nastya and friends

 Nastya and her friends are playing a mysterious challengeLike Nastya
vor 3 Monaten
Dad arranged a funny mysterious challenge for Nastya and her
 Nastya and friend help dad and collect surprisesLike Nastya Show
vor 10 Monaten
Nastya and kids stories about friendship and toys. Subscribe to Like Nastya
 Nastya and her friend play outdoorLike Nastya Show
vor 8 Monaten
Nastya and her friend play kids outdoor active games Subscribe to Like Nastya
 Nastya and friend came up with jokes for dadLike Nastya Show
vor 11 Monaten
Nastya wants to make a joke about dad but he is offended. Then Nastya
 Nastya and her Friends PrincessesLike Nastya
vor 4 Monaten
Nastya invites her Princess friends
 Nastya and adventures with her friend EvelynLike Nastya
vor 11 Monaten
Nastya and Evelyn often play together because they are friends
 Настя и её друзья устроили вечеринкуLike Nastya
vor 1 Jahr
Настя пригласила в гости друзей пока папа спит. Они веселились наряжались делали макияж и открывали сюрпризы.
 Nastya and dad are playing Copy me ChallengeLike Nastya Show
vor 4 Wochen
Nastya copies dad all day. This is a very fun activity for the whole family. Then dad decides to copy Nastya
 Nastya and Stacy play in a fun challengeLike Nastya Show
vor 1 Jahr
Dad decided to arrange competitions for Nastya and Stacy. The girls enjoyed the challenge and had a lot of fun. Subscribe to Like ...
 Nastya invited friends to the PlaydateLike Nastya
vor 1 Jahr
Nastya invited her friends
 Stacy and friends play active outdoor gamesLike Nastya Show
vor 1 Jahr
Kids play with dad in outdoor sports games. They learn to play football and basketball. Subscribe to Like Nastya Vlog ...
 Nastya with Yummy Fruits and Vegetables and other stories for kidsLike Nastya
vor 3 Monaten
Nastya and her friend are learning how to cook healthy food and pretending to play princesses. Funny stories of Nastya
 Настя и её друзья Микки и Минни маус с подаркамиLike Nastya
vor 2 Jahren
Настя ждёт гостей готовим им вкусности и подарки. Но с Микки и Минни маус случается неприятность и Настя спешит на ...
 Nastya and Maggie - best friendsNastya Artem Mia
vor 1 Jahr
A collection of stories for children about Nastya and Maggie who always play together fun and find adventure.
 Nastya learn insects with her dadLike Nastya
vor 1 Woche
Nastya does not like insects and dad decides to teach her a lesson on the learning of insects. Now Nastya
 Настя и друзья играют в городе слаймаLike Nastya
vor 1 Jahr
Настя делает забавные и необычные слаймы. Папа приглашает всех повеселиться в огромном городе слаймов. Subscribe ...
 ستايسي والأصدقاء يلعبون ألعابًا خارجية نشطةLike Nastya AE
vor 1 Jahr
ستايسي والأصدقاء كانوا يشاهدون التلفزيون جاء أبي إلى الغرفة وأغلق التلفزيون. قال الأب للذهاب إلى الخارج ولعب الألعاب الرياضية في ...