THE CAKE IS A LIE | Portal - Part 1jacksepticeye
9 months ago
I've had a Valve itch ever since playing Half Life Alyx, so let's go back to my first Valve game, Portal. Jacksepticeye's Funniest ...
 Portal - Full WalkthroughBolloxed
5 years ago
Full Portal Playthrough in FULL HD with, NO Deaths. Great game.. some great puzzzles... Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and ...
11 years ago
PORTAL in 2008 performing Glumurphonel from their 2003 debut album 'SEEPIA'
 Modan Ekhon Raj-Mistri || Sunil and Pinki || Film Star CelebrityFilm Star Celebrity
4 days ago
Get your special welcome bonus up to ₹8000 with Parimatch: ...
 Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)Dantrachtenberg
9 years ago
A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there... This is a short set in the world of the Portal ...
 Game Theory: Can You Solve Portal's IMPOSSIBLE Puzzle? (Portal)The Game Theorists
6 months ago
Check out Food Theory! ▻ https://bit.ly/3eSc5l6 Your Cake Is Really A LIE! ▻ https://youtu.be/dulS3GGiJ7M What if I told you that ...
 Portal Teaser TrailerGamehelper
14 years ago
Valve released this teaser for their upcoming title Portal which is a pack-in/download with Half-Life 2: Episode Two coming for PC, ...
 Portal 2 - Full WalkthroughBolloxed
8 years ago
An improved version of this Walkthrough in 60 FPS can be found here: ▻▻http://youtu.be/ZFqk8aj4-PA Please ...
 Portal RetrospectiveLiam Triforce
1 years ago
Portal, as a series, has left an astounding impact on the world in many ways and is both a gateway into gaming and one of the ...
 The Community's Portal 3Tyler McVicker
2 months ago
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1255980/Portal_Reloaded/ My Merch: https://crowdmade.com/collections/valvenewsnetwork ...
 Portal - 'Still Alive'OTG
13 years ago
'Still Alive' from at the end of Portal during the credits. 'Still Alive' by Jonathan Coulton: http://www.jonathancoulton.com and sung ...
 Portal | Cracks in the SystemLeadhead
1 years ago
Portal, like Half-Life, is incredible at creating a hugely dense world through giving small hints that ask and answer much bigger ...
 Half-Life & Portal - The Complete Story (What You Need to Know!)Suggestive Gaming
10 months ago
Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/suggestivegaming Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/SuggestiveGames ...
 "Who I Am" | Portal Minecraft Animated Music Video [Song by @CG5]Cubical
8 months ago
Who I Am is a Minecraft animation song that runs through the events of Portal 1 and 2. Want more like this? Donate on Patreon!
 Portal 2 with KryozSMii7Y
7 days ago
KryboxKrinkledicks and I go on an adventure in a game called Portal 2. Leave a like and Subscribe if you enjoyed! Thanks ...
 Portal - Meet The Cores 1Harry101UK
8 years ago
You can support my work on Patreon! ^_^ https://www.patreon.com/Harry101UK A short Portal film, loosely made in the style of a ...
 Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in...PortalSMG4
4 years ago
Ever wondered how that italian would do with puzzles? well now you can find out when mario traverses into the world of potral!
 PORTAL (Teens React: Gaming)REPLAY
5 years ago
SUBSCRIBE TO THE REACT CHANNEL: http://goo.gl/c5TeQI Watch episode 2: https://goo.gl/5vgRV9 Watch all episodes of ...
 EIDL Grant Update: When Will the EIDL Portal Be Open? (1-19-2021)Kevin Conway
8 hours ago
When will the EIDL portal open? The EIDL grant of $10000 is for those with a side hustle, self employed, 1099, etc. and they can ...
 Game Theory: Portal 2, Does Chell DIE?The Game Theorists
5 months ago
Special thanks to Raycon for sponsoring this episode! Go to https://buyraycon.com/matpat for 15% off your order! The endings of ...
 Portal 2 with KryozSMii7Y
7 days ago
KryboxKrinkledicks and I go on an adventure in a game called Portal 2. Leave a like and Subscribe if you enjoyed! Thanks ...
 The Portal Paradoxminutephysics
1 years ago
Thanks to CuriosityStream for supporting this video. Head to http://curiositystream.com/minutephysics and use promo code ...
 Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in...PortalSMG4
4 years ago
Ever wondered how that italian would do with puzzles? well now you can find out when mario traverses into the world of potral!
 Portal 2 Best of GLaDOSbooomse
9 years ago
Best of GLaDOS from Portal 2.
 If Portal 2 was a Rhythm Game (Synchronized Music Map)DoodleChaos
1 years ago
After months of work I'm finally done. The native Portal 2 map editor didn't allow enough precision for me to synchronize to the ...
 Dumb Ways To Die - Portal EditionHarry101UK
7 years ago
You can support my work on Patreon! ^_^ https://www.patreon.com/Harry101UK A Portal parody of the song, 'Dumb Ways To Die' ...
 Portal - The Sound Of ScienceHarry101UK
7 months ago
A Portal parody of 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel. I originally had the idea for this song about 3 years ago, but ...
 New Portal - FortniteAxvezer
11 hours ago
Support a creator code: Axvezer New Portal 3rd portal Contact me at : ▻ Follow me on Twitter! - https://twitter.com/Axvezer ...
 The best Portal 2 mod you probably haven't played (yet)MarcoStyle
6 months ago
Today I want to introduce you to a mod for Portal 2 that is so good, it easily could have been official DLC made by valve itself.
