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 Rod & Reel Combos - Light to Heavy Setups [PENN]Local Knowledge Fishing Show
1 years ago
Rush Maltz of Local Knowledge, shows us what rod and reel combos he uses on the show. From light to heavy setups, ...
 Testing the Pocket Pen Fishing Rod!Monster Mike Fishing
11 months ago
I am testing the strength of the Pocket Pen Fishing Rod vs a huge big fish! Answer the trivia questions for your chance to win a ...
 PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel Product VideoPENNfishing
2 years ago
Introducing the new Spinfisher VI spinning reel. With CNC gear technology and IPX5 sealing, it has the durability to battle big fish ...
 Penn fierce rod testPatrick Elisha
2 years ago
Penn fierce ll rod and reel test, great over all rod and reel combo for the price, it is very high quality. Many people have said they ...
 Now Available - PENN Carnage II RodsPENNfishing
5 years ago
Today's reels are smaller and lighter with greater drag pressures, and are often spooled with braided line. The PENN Carnage II ...
3 years ago
MICRO PEN ROD FISHING CHALLENGE! This is by far my hardest challenge to date... Buy Rod- Click here ...
 FISHING ROD PEN CHALLENGE!! (Episode 1) | TAFishingTA Fishing
3 years ago
Pen Fishing Rod: TAFishing do the Pen Rod Fishing Challenge! Mike & Graeme put the rod to the test on ...
7 months ago
I take a 12 foot PENN SQUADRON II Surf Fishing Rod and a 12 foot SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK to the FOOTBALL FIELD to see ...
 PENN Pursuit III LE Combo Product VideoPENNfishing
2 years ago
Debuting at ICAST 2018: the Pursuit III LE combo. This combo takes the strong HT-100 drag system of the Pursuit III reels ...
 Mini Pen Fishing Rod Catfishing Challenge!Kendall Gray
1 years ago
 Unboxing - Review Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod - Part 1Reel Beasts
1 years ago
Be sure to drop us a like, comment and smash that subscribe button like a beast! #ReelBeasts Where I purchased ...
 PENN Rampage Boat Rods - Product VideoPENNfishing
6 years ago
Built Salt Tough PENN® rods are built to the strictest standards, able to weather any storm. Rampage Boat Rods simply battle ...
 Micro Pen Fishing Rod Challenge - Can I Catch fish on a Tiny Rod?!TA Fishing
1 years ago
Join Graeme on this micro pen fishing rod challenge. Can he catch a fish using a tiny fishing rod? In this pen rod challenge ...
 PENN Battalion Inshore RodsPENNfishing
6 years ago
All Battalion rods feature our unique sculpted grips covered in rubber shrink tube for optimal grip when wet. Fuji stainless steel ...
 Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS - Socal ArsenalLocal Knowledge Fishing Show
1 years ago
Recommended Fishing Rods and Reels for the SoCal Angler. Ali Hussainy explains his recommended fishing rods & reels for ...
 BEST PENN SPINNING REEL Review! Plus Conflict II GiveawaySlotCityFishing
2 years ago
Best Penn Spinning Reel REVIEW! For the money, jetty fishing, surf fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing or other scenarios. Giving ...
 PENN - Squadron Inshore Rods - Product VideoPENNfishing
6 years ago
Inshore or near shore the Squadron rod series is built to deliver the performance of rods that cost double and triple the price.
 Penn Fierce 3 Review and Field TestFish N Lifts
11 months ago
I picked up a penn fierce 3 from dicks sporting goods did a little review on the reel and rod and tested it out on various fish.
 The Best Inshore Spinning Reel and Rod ComboAliex Folgueira
4 years ago
Best Inshore Spinning Reel and Rod Combo The Penn SpinnFisher 4500 Hello friends, this is the first video in a series about the ...
 How strong is a Micro Fishing Rod?Hey Skipper
3 years ago
The micro fishing rod isn't made for just micro fishing. This fishing rod catches some pretty decent fish. Strength testing this micro ...
