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 Forgotten Children Of The Ukraine (Child Documentary) | Real Stories |Real Stories
4 years ago
Ukraine has the highest rate of child abandonment in Europe. This documentary explores the reasons for this, and how Ukraine is ...
 Leave Her To Die (Medical Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
1 years ago
A 2 year old baby girl lay alone on a bamboo mat in a government orphanage in Northern Thailand, 11 years ago. She had been ...
 Innocents Lost (Child Neglect Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
3 years ago
Kidnapped, sold, starved, beaten and set to work round the clock, surviving on rubbish tips and road sides; given to the Gods as ...
 The Dying Rooms - Chinese Orphanages Documentary (1995)Video Disorder
1 years ago
The Dying Rooms is a 1995 television documentary film about Chinese state orphanages. It was directed by Kate Blewett and ...
 Children of Shame (Crime Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
2 years ago
Tuam, a quiet town in the west of Ireland. Tuam, a name that traumatised the whole of Ireland in the spring of 2014, when an ...
 Romania's last orphanages | The EconomistThe Economist
2 years ago
Over 100000 children were abandoned in Romania's orphanages during the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.
 Growing up in a Romanian orphanage - BBC NewsBBC News
4 years ago
Izidor Ruckel was one of thousands of children found living in terrible conditions in Romanian orphanages after the collapse of the ...
 India's Orphans - Short DocumentaryDaniel Haywood
1 years ago
Portfolio use: India's Orphans follows the efforts of Emmanuel Pedapudi, a Pastor, as he runs an orphanage in a struggling part of ...
 The Picnic (Adoption Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
3 years ago
You feel like you're on display. You've got all these people watching you and you're wearing this shirt that singles you out. You're ...
 Orphans of Nkandla (BAFTA-WINNING DOCUMENTARY) | Real StoriesReal Stories
3 years ago
Mbali is eleven, but she takes her responsibilities very seriously. Whether looking after her seven-year-old brother, caring for her ...
 From Romania With Love (Adoption Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
3 years ago
In 1990 Romania, the world was stunned by what was revealed: Images of orphanages, of starving, freezing unloved children, ...
 Inside Uganda's Unregulated And Overcrowded Child Orphanage IndustryVICE News
1 years ago
In Uganda, illegal orphanages are a big business and needy children are often the lure. Today, there are at least 300 unlicensed ...
 The Lost Orphan: Mirela's Story (Full Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
4 years ago
One summer, presenter Natalie Pinkham worked in a Romanian orphanage, where she developed a special bond with one of the ...
 Seryozha.2005.DVDrip__Russian Orphan DocumentaryTuski
7 years ago
A documentary about Russian Orphans in 2005.In the recent years,it seems that their conditons have been improved.
 A trade in Fake Orphans is being driven by western donations | Foreign CorrespondentABC News In-depth
7 months ago
The cold hard facts are there aren't enough 'orphans' to volunteer with. So, the orphans are being invented.” Kate van Doore ...
 A World Without Orphans DocumentaryWorld Without Orphans
4 years ago
World Without Orphans is a global movement with a vision to see orphans become sons and daughters. Our dream is that every ...
 Orphaned Children Finally Meet Their Birth Parents | From Romania with Love | HERAHera
11 months ago
Nicky wasn't born in England. 22 years ago she was one of the Romanian orphans whose plight shocked the world. As the iron ...
 Adopted By The West: China's Abandoned Children (Family Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
1 years ago
This documentary chronicles the experiences of mothers who represent three distinct aspects of the story: A Chinese mother who ...
 Romanian OrphansB Brownlee
7 years ago
A clip from a news report about Romanian orphanages. Useful to give context to the RUTTER study into the effects of institutional ...
9 years ago
Large number of people affected by the explosion of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. The radioactive effects are still issue. The worst ...
 The Orphan Train Movement in the Mid- 1800s to Early 1900sIowa PBS
4 years ago
Between 1854 and 1929, nearly a quarter of a million orphaned children were resettled under what came to be known as the ...
 Operation Babylift - The airlift of Vietnamese orphans @Dawn Ep.53 | DocumentaryDawn
3 months ago
Operation Babylift is the story of the airlift of Vietnamese orphans out of Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam war in April 1975.
 Hannah's Story (Award Winning Documentary)Bring Me Hope
8 years ago
No mother. A crippled father. Moved to the orphanage to survive, she awaits hope. Camp counselors needed: ...
 After ISIS: Bringing the children home | RT DocumentaryRT Documentary
28 days ago
Thousands of women and children of former ISIS fighters from all parts of Russia have been left helpless with little chance of ...
 Father of Orphans (RT Documentary)RT
7 years ago
He dreams of Russia and a world without orphans. He has adopted more than 30 children himself and, accompanied by his ...
 Romania's Abandoned Children Living In Inhumane ConditionsJourneyman Pictures
4 years ago
The Lost Children: Everyone remembers the shocking pictures of Romanian orphans, tied to their cots in squalid institutions.
 The Abandoned - The Forgotten Orphans of Karbala, IraqAhlulbayt: Documentaries
5 years ago
There are currently over 3 million orphans in Iraq. Karbala has a side that is usually not seen, the side that sees many deprived ...
 live orphanage footage one on one with babies.feb -11-2018mission handy
2 years ago
sponsor my hard work https://www.patreon.com/missionhandy follow me on facebook: ...
