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 POWERFUL POSITIVE Morning Affirmations for POSITIVE DAY, WAKE UP: 21 Day "I AM" AffirmationsJason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music
2 years ago
For some of the best-guided sleep meditations and sleep meditation music, please click here to subscribe to our channel: ...
 LISTEN EVERY DAY! "I AM" affirmations for SuccessBe Inspired
2 years ago
Listen to this before you start your day and before you go to bed! I AM morning affirmations for success! ▻OUR CLOTHING ...
 Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness, Abundance "I AM" (21 days to a New You!)Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music
2 years ago
Wishing you better sleep, peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. For the best sleep ever download your FREE ...
1 years ago
 Reprogram Your Mind While You Sleep. Positive Affirmations for Self Love. Healing 432HzRising Higher Meditation
1 years ago
7 Hrs Change your BELIEFS and PAST CONDITIONING. LOVE YOURSELF and change your frequency while you SLEEP!
 Positive AFFIRMATIONS to CLEAR NEGATIVITY and Raise your VibrationLina Grace
1 years ago
Here are some POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS for you, to CLEAR NEGATIVITY and raise your Vibration. It's good to be back here, ...
 POSITIVE LIFE AFFIRMATIONS - Uplifting Daily ExerciseThe Honest Guys - Meditations - Relaxation
4 years ago
This positive affirmation exercise can be used daily to uplift you and to set and maintain new patterns of self-belief and confidence.
 I AM Affirmations while you SLEEP for Confidence, Success, Wealth, Health & Spiritual AlignmentRising Higher Meditation
2 years ago
6Hrs Change your Beliefs and PAST CONDITIONING while you SLEEP! POWERFUL!! 'I AM' Affirmations for a wonderful LIFE with ...
 Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness "Healthy, Wealthy & Wise" 30 Day ProgramJason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music
10 months ago
Use our affirmations for health, wealth and happiness. This Healthy, Wealthy & Wise recording is a 30 day program to help you to ...
 Positive Affirmations (LOA) - Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)Live The Life You Love
10 months ago
PositiveAffirmations #LawOfAttraction #ReprogramYourMind Near 8hrs of positive affirmations to give you a Law of Attraction ...
 Morning Gratitude Positive AffirmationsUnlock Your Life
4 years ago
These and other affirmations are just 99 cents at unlockyourlifetoday.com/affirmations. Welcome! These are not your typical ...
 Morning Positive Affirmations ~ A 10 minute guided meditationGreat Meditation
1 months ago
Feed your soul this Morning with Positive Affirmations using this 10 minute guided meditation. Not only will you benefit from ...
 Powerful POSITIVE Affirmations! | Manifest Abundance, Self Esteem, Success & Well-beingZenLifeRelax
4 years ago
3 hours of powerful positive affirmations for personal development and spiritual growth! Through the use of affirmations, ...
 I AM Morning Affirmations for Women | Powerful Guided Meditation 432 Hz Healing FrequencyAlanna Foxx
1 years ago
Our thoughts create our reality. Program your mind to think positive thoughts daily with these positive morning affirmations. Watch ...
 Releasing Negative Thoughts Spoken Affirmations for a peaceful, calm positive mindJason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music
4 years ago
Wishing you better sleep, peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. For the best sleep ever download your FREE ...
7 months ago
 10 Most Powerful Affirmations of All Time | Listen for 21 DaysBob Baker
2 months ago
10 Most Powerful Affirmations of All Time. I know, that sounds like a boastful claim. Affirmations are subjective. Different people ...
 Powerful Daily Affirmations for Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Panic AttacksThe Anxiety Guy
4 years ago
Visit https://theanxietyguy.com/my-program/ for the #1 CBT Based Downloadable Program For General Anxiety Sufferers.
 ASMR Whispering Positive Affirmations & Reassuring YouGibi ASMR
7 months ago
Hey y'all! I filmed this right before things got pretty intense in the United States/world, wasn't gonna put it up until later but now I ...
 42 Morning Affirmations [KICK-START YOUR DAY!]Fresh Affirmations
4 years ago
Get Your Free 'Life Changing' Affirmation Starter Pack Here: http://freshaffirmations.com/start Kick-start your day off by listening to ...
 SLEEP Affirmations for POSITIVE Thinking & Optimism | 15 Minute Bedtime MeditationBob Baker
1 years ago
Drift off to sleep with these powerful affirmations, inspired by Louise Hay. Take 15 minutes to fill your subconscious mind with ...
 SELF LOVE Affirmations - Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)Live The Life You Love
1 years ago
SelfLove #Affirmations #ReprogramYourMind 8hrs of self love affirmations to reprogram your mind so that you can feel a deep ...