7 months ago
Casting a conventional reel off of the beach and pier will get your bait out far distances for big drum (redfish), sharks, cobia, and ...
 Penn Rods 2012CharkBaitUSA
8 years ago
Carnage Bluewater Jigging & Casting rods, Torque Surf, Allegiance Inshore Rods - Penn's rods for 2012.
 PENN Fishing: Students and Stewards of the SeaPENNfishing
8 months ago
PENN Fleet Captain Jon Jon Tabon fishes the bountiful waters off the coast of Hawaii.
 Penn Battle 2 combo reviewLethal Lure
1 years ago
Taking a look at my favorite rod for catching big redfish, shark, stingrays, and so much more. The penn battle two is a solid starter ...
 Capt. Deeks with his go to Inshore GearPENNfishing
1 years ago
PENN Fleet Captain, Peter Deeks dives into the Spinfisher VI and Battalion Rod; his ideal inshore rod and reel. Spinfisher VI: ...
 Penn Tour 2019 Mozambique Part 1Saltwater Fishing South Africa
10 months ago
Its that time of the year again when some of the Penn Ambassadors get together to fish some amazing destinations and test out ...
 PENN Prevail II ReviewPENN Fishing ANZ
3 months ago
Guesty reviews the all new Prevail II rock, beach and breakwall rod range from PENN.
 Micro Pen Fishing RodMonster Mike Fishing
2 months ago
Bass Fishing with a micro pen rod! This is one of the world's smallest fishing rods and is super fun to fish with. Win a shoutout by ...
 This is Our Obsession: Surf Fishing for Monster StriperPENNfishing
9 months ago
PENN Pro Ron Arra, and PENN Ambassadors Jared Wood and Allison Miles battle against wind and waves in the pursuit of ...
 PENN Prevail Surf Rods - Product VideoPENNfishing
6 years ago
The Prevail™ features a strong two-piece graphite composite blank and rubber shrink tube handle that provide a secure grip wet ...
 PENN Passion Reel & Combo- Product VideoPENNfishing
2 years ago
Designed to be lighter and offer more cranking power than the comparable Battle II product! The PENN Passion combos feature ...
 New for 2017 - PENN Squadron II RodsPENNfishing
4 years ago
Squadron inshore rods are designed for shallow water species like trout, redfish, striper and snook. Built with cork or EVA full grips ...
 TINY Fishing Rod Pen ReviewRC Dad
4 years ago
Buy it here - Great for a gag gift or even for a travel fishing pole and reel. Don't expect to be casting across ...
 How to put fishing line on a Baitcaster + Levelwind ReelChatt Cats Fishing
6 years ago
Short video on how to put monofilament fishing line on a baitcaster/levelwind reel Share this video: ...
 Penn Rod and Reel Combo ReviewChris Canning
6 years ago
This is a great combo for it's price! If you take care of this rod and reel it will last you forever! COMMENT, RATE and SUBSCRIBE.
 New for 2017 - PENN Slammer III - Back by popular demand!PENNfishing
4 years ago
Slammer III - awarded BEST SALTWATER REEL - ICAST New Product Showcase 2016. Built for heavy duty fishing from either ...
 PENN Battalion Surf RodsPENNfishing
6 years ago
The passion of those that seek tailing redfish, rolling tarpon or even stripers busting on bunkers just off the beach is what forms the ...
 Penn ALLY Rods - Reviewed by The Fisherman MagazineThe Fisherman Magazine
6 years ago
The Fisherman magazine reviews Penn Ally Fishing Rods with Mike Rice of Penn Fishing Tackle. See the feature print review in ...
 Surf Rod and Reel for BeginnersSea-Squatch 1
9 months ago
We surf fish a lot! I'm often asked by beach goers, and new surf fishermen what I like to use. This is a short video of the kinda rod ...