 The Girl Who Did not Age - Terrifying Real Story of The OrphanYou Are Here
2 years ago
In this episode we will talk about the true story of the girl who did not get old. The real story of the orphan. Reality often exceeds ...
 The Dark Secret Behind Nepal's Orphan IndustryJourneyman Pictures
7 years ago
Paper Orphans (2013): As Western families scramble to adopt, Nepalese orphanages have created a dark human industry.
 Father of OrphansRT Documentary
7 years ago
More films about adoption: https://rtd.rt.com/tags/adoption/ Pastor Gennady Mokhnenko adopts dozens of children and takes them ...
 We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic OrphanageBuzzFeed News
2 years ago
This is the haunting story of children who survived horrors in American orphanages, and their fight to make the world believe them ...
 Orphans of the Sahara | Return (Episode 1)Al Jazeera English
6 years ago
In late 2011, thousands of Tuareg workers and fighters, many of them mercenaries for slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, ...
 Mommy Wanted (RT Documentary)RT
7 years ago
RT meets the director of an orphanage that specializes in finding children permanent families. The woman grew up in the ...
 Ochberg Orphans (Russian Pogrom Documentary) | Timeline - The Best Documentary EverShanny Gorczany
2 years ago
In the middle of 1920, Isaac Ochberg, a South African businessman of Russian extraction, started a fund raising drive to save at ...
 Orphan Orca, Saving Springer Documentarynoaa
3 years ago
Fifteen years ago this summer, the Northwest joined forces to orchestrate the unprecedented rescue of a wild killer whale calf.
 An Orphan Train Rider Tells His StoryIowa PBS
4 years ago
In this segment from the West by Orphan Train documentary, Orphan Train rider Stanley Cornell recounts the story of he and his ...
 THIS IS INDIA | Orphans In NeedOrphans In Need
9 years ago
Sponsor an orphan today - visit http://www.orphansinneed.org.uk/sponsor-an-orphan/
 Placing Out: The Orphan Trains (2008)SmokyHillsPBS
1 years ago
Smoky Hills Public Television examines this period of mass relocation of children in the United States, widely recognized as the ...
 History Channel 2016- Children of Chernobyl - History Channel DocumentariesYous Francais
3 years ago
Full Documentary Films - Children of Chernobyl - History Channel Documentaries History Channel Documentaries ,history ...
 Romania: What Happened to the Children? (Turning Point, S4E3, 1997)Chef Excellence
2 years ago
Families who adopted Romanian orphans find that thousands suffer from childhood trauma and neglect.
 Iraqi Safe House. One man’s quest to give Iraqi orphans a second chance in lifeRT Documentary
2 years ago
More films about Homelessness: https://rtd.rt.com/tags/homelessness/ In the wake of the American invasion of 2003, many Iraqi ...
 Orphaned sisters reunited after four years apart 💖 - Vika, the Documentary - Update TrailerCBC
2 years ago
Vika: Two sisters, separated by adoption and living 8000 km apart. Reunited by a documentary. Watch the original documentary: ...
 Orphans of the Sahara | Rebellion (Episode 2)Al Jazeera English
6 years ago
Early in 2012, as the massive Tuareg rebellion sweeps northern Mali, defeated Mali Army officers stage a coup d'etat in the south ...
 WWII Orphan | National GeographicNational Geographic
11 years ago
Adrift in the wreckage of the Wilhelm Gustloff, an orphan is miraculously rescued. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About ...
 Trafficked Orphans from MoldovaExodus Cry
5 years ago
Here's a segment from our documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, examining the orphan crisis and trafficking in Eastern ...
 Orphan Children Documentary/Aama Ko Maya Chatrawas/आमाको माया छात्रावाशBuddha Production
8 months ago
Orphan Children Documentary Present By Buddha Production Shoot by; Yogesh Nabin Aashish Edit;Yogesh.
 SOS Children’s Village NGO | A Documentary Film 2016 | TYBMM College Project | Orphan Kids VillageTech Thoober
18 days ago
Hello friends, this is our first ever documentary film created in the year 2016 as i was learning Bachelor's Of Mass Media (3rd ...
 North Korean Orphans Open Up About How They Survive | Real StoriesReal Stories
4 years ago
Watch the full documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csI1EoMOXXk North Korea food shortages have lead people to ...
 The Story of an Orphan (Documentary short film)Arkan Satrio
4 years ago
The story of an orphan is a short documentary film that is made by Thariq Syaikhan Satrio. The movie is based Ahmad's (the ...
 My Orphans Documentary 2012My Orphans Organization
8 years ago
My Orphans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit project of I.M.A.M., established to assist orphans in war-torn and poverty-stricken nations.
 Documentary about OrphanMediaWAMY Bangladesh
5 years ago
Documentary about Orphan, WAMY Bangladesh.
 part-1, Bulgaria's Abandoned Children RevisitedResult0
10 years ago
In 2007 the BBC documentary film 'Bulgaria's Abandoned Children caused an international outcry because the images of neglect ...
 Documentary Seeks Answers To The Global Orphan CrisisThe 700 Club
3 years ago
Screenwriter and missionary Casey Walker discusses Lost Kites, a documentary about orphans, the challenges they face, and ...
 English Documentary : Life of an OrphanKhor Eu Ee
7 years ago
Sunway College FIA March Intake Group 5 English Documentary : Life of an Orphan.