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 A Crooks Nightmare 100% Plastic Military Boat ! (DGS Monster 28)Alfred Montaner
11 months ago
This center console boat is made from 100 percent plastic ! The latest military innovation in the boating world is now accessible to ...
 Heavy Duty Plastic BoatsMizAngler Channel
7 months ago
2 years ago
Hi guys! Finally the sailing season has arrived and today we gonna be making a Yacht, a giant yacht from plastic bottles. And to ...
 Butter Boat 2.0 - Indestructible, ALL PLASTIC Offshore Boat!!Fisherman's Life
1 years ago
Finally the reveal of Butter Boat 2.0. I bought this bought a few months ago. It's replacing my zodiac Cadet 350 Aluminum Floor ...
 A Boat Made From Plastic Waste is One of Kenya’s Solutions to a Global Problem | Short Film ShowcaseNational Geographic
1 years ago
One group of local fisherman in Kenya are building a boat entirely from plastic waste to raise awareness about marine plastic ...
 DIY plastic barrel boat projectlany wantania
3 years ago
DIY, plastic barrel boat project, using 3 used plastic barrels.
 Plastic boats for recreational water sports, fishing, boating now in IndiaManish Agarwal
3 years ago
OUTDECK is a Bangalore based supplier of water-sport equipment and outdoor camping gear. Recreational Kayaking and ...
 SMARTWAVE BOATSWhitelight Tony Gordon
5 years ago
Demo of Smartwave range of Boats manufactured by Advantage Plastics NZ.
 Plastic Barrel Canoe Rebuild Video # 2Little Beaver Creek Homestead
1 years ago
A continuation of my plastic barrel canoe rebuild and how I plan to weld the barrels together at the seams once I get everything ...
 Using Expansion Foam in a Plastic BoatMrTPD05
8 years ago
After purchasing a Pelican Scorpio boat, I found out that it needed some extra buoyancy. The boat does have some substantial ...
 Polycraft Drifta 450 + Yamaha F60 4-Stroke Tiller boat review | Brisbane YamahaBrisbane Yamaha
2 years ago
Plastic Boats? What are the about? Why do people who own them, love them? There's a number of benefits that make plastic ...
 How to make rubber band powered BOAT | SCHOOL'S PROJECT |GearsForBrain
4 years ago
How to make rubber band powered BOAT | DIY | Hi again!,in this video i am gonna show you guys how to make the rubber band ...
 242. 필리핀에서 폴리에틸렌 보트 구입후 언박싱 및 리뷰 Buying a Poly Ethylene Boat in the PhilippinesTravel Viewfinder
1 years ago
I decided to buy a PE boat know as Whaly boat (Netherlands) or PE boat (not a plastic boat) I will see how good or bad for fresh ...
 PE boat | Plastic boat for ponds and lakes | Calcutta Sportsboats Mfg Pvt Ltd| Boats In IndiaRohit Sha
4 months ago
6 person boat powered by a 6 HP 4 stroke Suzuki engine Ideal for lakes and ponds.
 amazing Vietnamese Tuy Hoa plastic drum boatfeelthai
7 years ago
Great DIY! amazing Vietnamese Tuy Hoa plastic drum boat.
 Polyethylene Boat ManufacturingMetin kavaklı
9 months ago
Polyethylene Boat Manufacturing.
 Cheap Dinghy Comparison - Rigid vs InflatableSmall Craft Cruising
4 years ago
Quick backyard test to see which I like better for use on my sailboat. Inflatable: ...
 Ulasan Fish On Plastic BoatRiGiMan
1 years ago
Ulasan bot jenama Fish On Plastic Boat. Ulasan untuk bot Polo, Solo dan Premo.
 How to Make a Toy Boat for Kids at Home - Elastic Band Paddle BoatAwesome iDeas
1 years ago
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 Plastic Boat | Mad LifeMAD Life
8 days ago
mad life plastic boat.
 Adding a Scupper to my Plastic Boatzoffinger
1 years ago
This is not meant to be an exact method for you to copy. More as a proof of concept. There are definitely much better ways to ...
1 years ago
Today we will be #buildingboat building boat from plastic bottles. Fun DIY (do it yourself) plastic bottle boat. ❤ Please Subscribe to ...
 Paper hat boat made of plastic!Bruno Tideman
1 months ago
Nice item for promotional use! With electric propulsion.....
 Whaly 14.2 Rotomolded RIB Inflatable Boat WH435Inflatable Boats
5 years ago
Indestructible inflatable boat made of plastic. Not a fabric. Will lasts forever and impossible to damage. Great alternative to regular ...
 Bass Hunter Bass Baby ReviewThatBoatGuy
3 years ago
Very nice small boat. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a small boat. This boat is unsinkable!
 A Look at Plastic Boats ( Home Made Plastic Drum Boats)Foreign Lifestyle
3 years ago
We took a day out of our busy life to go look at boats made from plastic drums. They had 4 different ones for sale that they made.
 การต่อเรือจากถังพลาสติก 200 ลิตร plastic drum boatSuchin Koumthis
1 years ago
การต่อเรือจากถังพลาสติก 200 ลิตร มือสอง.
 Seahorse Marine - Manufacturing Vessels in HDPE PlasticsLEISTER UK
5 years ago
Manufacturing bespoke high quality workboats, passenger boats, military and other commercial vessels in High Density ...
 Free Plastic Boat Rebuild Part 1 ~ Bass Hunter ~ ABS Plastic RepairStress Free Me
1 years ago
DIY how to repair, rebuild, and modify a plastic boat. Learn from my success and failures so you can do it right the first time!