 101 Power Thoughts Louise HayHealYourLife
2 years ago
Louise Hay reading her Power Thought Affirmations as a voice over on a video of beautiful images. Her voice is so soothing and ...
 LISTEN EVERY NIGHT! "I Am" Affirmations For Success , Wealth and HappinessBe Inspired
9 months ago
Listen to this every night! ▻▻▻SELF-HYPNOSIS PROGRAMS: http://bit.ly/2RGCade ▻Special Thanks to Dare To Do Motivation ...
 [ASMR] Close-Up Ear-to-Ear Positive Affirmations | For Anxiety, Sleep ♡Gibi ASMR
2 years ago
A huge thank you to BetterHelp for funding this charity sponsored video. If you'd like to give BetterHelp a try, please check out ...
 Positive Affirmations REPROGRAM WHILE YOU SLEEP Raise Your Vibration, Consciousness, Health, WealthRising Higher Meditation
9 months ago
7 Hrs 432Hz Binaural Beats. Reprogram your MIND & HEART to become a POWERFUL conscious creator. Positive affirmations ...
 Sleep Hypnosis ~ Your Garden of Positive AffirmationsMichael Sealey
5 years ago
Download this track: https://michael-sealey.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=99978&method_id=105136 My iTunes ...
 "It Goes Straight to Your Subconscious Mind" - "I AM" Affirmations For Success, Wealth & HappinessBe Inspired
1 years ago
Listen to this before you start your day and before you go to bed! ▻▻▻SELF-HYPNOSIS PROGRAMS: http://bit.ly/2RGCade ...
 "I AM" Positive Affirmations for RAPID Healing (Law of Attraction Meditation) Heal Your Body w Mind!Your Youniverse
8 months ago
I AM” Positive Affirmations for Rapid Healing (Heal Your Body Your Mind!) 528hz ✅Get the full 8-hour MP3 W/Over 11000 ...
 I AM Morning Affirmations: Gratitude, Self Love, Positive Energy, Freedom & HappinessPowerThoughts Meditation Club
2 years ago
Affirmations in the vibration of Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Freedom and Happiness. This morning meditation with I AM ...
 Dr Wayne Dyer - 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep - Positive Affirmations - Wayne Dyer Meditation -Spiritual Mind
3 years ago
All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not ...
 46 Positive Affirmations for Happiness and Self-LoveFresh Affirmations
3 months ago
Euphoric affirmations for affirmation self-worth and positivity. ✨ Manifest your dream life: https://freshmanifest.com/ This video ...
 101 Life Changing Daily Affirmations [GET INSPIRED!]Fresh Affirmations
5 years ago
To re-watch and download these daily affirmations visit... http://freshaffirmations.com/daily It's no secret that the regular listening to ...
 Law Of Attraction Positive Affirmations for Success & Abundance, Live A Prosperous LifeJason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music
6 years ago
Wishing you better sleep, peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. For the best sleep ever download your FREE ...
 The Most Powerful 50 Positive Affirmations for Success and Prosperity *TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS!*daily MOTIVATION
1 years ago
Law Of Attraction Affirmations for Success and Prosperity ***SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMS*** - http://bit.ly/2jVoXRb ⚠ This video was ...
2 years ago
MORE SANDZ ACADEMY AFFIRMATION VIDEOS: 43 Kids Affirmations for Success and Self - Confidence - http://bit.ly/37U01No I ...
 'I AM' AFFIRMATIONS (With Subtle Music) 432Hz (VERY POWERFUL!) Daily AffirmationsThe Honest Guys - Meditations - Relaxation
1 years ago
Become a member for ad-free videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jWo5kiyOCt4PnvF4jbaLg/join High-quality "I Am" ...
1 months ago
Watch it Every Day to Change your Life Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ...
 Louise Hay - 50 mins of positive affirmations to change your attitude.Do you want to be free?
5 years ago
Buy the Essential collection from Louise Hay on amazon: http://amzn.to/2lXFlzq Louise Hay reads her positive affirmations.
 I Am Happy Affirmations | Positive Affirmations | Happiness Affirmations Law of AttractionAlpha Affirmations
7 months ago
This is for a bright and positive, resilient mindset. It has a lot of repetition to cement the words into your consciousness.
 'I AM RICH' | Money Affirmations | Listen Before You Sleep!Be Inspired
8 months ago
Listen to this every night! ↓↓↓I AM AFFIRMATIONS + BINAURAL BEATS (5Hz - Theta Zone)↓↓↓ ...
