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 Last Words From Airplane CrashesPerke Le
7 years ago
These are real black box recordings from the worst airplane crashes of all time. Most of these can already be found all over ...
 Top 10 Last Airplane Blackbox RecordingsTop 10 Archive
8 months ago
Top 10 Last Airplane Blackbox Recordings After a plane crash, perhaps the only thing more shocking than the debris and pieces ...
 Plane Crash REAL pilot last words recording with voice record from the cockpitSobolT
11 years ago
i have put subtitles (use English, then default English) ACCIDENT DETAILS 00:00 - intro 00:08 - Flight #: 1141 Date: August 31, ...
 5 Heartbreaking Last Words Of Pilots Caught On TapeFreedoom City
3 years ago
From the tragic farewell of a seven-year-old trainee to the mutterings of a confused flight crew, we count ten of the saddest last ...
 6 Depressing Cockpit Voice Recorders.British001
7 months ago
Hey guys, today we're going to see the fate of people who have unfortunately died in a plane crash. This video is in no way ...
 Haunting LAST WORDS From Pilots Before They Crashed...Destination Tips
7 months ago
There have been some horrific airplane crashes throughout history. However, unlike most famous last words, the on-board black ...
 Karachi Crash • Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 [with ATC audio]AirTrafficVisualised
4 months ago
PATREON: ---------- CORRECTION: 0:18 - Correct date is May 22, 2020. Please note: ...
 10 Last Words From Black Box Airplane CrashesTop 10 Archive
1 years ago
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! From the very first time man has lifted off of the ground, to just yesterday, ...
 Airplane Crash (audio only) in Yorba Linda, CaliforniaJason Rasmussen
1 years ago
For licensing or usage, contact I live near where this plane crashed. My cameras caught the audio.
 5 Most Disturbing & Saddest Last Words From Pilots (Blackbox Recordings)Armanator
3 years ago
5 Most Disturbing & Saddest Last Words From Pilots (Blackbox Recordings) CAUGHT ON TAPE! 5 Saddest Last Words From ...
 9/11 audio recordings offer dramatic timelineCNN
5 years ago
Audio recordings from 9/11 include chilling words from the lead hijacker as the attacks were in progress.
 Top 10 Scary Last Words From Airplane CrashesMostAmazingTop10
2 years ago
Top 10 Scary Last Words From Airplane Crashes Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: Become A Most Amazing ...
 Planes crashes with sound originalsVídeos Diversos
5 years ago
Images of various plane crashes with original audio time.
 VIDEO: Final moments of fatal plane crash caught on camera by passengerWNCT-TV 9 On Your Side
2 years ago
VIDEO: Final moments of fatal plane crash caught on camera by passenger.
 Passenger Livestreamed Video To Say Good-byeAssociated Press
2 years ago
As a blown engine on a Southwest Airlines jet hurled shrapnel at the aircraft and led to the death of a passenger who was nearly ...
 PIA plane crash: Audio clip of pilot's last callARY News
4 months ago
PlaneCrash #PIACrash #PK8303 Adil Abbasi shares the audio clip of PIA's pilot. Official Facebook: ...
 Seattle hijacker's conversation with air traffic controllerThe Sun
2 years ago
A MECHANIC stole a plane from Seattle airport and joked with air traffic controllers before crashing into an island. The married ...
 Plane Crash CompilationChristiaan Janssens
1 years ago
Plane Crash Compilation 2019.
4 months ago
planecrash ▷▷Watch More videos⤵ VS VIDEO: SAME HAPPENED IN JUNAID JAMSHED PLANE PIA 661 VS PIA 8303 | PILOT ...
 Germanwings pilot: 'For God's sake, open the do...CNN
5 years ago
A German publication has released what they say is the cockpit transcript of Germanwings Flight 9525. CNN's Fred Pleitgen ...
 Cockpit voice recordings of plane crashesFlying Albatross
11 days ago
Black box recordings of plane crashes / cockpit voice recordings before crash. Hello friends In this video we are showing to you ...
 Pakistan Plane Crash: Last Audio From Pilot & Visuals Before Crash | Exclusive | ABP NewsABP NEWS
4 months ago
A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger flight crashed in a residential area near Karachi airport minutes before landing ...
4 months ago
A video of the ATC recording of the ill-fated PIA 8303 which crashed into residential areas whilst on final approach to Jinnah ...
 Shocking Plane Crashes (Recorded Onboard and from Ground with GoPro)MidNight 5
3 years ago
Suggest a video idea down below! If you enjoy: Top5s, Top10s, Shocking, Disturbing, Horrifying, Terrifying,Scary, Scariest videos, ...
 9/11: As Events UnfoldTSA
2 years ago
The events of 9/11 as they unfolded through actual audio of First Responders, Air Traffic Controllers, Dispatch Personnel, Airline ...
 Ethiopian Plane Crash Video Recording Last MomentsMaria J
1 years ago
Ethiopian Airline Ethiopian Airline Plane Crash RIP Please subscribe 🤛🤛
 Extended audio: Horizon employee talks with air traffic control in cockpitKING 5
2 years ago
A Horizon Air employee who stole a plane from Sea-Tac Airport on Friday spoke with air traffic control operators while in flight.
 Crashing Immediately After Takeoff in Kentucky | Deadly Mistake [With Real Audio]TheFlightChannel
2 months ago
Find out why Comair Flight 5191 operated on behalf of Delta Connection crashed while attempting to take off from Blue Grass ...
 Air traffic control audio: Southwest flight suffers catastrophic engine failureWFAA
2 years ago
Air traffic control audio: Southwest flight suffers catastrophic engine failure Air traffic control audio obtained by WFAA reveals how ...
