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 NERD RAGE!!! Your Favorite Martian music videoraywilliamjohnsonre
9 years ago
This video was originally uploaded by YourFavouateMartian and is owned or licensed by Maker Studios.
1 years ago
 Nerd Rage Over Card Gamestiflerlaugh239cnvb4
7 years ago
The fat dude freaks out because he's getting his ass kicked in a game of Magic The
 Nerd Rage Compilation ,Yelling, Destroying computerTERRA exq
6 years ago
Crazy ppl! PART2: PART3: ...
 6 Insane Nerd Rages, World of Warcraft RAGEGeekyNet
6 years ago
Every single nerd rage in this video compilation is hilarious and cringey! These gamer rages are from World of Warcraft PvP and ...
 Emo nerd smashes his room (TeRa: Mad of Fire)Lain
11 years ago
TeRa from FFR plays Maid of Fire on Stepmania and destroys his monitor in the process (defunct) ...
 ROAD RAGE - (Your Favorite Martian music video)THIS PROJECT IS RETIRED
8 years ago
 Gamestop Manager Threatens & Belittles GTA V Customer - Nerd rage (Original title)1JimmyWong
7 years ago
Happened at the midnight release in LA. She is a Gamestop district manager. The bro filming this is also a douche for sticking his ...
 Swarm becomes mad - Intel Extreme Masters Los AngelesESL Archives
12 years ago
Swarm of Team SK Gaming US shows some emotions in a match at Intel Extreme Masters Los Angeles.
 Nerd Rage - Yourfavoritemartian - Lyrics (Special Effects!)Idan is bad
9 years ago
I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!|. hEY GUYS.. i guess caps lock was on! any way im sorry im late but i had a wedding to go to so i ...
 WoW Classic NERD RAGEPayo
2 months ago ▻ ▻ Join Payo on discord
 Nerd Rage Keyboard Face SmashDuimschroef NL
9 years ago
Nerd Rage Keyboard Face Smash.
5 years ago
This guy MIGHT be nerdier than Leeroy Jenkins. This guild does ROLL CALL / ATTENDANCE in Ventrilo like HIGH SCHOOL!
 NerdRage - StadiaNerdRage
10 months ago
Ça faisait longtemps que j'avais pas racheté de console, et j'ai encore jamais testé le cloud gaming, alors j'ai pris la Stadia de ...
 Mass Effect 3 Ending: Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage (SPOILERS)MrBtongue
8 years ago
WARNING: contains spoilers for all three games Update on the Indoctrination theory: the video is harsher on the indoctrination ...
 Nerd Rage - Fast DubstepMudstep
8 years ago
Nerd Rage - Fast Dubstep | Mudstep - Filthy Drumstep Like Mudstep on Facebook for new dubstep! Free ...
 NERDRAGE - Thief SimulatorNerdRage
1 years ago
C'est au tour du test de Thief Simulator ! Cambrioler des maisons, débloquer des smartphones, démonter des bijoux, faire ...
3 years ago
This is quite possibly one of the most toxic players I have ever seen in years of playing video games. Seriously, Furrywall (US ...
 Hand vs. Liquid Nitrogen - RevisitedNurdRage
10 years ago
Donate to NurdRage! Through Patreon (preferred): Through IndieGoGo: ...
2 years ago
Mieux vaut tard que jamais, voici le test d'Assassin's Creed Origins !
 cod mw2 nerd rage!tehgimzo
9 years ago
cod mw2 nerd rage!
 World of Warcraft Nerd Rage Fail.wmvYoureFail
10 years ago
World of Warcraft rage over canceled account. Nerd flips out and tries to anally rape himself with a TV remote. You're Fail!
 Gamestop employee made famous by GTA 5 'nerd rage' fired; PUBG banned in China - CompilationTomoNews US
3 years ago
Ultimate TomoNews Compilations - Can't get enough of TomoNews? Then this playlist is for you! New videos are added each day ...
 Nerd Rage (updated description)bojimbo1
4 years ago
This is what it sounds like when when you take a game too seriously. Had to disable comments on the video to prevent further ...
 Linus Nerd Rage Corsair Giveaway - Jump StartBranboy3
8 years ago
only one injury occurred in the making of this video Link to Full Version - Link to ...
 School of chaos classic Nerd rage God Back!!!!Jayherbo YT
6 months ago
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5 years ago
Download link to the full new album: Listen to it on Spotify: More links in the ...