 Portable Foldable Boat for sale, oars included, delivered in IndiaManish Agarwal
2 years ago 2 person portable foldable boat @ Rs. 45000/- (Inclusive of GST @ 28%) Portable Foldable Boat for 2 person ...
 DIY | Boat from plastic bottlesLTL Homemade ideas DIY
9 months ago
DIY | boat from plastic bottles.
 Polycraft Tuff Tender Uncrating USAThe Mangiameli Man
2 years ago
Finally, after 2 years of struggle and commitment, I am proud to show my Polycraft 3 meter Tuff Tender imported into the United ...
 How It's Made - Plastic Molded KayakSeaKayak Explorers
4 years ago
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 Plastic House Boat - "The Sputter Butt" Ep.19Bret Becky
3 years ago
This is episode #19 of "Adventures Aboard The Sputter Butt". As far as we know, it's the only houseboat in the world made from ...
 Rotomoulding plastic fishing boat from CHinaserena tao
3 years ago
roto molded plastic fisging boat OEM boat
 രണ്ട് Plastic drum കൊണ്ട് ഒരു അടിപൊളി boat ഉണ്ടാക്കിയാലോ | Converting a plastic drum into a boatVIBER ABHI
25 days ago
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 World's first recycled plastic boat departs KenyaTRT World
1 years ago
The world's first 100 percent recycled boat was built using over 10 tonnes of plastic waste. It sailed from Kenya's Lamu island for ...
 Plastic boat completes Pacific voyageAl Jazeera English
10 years ago
Subscribe to our channel A boat made almost entirely from plastic bottles has arrived safely in the ...
 how to make an electric boat very easy and super fast ||RC boat ||plastic bottle simple boat7days craft
1 years ago
QUARIES SOLVED:- 1-how to make boat 2-rc boat 3-super fast boat 4-9v battery boat Hi I am aniket kumar welcome to my ...
 The Hated - Plastic Boatunbridledenthusiasm
10 years ago
great unreleased track from The Hated
1 years ago
Hi guys! I've been waiting for so long to conduct this experiment. Today, as you have already understood, we gonna sail, to make ...
 Kenya plastic boat raises pollution awarenessafricanews
1 years ago
A traditional dhow made entirely of trash and tap goes on an expedition along the Kenyan coast to raise awareness of the harmful ...
 A recycled plastic boatThe Flipflopi
1 years ago
In 2016, a group of volunteers set out to construct the world's first recycled plastic dhow using traditional constructions methods as ...
 Plastic Jon Boat Fishing Machine? (Channel Update)5050 Fishing
1 years ago
I bought a Plastic Jon Boat from Facebook Marketplace! Will I be able to turn this into a fishing machine? I'm not sure but I'm going ...
 How to make a BOAT || bottle BOAT - recycling plastic bottles - boatMake Your OWN Creation
1 years ago
Learn - How To Make a plastic bottle BOAT Things Buy Link : RC Car = Use This Car For Remote Control ...
 Polycraft 3.0 Tuff Tender walk throughPolycraft Boats
6 years ago
Originally designed for use as a tender for larger craft. This little boat has become an increasingly accepted option as a small ...
 How to make a rubber band powered speed boat | simple and easy plastic bottle rubber band boat7days craft
27 days ago
Hi I am aniket kumar welcome to my channel 7 days crafts. About this video. In this video i will show you how to make a rubber ...
 Pwalpars Resurrect My Boat Series Clean plastic Fuel Tankpwalpar
3 years ago
Pwalpars Resurrect My Boat Series Clean plastic Fuel Tank.
 Bass Fishing on a small 8ft Plastic Boatbassallyear
3 years ago
Took the small pelican bass boat out for a day, the smaller fish were really chewing good, i guess anything over 2lbs was elusive ...
3 years ago
The long awaited review of my Pelican Bass Raider 10e mini pontoon bass boat is now here!!! This is a very detailed review on ...
 HDPE vs. WOOD for jon boat decks #TBNationTiny Boat Nation
2 years ago
Link to TBNation's Amazon Store: Wiring and accessories: ...
 How to Plastic Weld an HDPE Canoe Boat with Wire Meshhardluckcharlie
2 years ago
HardluckCharlie shows how to Plastic Weld a HDPE Canoe Boat With Wire Mesh Screen reinforcement.
 My $200 Homemade Pontoon Boat (55 Gallon Drums)chud327
2 years ago
In this episode, I show you how I built my homemade pontoon boat using 55 gallon drums. It was only $200 and it turn out great!
 A Fishing Boat Made Of Discarded Plastic BottlesVocativ
3 years ago
Can you really turn bottles into boats? For one student in Cameroon, the answer is obviously yes. A fishing boat recently made by ...
 Bottle to Boat - Part 1 - Introduction I Hubbub CampaignsHubbub
2 years ago
Follow the journey as we build the world's first recycled plastic boat and launch #PlasticFishing to help clean plastic litter from ...
 Heavy Duty Plastic BoatsMizAngler Channel
1 years ago
Feel free to fish on everywhere.
 DIY PVC pipe pontoon boat - HomeMade boat - in 1 dayRay MAKES
4 years ago
My Homemade pontoon boat! this was the first boat ever made but definitely not the last. i prefer to call this my pontoon boat but ...
 Boat Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles In RussiaViral Press
11 months ago
Beachgoers made a splash with his boat made from recycled plastic bottles. The group paddled the homemade ship from a beach ...