 This 1977 Plane Crash Occurred Right on the RunwaySmithsonian Channel
2 years ago
On March 27, 1977, at Los Rodeos airport in Tenerife, Pan Am Flight 1736 was sitting on the taxiway waiting to take off. A thick fog ...
 Colombian Plane-Crash Audio: 'Out of Fuel'Wall Street Journal
3 years ago
In the final minutes of the charter flight that crashed outside Medellín, Colombia, carrying a Brazilian soccer team, the pilot told the ...
 Security camera captures chilling audio from Kobe Bryant crashSky News Australia
7 months ago
A security camera has recorded chilling audio from the helicopter crash which killed basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter ...
 Plane crash video from inside cockpitoutdoors2stay
8 years ago
Crash at 2:44 ***Crash in Slow motion at 5:59*** This is unprecedented footage of a small airplane crash from inside the cockpit ...
 What does plane audio reveal about crash?CNN
4 years ago
A tiny amount of audio could help investigators figure out what happened to Metrojet flight 9268. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.
 U.S. Air Cockpit Audio Tapes "We're Gonna Be In The Hudson"Speakmymind02
11 years ago
FAA Releases Audio tapes of U.S. Airways plane that was ditched in the Hudson.
 Bride Killed in Helicopter Crash (Warning: Distressing Footage)Flight
3 years ago
Warning: This is a distressing video. A video has been released showing a helicopter crash that killed four people on board a ...
 UPS 1354 Crash AudioPilotRyan1533
6 years ago
Story - UPS Airlines Flight 1354 was a scheduled cargo flight from ...
 Seven Of The Most Disturbing Black Box RecordingsAIA M3D1A
1 years ago
Here are seven of the most disturbing last moments of doomed flights – as told by the recordings found on the black boxes.
 Final footage and cockpit audio from crashed PIA flight PK 8303Hussain C.
3 months ago
Final Footage And Cockpit Audio From Crashed PIA flight PK 8303. Read full story Follow ...
 Audio Leaked |Complete Conversation Pilot & ATC | Karachi Plane Crash | LatestJaaiza Tv
4 months ago
Audio Leaked |Complete Conversation Pilot & ATC | Karachi Plane Crash | Latest #KarachiPlaneCrash #PilotLastWord #Plane.
 'Suicidal' airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashesABC News
2 years ago
The employee at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was chased in the air by military jets before crashing on a small island in ...
4 months ago
Hello everyone after a very long time, hope you all doing good in this Coronavirus pandemic situation and spending quality time ...
 ADAM's Air Black Box Audioovisgroup
12 years ago
Audio only of Adam's air black box. 5 minutes before plane crashed.
 Audio reveals final moments before plane crashABC 10 News
4 years ago
Air traffic controllers tried to reach the pilot but didn't. ◂ San Diego's News Source - 10News, KGTV, delivers the latest breaking ...
 Pakistan Plane Crash: Survivor Describes His Miraculous EscapeOn Demand News
4 months ago
A survivor of the plane crash in Pakistan, Muhammad Zubair, described the terrifying ordeal to reporters by saying all he could see ...
 Dale Earnhardt Jr plane crash: 911 recordings, emergency dispatch audio: FIRST MOMENTSWCNC
1 years ago
The first moments of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s plane crash in Elizabethton, Tennessee as recorded on 911 calls and emergency ...
 Cockpit audio captures "Mayday" before TransAsia plane crash in TaiwanCBS This Morning
5 years ago
Authorities released cockpit audio of the final moments of the crashed TransAsia Flight 235 that killed at least 32 people. This is ...
 Hudson Plane Crash Audio Tapes and TranscriptsDNthenumber10
11 years ago
US Airways 1549 (Cactus 1549) Audio Tapes and Transcripts Audio and Transcripts Courtesy: FAA.
 The audio from the Gilbert plane crash is being releasedABC15 Arizona
4 years ago
Ryan Kilgore is heard saying that there was a fire on the wing of the plane, shortly before it went down into a Gilbert house on ...
 Audio of San Francisco plane crash 911 calls releasedThe Telegraph
7 years ago
Emergency calls released by the California Highway Patrol record passengers urgently calling for more ambulances after the ...
 Audio before plane crash shows air control's frustrationFOX 4 Now
2 years ago
A plane crash that led to one person dead was on its way from Page Field to Immokalee. Audio obtained by Fox 4, shows the ...
 Flight 1549 Cockpit AudioWLWT
11 years ago
Calm, cool, and collected is the best way to describe it.
 Chapecoense air crash: (Audio)'We are without fuel' - BBC NewsBBC News
3 years ago
A recording of the pilot of the plane carrying the Chapecoense football team talking to air traffic control in Colombia has been ...
 Audio: Radio transmission between small plane and control tower before plane crashesPalmBeachPost
2 years ago
Pilot Frederick Gautzsch and FLL control tower communicate on the flight from Pompano Beach to Key Largo, before plane's fatal ...
 SCANNER AUDIO - Alaska Flight 261 Plane CRASH "audio"MyScannerTalks
12 years ago
Alaska Flight 261 01/31/2000 - Ventura County, CA 3:59 Minutes On January 31, 2000, at about 1620 PST, Alaska Airlines flight ...
 Germanwings plane crash: Cockpit audio file recoveredCNN
5 years ago
CNN's Les Abend discusses what can be learned from the cockpit audio files recovered after the crash of Germanwings flight ...
 Nation Mourns Air India Express Plane Crash | Audio Bulletin | ABP NewsABP NEWS
1 months ago
Air India Express said that it will pay an interim compensation to the victims of Friday's Kozhikode accident in order to provide ...