series! lets get itt boys, hope you enjoy! Buy Madden 21 Coins Here! Code 'MMG' is ...
 Trace McSorley... The GOAT...MMG
3 months ago
Trace McSorley Throw it on a dime✅ Like I ain't even tryin🥱 Just a kid from Bryerwood🤠 to wearin number 9🥶 Met Coach ...
 MMG ranks the NFL Qb’s for 2020MMG's Test
6 months ago
MMG Twitch Highlight from 7/14/2020 where papa ranks some of the best QB's in the sport. MMGHub Hope y'all enjoyed the ...
 How Can TikTok Allow This?MMG
3 months ago
TikTok places absolutely zero content restrictions on their app, and opens the floodgates to inappropriate and explicit content.
 Madden 21 Next Gen Is...MMG
1 months ago
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 Absolute Shenanigans in the Yard...MMG
4 months ago
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2 months ago
THE VIDEO YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! FINALLY, Me and MMG decided to link up and have a kicking contest and run ...
 Next Gen Superstar KO..!MMG
1 months ago
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 Barry Sanders at QB is TOO Good...MMG
2 months ago
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 Opening The $1000 Prizm Box w/ Connor!MMG
23 days ago
addicted to nfl trading card pack openings would be an understatement... please send help my way. but actually though, two more ...
 Make The Field Goal, Win The NFL Jersey w/ MMG & Zack!Jiedel
26 days ago
Today MMG, Zack, and I linked up for a series of NFL Football Challenges! MMG: ...
 I Put My Lineman at Wide Receiver...MMG
2 months ago
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 MMG Breaks Down His Top 5 NFL Players With Zack from 2HYPE | Meet The PetsBrother HQ
1 months ago
On this episode of Meet The Pets, Zack brings on his good friend MMG to discuss his dog Luna, football, Madden, and his favorite ...
 we have nothing important to tell you..MMG
11 days ago
this is what i call quality content baby, just a 4 day vlog spent with papa meags and his closest friend. just two pals hanging ...
 DK Metcalf Takes The Game Over... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #11MMG
2 months ago
DK Metcalf stares up at Papa Meags' 6"5 stature. Despite similar in size on paper, Papa Meags is clearly the alpha male in the ...