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 NEW WARRIORS Trailer | Marvel ComicsMarvel Entertainment
7 months ago
Night Thrasher reunites with Firestar, Rage, Speedball, Namorita and Silhouette to mentor a whole new generation of ...
 Marvel's New Warriors Looks AMAZING!The Critical Drinker
7 months ago
Join me as I unpack the literary phenomenon that exemplifies why the comic book industry is doing as well as it's doing - Marvel's ...
 Marvel New Warriors not cancelled! Snowflake & Safespace ready to steal comic shop hearts!YellowFlash 2
3 months ago
Marvel is bringing them back! New Warriors and X-Men Children of the Atom are quietly returning to the line up! Ways to support!
 New Warriors CANCELED? Disney's Marvel SILENT on Comic Shop DESTRUCTIONNerdrotic
4 months ago
Marvel's New Warriors comic has been canceled and removed from Comixology. Under normal circumstances this would be great ...
 Marvel Writer THROWS A TANTRUM Over New Warriors Disaster! Even Woke SJWs Dislike It!JosiahRises
7 months ago
Marvel writer throws a tantrum over New Warriors disasters! Even Woke SJWs dislike it! ☑️ HELP ME REACH 100000 ...
 How I'd Redesign ALL of The New Warriors | Kat BlaqueKat Blaque
4 months ago
You guys asked for it, here it is. Watch me redesign the rest of the New Warriors!! Sign up for Curiosity Stream now and get FREE ...
 Marvel's New Warriors goes SJWThe Amazing Lucas
7 months ago
Marvel's New Warriors goes SJW #NewWarriors #MarvelComics #TheNewWarriors Marvel's New Warriors has gone completely ...
 Marvel writer says New Warriors haters are RAClST! Says TRUE fans love them!YellowFlash 2
7 months ago
The writer of Venom and Thor has some words for people that don't like Snowflake & Safespace! Also, the industry is freaking out ...
 Marvel's New Heroes Are Cucks...SomeOrdinaryGamers
7 months ago
It's the era of April Fool's jokes that came a tad too early, see for yourself. Thanks for watching! Like, Comment and Subscribe for ...
 The fall of Marvel Comics | New Warriors is nothing compared to this!YellowFlash 2
7 months ago
Marvel's New Warriors is just one piece of their fall from grace! There is so much more you need to know about them! Upgrade to a ...
 Marvel's NEW WARRIORS are BACK (But There has been a Change)!!HeelvsBabyface
2 months ago
Remember the New Warriors? I know hard to forget. Even though they seemed to vanish off the face of the earth THEY ARE BACK ...
 Judging Marvel's "New Warriors" FailureShoe0nHead
7 months ago
my power is LOGGING ON. i am always LOGGED ON. ♥ Twitter: ♥ Instagram: ...
 Joe Rogan Learns About the Most SJW Comic Book Ever MadeJRE Clips
6 months ago
Taken from JRE #1462 w/Kurt Metzger:
 Marvel Is Out of touch with Snowflake & Safespace │The NEW WARRIORSIt'sAGundam
7 months ago
Night Thrasher reunites with Firestar, Rage, Speedball to teach nonbinary characters. →Mah Links← Twitter ...
 Ricky Gervais Reacts to the New Warriors ComicJust Some Guy
7 months ago
Ricky Gervais Reacts to the New Warriors Comic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support ...
 New Warriors Trailer - Reaction!Tyrone Magnus
7 months ago
Watch Tyrone Magnus's The New Warriors Trailer - Reaction! #Marvel #NewWarriors #Reaction #TyroneMagnus ORIGINAL ...
 Marvel's Worst Announcementpenguinz0
7 months ago
This is the greatest comic series of All Time.
 Marvel's New Warriors ROASTED as Comic Industry BURNSNerdrotic
5 months ago
Recently the New Warriors were CLOWNED by Joe Rogan and Kurt Metzger showing how comically bad things have become.
7 months ago
Reacting to Marvel's new (LGBT-friendly) wave of superheroes, the "new" new warriors. Giving my thoughts on the trailer.