 Technoblade FINDS The END PORTAL & Dream DESTROYS IT! - Dream SMPGreen Clips
Technoblade FINDS The END PORTAL & Dream DESTROYS IT! - Dream SMP Clip was from Technoblade's stream: ...
1 years ago
Project Wire was completed: PLAY!! https://www.roblox.com/games/3054575841/Project-Wire ALSO PLAY PORTAL: ...
 Portal 2's Unluckiest SpeedrunMsushi
20 days ago
Everybody gets bad luck from time to time, but how is it possible that bad luck can destroy what appears to be a perfect world ...
 Portal 2 in Real lifePhysicallyShaken
9 years ago
Our first episode of Games in Real Life- Enjoy! Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/physicallyshaken/ (NEW ...
 Portal: Survive! (Live-Action Short)ColinandConnor
7 years ago
Subscribe for Secrets of Aperture and other videos coming soon! http://bit.ly/SubscribetoCandC Tweet it!
 Minecraft Volcano Block | VOLCANO CORE & SCARAB PORTAL! #17 [Modded Questing Survival]Gaming On Caffeine
Minecraft Volcano Block | VOLCANO CORE & SCARAB PORTAL! #17 [Modded Questing Survival] with GamingOnCaffeine ...
 Portal Reloaded - Reveal TrailerPortal Reloaded
3 months ago
Portal Reloaded is a free, community made modification for Portal 2. The mod builds on the concepts of the main game by ...
 How I accidentally became a Portal speedrunnerKrinios
8 months ago
One day I was streaming Portal 1 for the first time, two speedrunners for the game joined my chat and taught me how to beat the ...
 Potol vs Didimoni || Teacher vs Student || Sunil Pinki New Comedy || Film Star CelebrityFilm Star Celebrity
11 months ago
Flim Star Celibrity* Defarent Celibrity Video Uplode. This Channel Defarent Youtube channel. All Video Shoot My Canon 200D II ...
 Portal 2 - Going HomeHarry101UK
6 years ago
Wheatley and the astronaut communicate over radio. You can also support my work on Patreon!
 Portal vs Half-LifeNukazooka
4 years ago
Portal vs Half-Life T SHIRTS: http://goo.gl/7QH3dT Chell and Gordon fight for some cake. No lie. FACEBOOK: ...
 I Glitched Inside New PREDATOR Portal.. (Fortnite)More MrTop5
11 hours ago
I BROKE The New PREDATOR Portal Update.. (Fortnite Predator Skin Update) Today in fortnite, I broke the new predator boss ...
 Crushed between two portals experimentCrowbcat
4 years ago
Everything has been recorded at first-person perspective. It resulted in some sort of infinite patterns, like a 3D fractal with unlimited ...
 Portal Beta - A Quick Look at the 2005 PortalRadiation Hazard
9 hours ago
Portal Beta - A Quick Look at the 2005 Portal A short video on what Portal looked like in 2005, along with some development ...
 All Three FORTNITE PORTALS Locations - Nightmare Portal, Marvel Portal and Walking Dead PortalZylaz
9 hours ago
All Fortnite portals in Chapter 2 Season 5 - Nightmare, Marvel and Walking Dead LEAVE A LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ...
 Facebook Portal TV setupTechHive
1 years ago
Lewis unboxes and sets up the Portal TV from Facebook. After the set up process is complete he then gives Jim a call to try out the ...
 Mini Portal GunHoolopee
5 years ago
every desk should have one ---- Video by Hoolopee ----- My Channel ▻ http://youtube.com/hoolopee My Twitter ...
 Portal -1 and Portal -2grayfruit
1 months ago
wanted to call this one a "speedrun" but I was too slow :( Thumbnail chiseled by Lark! Find Narbacular Drop and Tag: The Power ...
11 hours ago
COA 4 Legendary Rank Match Asia Server SUBSCRIBE my youtube GEISHAGAMING http://youtube.com/c/GEISHAGAMING Play ...
6 months ago
 Portal - This Is ApertureHarry101UK
8 years ago
You can support my work on Patreon! ^_^ https://www.patreon.com/Harry101UK Available on iTunes!
 DreamXD joins dream smp and BREAKS THE END PORTAL on Technoblade streamDreamSMP 4 LIFE
DreamXD joins dream smp and BREAKS THE END PORTAL on Technoblade stream DreamXD the new character that is the ...
 *NEW* Nightmare Portal in Fortnite (All Portals so far)randomChievos
11 hours ago
All Fortnite Portals so far coming from the Zero Point. The new Nightmare Portal Just got added. *RC Discord Server* ...
Join as a Club Member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCESFj1tTuVTz86UAkv9EKkw/join BloodThirstyLord TERMINATOR ...
NEW Fortnite Season 5 Predator Skin unlocks LIVE tomorrow for Fortnite Predator Skin Gameplay! As New Fortnite Predator ...
 WHERE'S MY CAKE!? | Portal 2 - Part 1jacksepticeye
9 months ago
Let's do this again shall we? I really want that cake! I've only ever played Portal 2 once, so this will be really fun. Jacksepticeye's ...
 Portal 2: Ending, Credits Song [HD]GameXplain
9 years ago
http://www.GameXplain.com Somehow missed the ending? Check it out and more, including the credits song ''Want You Gone!'
 【PORTAL】"Speedrun" StratsWatson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN
1 months ago
now we're investigating in portals! This game is being streamed and monetized which following on Valve Video Policy ...
 Jaqullin - Save The Portal | TechnoBass Portal
Don't forget hit thumbs up and support Jaqullin Venue & Date: Prague CZ / 21.11.2020 You can download audio after you ...
28 days ago
NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and map Changes update! In this video we look at the GLITCHING INSIDE SEASON 5 ...