 Powerful Money Affirmations That Work! • Let The Money Flow • (Daily Affirmations)Positive Affirmations
6 years ago
You become and attract what you think; your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you want to attract more money into your life, use ...
 400+ Powerfully Positive AffirmationsThe Daily Positive
7 years ago
SUBSCRIBE ➜ https://goo.gl/fgc7D7 ❤ DOWNLOAD THIS AUDIO FREE: ...
 Manifest While Sleeping ➤ Power Affirmations: Self Love, Patience, Inner Power, Freedom & HappinessKenneth Soares
1 years ago
Power Affirmations: Manifest While Sleeping - Self Love, Patience, Inner Power, Freedom & Happiness. Detox your mind and ...
 I AM BEAUTIFUL Self Love Positive Affirmations To Reprogram Your Mind, And BODY WHILE YOU SLEEP!Rising Higher Meditation
5 months ago
By popular demand - Change your Beliefs and PAST CONDITIONING around your BODY IMAGE. LOVE YOURSELF and change ...
 Raise Your Vibration with Positive AffirmationsUnlimited You
10 hours ago
Listening to positive affirmations can have a profound effect on your entire life! The world around us reflects the world inside of us, ...
 Sincere Affirmations ASMR ~ Fluffy Mics & Repeating Positive PhrasesFrivolousFox ASMR
11 months ago
 Start your every day with powerful daily affirmations | Listen every morningEpicRecap
2 years ago
Powerful affirmations to start your every day Buy high quality affirmation audio track here: https://www.epicrecap.com/affirmation ...
 Affirmations for Positive Thinking, Confidence And SuccessUnlock Your Life
1 years ago
These calm affirmations for confidence, positive thinking and success are designed to be listened to first thing in the morning and ...
 ASMR MANIFEST WHILE YOU SLEEP | Positive Affirmations For Sleep✨Simply Kel
8 months ago
Welcome to my channel! ✨ FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM: Kellymorgannn_ SNAPCHAT: Kellymorgan95 PAYPAL: SimplyKelASMR.
 Simply Sleep *ASMR Comfort, Personal Attention, Positive Affirmations, Relaxation, Calm* Soft SpokenThe ASMR Psychologist
2 days ago
asmr #theasmrpsychologist I have created this ASMR sleep video as a stop gap to keep you going whilst I am on holiday.
 The Ultimate Relaxation Hypnosis *ASMR Personal Attention Positive Affirmations* Soft Spoken TinglesThe ASMR Psychologist
12 days ago
asmr #theasmrpsychologist #hypnosis I have created this ASMR Sleep Hypnosis to help you to achieve the ultimate in relaxation.
 The GREATEST “I AM” Affirmations – For Self-Love, Health, Wealth & Happiness | LISTEN DAILY At NightVex King
1 months ago
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://bit.ly/vexkingYT ☆ UPGRADE YOUR LIFE FOREVER WITH MY BOOK! ☆ http://vexking.com This ...
 A Positive Future: Affirmations While You SleepThe Honest Guys - Meditations - Relaxation
4 months ago
This gentle guided meditation is filled with self-empowering affirmations that will be spoken during sleep and be impressed upon ...
 "Pick Me Up" Affirmations | Law Of Attraction works wonders! | Inspiration SecretJason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music
5 years ago
Wishing you better sleep, peaceful meditations before sleep and inspired living. For the best sleep ever download your FREE ...
 5 min Guided Morning Meditation with Positive AffirmationsYoga with Kassandra
6 months ago
FREE CHALLENGE 30 Days of Morning Yoga http://bit.ly/morning30days ✨NEW MOBILE APP 450+ videos, calendars, ...
 30 Days Affirmations for Positive Thinking, Health, Success, Self Love before Sleeping | Hindi VideoJeetFix
23 days ago
Close Your Eyes and Listen Full! (अपनी आंखें बंद करें और पूरा ध्यान से सुनकर महसूस करें।) किसी भी ...
 Positive Affirmations For Kids - Mindful and Calming - Promote Good Self Esteem and Confidencepure star kids
1 years ago
Listen to and repeat these positive affirmations everyday to promote good self esteem and confidence. Positive thinking is a ...
 Do Daily Affirmations Work?Valuetainment
1 years ago
How to write effective and real affirmations by Patrick Bet-David. Subscribe to Valuetainment for new uploads http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4 ...
 Daily 5 Minutes to Achieve Your Dreams | Motivational Video for Success ( Morning Affirmations)GVG Motivation
1 years ago
Subconcious mind की पावर, कुछ पॉज़िटिव शब्दो जिसे Affirmations भी कहा जाता है इसके सही इस्तेमाल से ...