 Marvel Proves Me Right AGAIN | New Warriors Trailer REACTIONYoungRippa59
7 months ago
NewWarriors #MarvelComics #Marvel When I talk about the leanings of Marvel Comics, you get these weirdos that will claim I'm ...
 FIXING Marvel's "New Warriors" Snowflake and Safespace | REACTIONHopeless Peaches
7 months ago
Marvel's new New Warriors... Snowflake and Safespace?? In this commentary video, I give my reaction and commentary on these ...
 Spider Man and his New Friends New WarriorsBro cartoon
1 years ago
Spider Man and his New Friends New Warriors.
 The History of The New WarriorsAnimated Apparel Company
6 months ago
There has been a lot of controversy on YouTube about Marvel's announcement of the New Warriors. So we decided it was a good ...
 New Warriors Trailer | Marvel Comics - Reaction (I hate it, so much!!)DizzieDee
7 months ago
This New Warriors trailer was on another level, I don't claim to be non binary or fully understand those who are non binary, but I've ...
 Safespace and Snowflake are Insulting, Not Inclusive [Marvel Comics]Comic Drake
7 months ago
Marvel created two new diverse characters, Snowflake and Safespace, but even I can't defend them. • Subscribe for more: ...
 New Warriors - Why is Everyone losing their mindsAlteori
7 months ago
The New Warriors trailer dropped for Marvel and many people are flipping out. but why? let's take a look 🦊 Let's get to 200k subs!
 Marvel's NEW New Warriors Are a Bad Joke and the Joke Is On the CustomersThorias Unlimited
7 months ago
I guess, since this writer thought the original New Warriors were "too cool," he decided to make this new team something that ...
 Marvel New Warriors | Trailblazer Redesign | SpeedpaintManouAzumi
6 months ago
Hello beautiful people! long time no post! in this video I am going to attempt to explain my design process for Trailblazer!
 New Warriors Vol. 1 - A Retrospective Review (Spoilers!)CosmicComics
4 years ago
I break from my usual format and generally discuss The New Warriors Volume 1. I share my thoughts and opinion on the series, ...
 The New Warriors Ground: A Tour of the Chase Center in San FranciscoNBC Bay Area
10 months ago
It's a new season in a new home for the Golden State #Warriors, moving across the Bay to the 18064-seat #ChaseCenter — a ...
 Makeover For Safe Space & Snowflake? | Marvel Doubles Down With New SJW WarriorsHow to Draw Comics . NET
7 months ago
In today's video we'll be taking a look at the now infamous Snowflake and Safe Space, from Marvel's SJW line up of the New ...
 Marvel's New Warriors Teen Comic Is Social Justice OVERLOAD, They Got WAY Too WokeTimcast IRL
7 months ago
Tim & Co. can barely believe the news from Marvel: The New Warriors comic looks like a page out of a college textbook about ...
 What Ever Happened To Marvel's New Warriors?MechaRandom42
4 months ago
In a recent livestream, we discussed the lack of Marvel's New Warriors anywhere. Did it quietly get cancelled due to poor ...
 Spider-Man new warriors vs The New Sinister SixBro cartoon
7 months ago
Spider-Man new warriors vs The New Sinister Six.
 Comic Pros BLAST Fans For Not Liking New Warriors & Industry COLLAPSES In Just 14 Days!TheQuartering
7 months ago
Maybe not endlessly blasting your own customers and telling them Marvel and DC don't need your money wasn't a great ...
 HOW DO YOU DO, FELLOW KIDS??? || Marvel's baffling "New" New WarriorsT B Skyen
7 months ago
Stream archives, songs and oddities on my 2nd channel: ...
 MAJOR MARVEL PHASE 5 LEAK! New Warriors, Deadpool 3, Young Avengers, Secret InvasionEverything Always
3 months ago
Beta Ray Bill Statue (giveaway) Review: backround song: "I Bleed Stars" ...
 BRAVE NEW WARRIORS Comic Con PanelFlicks And The City
5 years ago
Brave New Warriors Comic Con panel highlights with several of today's male heroes, Sam Heughan (Outlander), Zachary Levi ...
 Marvel's New Warriors is NOT InclusiveChannel Pup
7 months ago
Marvel's New Warriors makes it pretty clear what happens when the wrong people are dealing with the wrong project and ...