 EPILEPTIC TECHNO - (Your Favorite Martian music video)raywilliamjohnsonre
9 years ago
This video was originally uploaded by YourFavouateMartian and is owned or licensed by Maker Studios.
 Ventrilo Nerd Ragecybertronus
9 years ago
This is some kid on vent getting pissed.
 Mythic N'Zoth - Warlock POV - Nerd Rage - 4-24-2020Ansom
9 months ago
Cutting Edge for 8.3 WOW Raid Ny'alotha.
 Fallout 4 - Nerd Rage Il Vento D'OroJoemoma3
1 years ago
This is so goofy
 Ventrilo Nerd RageDaniel J
9 years ago
Round One. Berdron VS Taehee (dbro) Nerds going at it after numerous wipes on ultraxion (first week) US - Frostwolf.
 School Of Chaos Guide-Nerd RageSchool Of Chaos Guide
5 years ago
Hey YouTube, this episode is about Nerd Rage mastering, I suggest if your my level to get snowman head, heart breaker, and ...
 Linus Nerd Rage Giveaway - Redneck RageHalogod35
8 years ago
[WARNING: Loud Volume] (due to bad mixing) I blame Mordekaiser. This is the contest entry: The full version (with volume fixes) ...
 16 Crazy WoW Rages in Raids & PVP [ World of Warcraft Nerd Rage ]GeekyNet
3 years ago
These 16 insane WoW rages will shock you. These raidleaders and players are nuts! This video shows clips from renowned ...
 school of chaos nerd rage is back Omg!!!Jayherbo YT
3 months ago
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 Nightcore - Nerd RageSlappinWhimpz
6 years ago
I own nothing except the remix! Picture and Song belong to their rightful owners.
 NERD RAGE on Gears of War 3 (Hilarious!)BBQ DanTheMan
6 years ago
EPIC NERD RAGE on Gears of War 3! =D Leave a like if you enjoyed! ↓ Wanna watch my funny videos? ↓ ...
 Gamestop employee made famous by GTA 5 'nerd rage' reportedly firedTomoNews US
7 years ago
The Gamestop store manager in the now-infamous Grand Theft Auto V midnight release "Nerd Rage" viral video has reportedly ...
 A Nerd-Rage Rant: The Prequel TrilogyJensaarai One
7 years ago
The original version got blocked because of copyright infringement due to some of the music I used, so I've rescored and ...
 School Of Chaos - Nerd Rage Revived?!?!Foreign Plays
7 months ago
Nerd rage compilations shall be revived until the merge happens! Uploads are every now and then.
 Nerd Rage - Your Favorite Martian - Drum Remix Joe Waldow
9 years ago
The video was recorded with a Nikon D3100. Audio was recorded with a Panasound HS-198S hanging above the drum set.
 Nerd Rage Is Back School of ChaosSpelvin
2 months ago
Video #100 - Nerd Rage is back in school of chaos. Before spending 2500 VIP Tokens, pleade be informed that this rage move is ...
 Nerd Rage Compilation Destroying PC freakout #4TERRA exq
6 years ago
angry pc gamer compilation PART1: PART2: ...
9 years ago
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 Nerd rage practice with I prince I (school of chaos)Ricardo Nambo
3 years ago
Thanks for watching :) I prince I channel -
 Ark : Survival Evolved Nerd Rage Bnoob styleThee BeardedNoob
5 years ago
So yeah this video entails me losing a level 112 carrying bird, level 90 pteranodon, level 120ish sabertooth, journeyman hatchet, ...
 HELLBOY (2019) The Remake No One WantedWeaponized Nerd Rage
1 years ago
Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: @WeaponizedRage Special thanks to my ...
 Nerd-RageSeaNanners Gaming Channel
9 years ago
OFFICIAL SEANANNERS MERCH IS COMING! Click here to be notified ▸ Twitter: ...
 NERD RAGE! - Danilo Gentilli x GUERRA INFINITANando Moura
2 years ago
INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL***; Visite minha Livraria: Facebook: ...
 Epic wow nerd rage - Incinerate (Anetheron US) - Magtheridon Editionkitto
7 years ago
Some classic World of Warcraft nerd rage. Our raid leader loses his mind after his brother tells the raid to 'click' the boxes. Hilarity ...
 God Of War Song | Rage Inside | #NerdOut ft Rockit GamingNerdOut!
2 years ago
God Of War just looks fantastic! We had to team up with the lads over at Rockit Gaming for this one! Spotify: ...