 What Surf Fishing Gear Do I Use and Recommend?Bama Beach Bum
1 years ago
Subscribe Here: I get asked this question all the time. It has been over a year since I've done a gear video, ...
 PENN - Hawaiian Cliff Ulua FishingPENNfishing
3 months ago
Fishing from a Hawaiian cliff face is no easy task, not only is your gear put to the limits you are as well. The Carnage II Ulua is built ...
 PENN Battle III Review - Capt. Pepe GonzalesPENNfishing
1 months ago
PENN Fleet Captian Pepe Gonzales dives into the features of the NEW Battle III Spinning Reel.
 The Best Cheap Saltwater Fishing ReelSouth Florida Fishing Channel
1 years ago
In this video I show you what I found to be the best cheap saltwater fishing reel. This best fishing reel is what I have used in all my ...
 PENN International VI Rod- Product VideoPENNfishing
2 years ago
The PENN International VI rods feature a one-piece tubular construction rod that is ideal for maximum pressure to the fish with a ...
 Fishing Rod Arsenal - Saltwater and Freshwater Rods!MBOutdoors
3 years ago
Hey guys! In this episode of MBFishing I take you guys through all my rod setups, and what their purpose's are! I apologize in ...
 How to Spool a Conventional Reel for Shark FishingJoshua Taylor
3 years ago
Here is a video demonstration on how to spool a conventional reel for SHARK fishing. First I show you how to add braid to the ...
 TESTING the limits of the PENN Fierce 2 live liner 4000Flying Fish TV
1 years ago
In this video I match my light setup to a 25lb yellowfin tuna, things get interesting when I'm forced to pedal away from the fish to ...
 Penn Carnage II Boat Rods at ICAST 2015TackleDirect
5 years ago Paul Wheaton from the TackleDirect Pro Staff and Mike Rice from ...
 Shimano AX 4000 and Penn (mako edition ) 8 feet fishing rod Detailed malayalam reviewAmal K James
1 years ago
താല്പര്യം ഉള്ളവർ ഈ number ഇൽ ഭേന്ധപെടുക Mukesh :+919961349769.
 Penn Senator 114H 6/0 Big Game Fishing Reel ... ReviewGPT Adventure Channel
7 years ago
Check Out My Blog For Kayaking, Fishing, Travel, Jeeps and Everything Outdoors - GPT ADVENTURE ...
 Penn Warfare WAR30 Star Drag Reel | J&H Tacklejandhtackle
4 years ago
Buy a Penn Warfare WAR30 Star Drag Reel - Penn Warfare WAR30 Star Drag Reels are the perfect reel for ...
 PENN Battle II Spinning ReelPENNfishing
6 years ago
Inspired by design innovations made possible through new technology, PENN introduces the improved Battle II Spinning Reel.
 Best Fishing Combo for saltwater at Around $100 Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel with Ugly Stik EliteAliex Folgueira
3 years ago
So what if you want to buy a new rod and reel and you have no idea what to buy? This is what I would buy Penn Fierce II 2500 at ...
 PENN Wrath vs Sailfish in RompinSport Fishing Asia
1 years ago
This video is about the recently introduced PENN Wrath reel. Launched during ICAST 2019, the PENN Wrath is a budget price ...
 Ugly Stik GX2 vs Penn Fierce II ReviewFlorida Keys Wooden Boat Fishing
11 months ago
After two years of saltwater use i review the Ugly Stik GX2 spinning combo and compare it to the Penn Fierce II spinning combo.
 Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels at ICAST 2018TackleDirect
2 years ago
TackleDirect brings you the new Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reels at ICAST 2018, in Orlando, FL.
 Penn Wrath Spinning Combos at ICAST 2019TackleDirect
1 years ago
TackleDirect brings you the new Penn Wrath Spinning Combos at ICAST 2019, in Orlando, FL. ICAST is the world's largest sport ...