 New Warriors is a DISASTER for Marvel | Daniel Kibblesmith has Vanished After Going Woke!JosiahRises
7 months ago
New Warriors is a disaster for Marvel. Daniel Kibblesmith has vanished! ☑️ HELP ME REACH 100000 SUBSCRIBERS!
 Golden Archer New Warriors 💪 Stick war legacy Weekly UpgradeShadow CH
8 days ago
Help me get 500000 SUBSCRIBE. Thanks! ♥ ➤ SUBSCRIBE: BEST: ...
 Marvel Comics HIDES Snowflake and Safespace with NEW WARRIORS Variant Covers!Clownfish TV
6 months ago
Marvel Comics doesn't even seem to have a lot of faith in the HORRIBLY received Snowflake and Safespace characters (over ...
 Marvel writer who called New Warriors haters BlGOTS demands peace! Says we need him!YellowFlash 2
6 months ago
Now that the comic industry is falling apart, the comic book pros are trying to change their tune up. Will you forgive Marvel Comics ...
 Marvel's New WOKE Superheroes: Safespace & Snowflake?? #TheNewWarriorsLauren Chen
7 months ago
Marvel's recently announce characters for "The New Warriors" look all kinds of terrible. Say hello to the progressive, non-binary ...
 Marvel CANCELS Comic Shops | Snowflake and SafeSpace Won't Save RetailersNerdrotic
7 months ago
Marvel's New Warriors won't save Comic Shops. Marvel, DC Comics, and Diamond Comics Distributors are GHOSTING comic ...
 Marvel DOUBLES DOWN! Announces book WORSE than New Warriors | spits on comic shops!YellowFlash 2
7 months ago
Things continue to get worse for the comic industry, and Marvel is just ignoring it! Their answer to failing comic shops is another ...
 Marvel Comics luego de NEW WARRIORS nos "INTRODUCE" CHILDREN OF THE ATOM. IvanchoVIvanchoV
7 months ago
YouNow Ivanchov : PayPal: ✓Vuélvete un miembro especial en este link: ...
4 months ago
NEW LIMITED MERCH EVERY MONTH! 100% of our GFuel proceeds fund the tournament ...
 Marvel Is Cancelled..TheQuartering
7 months ago
Marvel Comics have largely become a joke over the past few years but this latest book gives us a great glimpse into what marvel ...
 "Snowflake" and "Safespace" | Woke Marvel Heroes In New Warriors ComicRyan Kinel - RK Outpost
7 months ago
Marvel Comics continues to pander to people who don't buy comics. In their newest series New Warriors, there are literally heroes ...
 Marvel's New Warriors Is Massively Panned! YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!MechaRandom42
7 months ago
During a recent livestream, Mecha and her audience react to the ratio of likes to dislikes. #SonowflakeandSafespace #Marvel ...
 Carrioner OSTRO o Łukasz Stelmach i MARVEL's New WarriorsCarrioner San
6 months ago
"Fragment" streama" na twitch Patronite - Koszulki - Koszulki ...
 Golden State Warriors Rumors: Bradley Beal & Marcus Smart Trade Rumors + Warriors Trade ExceptionChat Sports
2 days ago
WARRIOR FANS!! Subscribe to our brand new Warriors channel today to make sure you don't miss any of the latest Golden State ...
 Bezsensowna drama o New Warriors i prawdziwe problemy Marvela i DC��ukasz Stelmach 2
6 months ago
Co dalej z amerykańskim rynkiem komiksowym: zmiany czy upadek? Plus drama o New Warriors ...
 EXCLUSIVE Chase Center Tour (Golden State Warriors NEW Arena) 4Kgillynova
1 years ago
Chase Center Tour (Golden State Warriors NEW Arena) 4K Subscribe | Like | Comment Season ticket holders got a chance to ...
 Marvel’s Stunning and Brave New WarriorsComputing Forever
7 months ago
Support my work here: Support my work on Subscribe Star: ...
 Redesigning the Rest of Marvel's New Warriors | "Screentime", "Trailblazer", and "B-Negative"SpyV
6 months ago
It was fun the first time and it was fun the second time. Let me know what you thought about the designs down below!