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 Brooklyn-Based Raaka ChocolateInsider
2 years ago
Raaka Chocolate makes creative chocolate bar flavors to capture the magic of cacao beans. The INSIDER team believes that life ...
 Raaka Chocolate - Organic Chocolate Makers in Brooklyn, NYHealthy Goose
4 years ago
Raaka chocolate factory is no ordinary place! The founders Nate and Ryan strongly believe in providing the highest quality ...
 How Chocolate is MadeTasty
2 years ago
Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/38049 MUSIC Licensed ...
 Bean-To-Bar Chocolate in BrooklynZAGAT
4 years ago
In Red Hook, Raaka Chocolate is using unique flavor profiles to reshape the classic candy bar. For more behind the scenes ...
 Raaka Chocolate with William MullanStay Home With Chocolate
4 months ago
Raaka Chocolate Unroasted Dark Chocolate made from scratch with transparently traded single origin cacao beans.
 A Taste Test of Raaka ChocolateThe Vegan Peach
5 years ago
http://www.raakachocolate.com/ Want to see more of me? Visit: Website: www.theveganpeach.com Blog: ...
 Creative Chocolate Bars Made In BrooklynFood Insider
2 years ago
Raaka Chocolate makes creative chocolate bar flavors to capture the magic of cacao beans. See more from Raaka Chocolate: ...
 HEALTHY CHOCOLATE Taste Test & Review | Loving Earth, Hu Kitchen, Nohmad, Adaptogenic Chocolate!MissFitAndNerdy
2 years ago
Healthy chocolate! Have you read Genius Foods yet? If you had, you would know that chocolate can be soooooo good for you... if ...
 Interview with Raaka ChocolateConsumer Eyes
5 years ago
Interviewed at Future Food Expo 2014 Looking for more cool trend and innovation news? Visit consumereyes.com and subscribe ...
 Treat Review: Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate Bar Gluten-Free, Dairy-FreeThe Caserta Family
1 years ago
Treat Review: Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate Bar Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free; Bourbon in a chocolate bar? Quite frankly, we ...
 Interview with Ryan Cheney of Raaka ChocolateNOSH
4 years ago
Filmed during Project NOSH Summer 2016. The Livestream Lounge was sponsored by Flood Creative.
 Dandelion Small Batch ChocolateHannah Radcliff
7 years ago
Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco. For more information, visit ...
 The Story of Vosges Haut-ChocolatVosgesHautChocolat
7 years ago
Learn the inspiration behind Vosges Haut-Chocolat® as told by Founder & Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff.
 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Process with CocoaTown Part 1CocoaTown
6 years ago
Watch Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AFZPDfDTSM Chef Erika Davis explains the bean-to-bar process using ...
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5 years ago
PureWow is the email & website dedicated to making your life easier, more interesting and of course, more beautiful. Elevate the ...
 Raaka Chocolate Review | The Best Way To Enjoy Dark ChocolateIzzy Spears
6 days ago
Welcome to another review. In this review, Izzy chats about Raaka Chocolate. Please subscribe to watch more videos about ...
 Eating Well with Rochelle featuring Raaka Chocolate and ChocXOEating Well with Rochelle
1 years ago
In this video I trial 2 flavors of Raaka Chocolate and the quinoa crisp chocolate from ChocXO. Both of these chocolates are gluten ...
2 months ago
veganchocolate #Raaka Vegan Taste Test Chocolate edition is here and it happened. I love chocolate, so this was fun and very ...
 Making bean to bar chocolateqkatie
5 years ago
I love chocolate. So it surprised me to realize I don't know how it gets from a cocoa bean to that delicious chocolate bar I buy at the ...
 Taste review 1# Raaka Chocolate Bean to Bar in BrooklynElite Exotic Essentials
1 years ago
Email me to review Your Products: edalan103c6@gmail.com https://youtu.be/oCNrn3wC8II Eat , Savor and Appreciate.
 Raaka Chocolate Visit by Gourmet BoutiqueGourmet Boutique
1 years ago
Thank you Raaka Chocolate for an amazing private chocolate tasting. This video is the highlights of the visit! How much do you ...
 EPIC Vegan Chocolate Haul Unboxing & Trying 🍫Happy Healthy Vegan
1 years ago
Yup, it's the return of the Vegan Cuts Chocolate Box! And this year, Ryan is getting in on delicious review fun. The limited edition ...
 Our Tour And Dumpster Dive Of Raaka Vegan Chocolate Factory In Red Hook BrooklynJennifer Snuffleupagus
10 months ago
From Raaka "Our Factory We make our unroasted chocolate from bean to bar at our factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Please come ...
 Mini Raaka Chocolate Taste Test!xoxoVegan
5 years ago
Hey guys! I filmed this over 3 weeks ago and finally was able to put it up. Raaka Chocolate is awesome, you should check them ...
 Post-Holiday Catch-Up // Bloom Box Unboxing, Raaka Chocolate Tasting & A New Years Giveaway!l'amour et la musique
3 years ago
Bonne Année mes amis! I hope you're all enjoying a happy, joy-filled New Years day. All the info you need to know: To pick up ...
 Subscribe to Raaka's First Nibs - Bean to bar chocolate, delivered monthly.Raaka Chocolate
5 years ago
Chocolate in your mailbox. Every. Single. Month. Get exclusive, limited edition chocolates made with Raaka's signature organic ...
 Raaka Chocolate!Culture Couple
4 years ago
Chocolate Co based in Red Hook. Great and informative tour.
 Divine TCHO Chocolate Factory Tour, Berkeley, CAZeene InRealLife
2 years ago
San Francisco is home to some of the finest artisanal chocolates including the divine TCHO Chocolate. Based on the principle of ...
 Cacao vs Cocoa & other Confusing Chocolate Terms - Ep.49 - Craft Chocolate TVCraftChocolateTV
25 days ago
In today's episode we clarify confusing chocolate terms. Dylan discusses three different categories of words that essentially mean ...
 Raaka chocolate in BrooklynRadka Beach
10 months ago
Visit to Raaka raw, unroasted chocolate manufacture in Brooklyn.
 Ryan Cheney Raaka Chocolate InterviewLliam Carlton
4 years ago
Pacific Northwest Chocolate Festival 2015.
 my morning zero waste beauty routine | all natural & glowin' carekaara's style
2 months ago
IG - @kaaras.style https://www.instagram.com/kaaras.style/ sustainable products oral health: tongue scraper bamboo toothbrush ...
 Askinosie ChocolateThe Food Channel
11 years ago
The Food Channel® visited Askinosie Chocolate and took a tour of his chocolate factory. We also learned why his chocolate is so ...
 Raaka Chocolate Factory!GRID-NY
3 years ago
Raaka Chocolate shows off its chocolate-making process in preparation for The Big Chocolate Show!
 Welcome to the land of chocolateInsider
3 years ago
La Manufacture de Chocolat Alain Ducasse makes chocolate from scratch. They transform beans into chocolate right before your ...
 Growing Ethically: A Look at Maya Mountain CacaoRaaka Chocolate
6 years ago
Raaka Chocolate offers you an exclusive look at Maya Mountain Cacao, our partner in sourcing high quality, fair trade organic ...
 Made Here: Packaging Bars at Raaka ChocolateArthurious
3 years ago
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
 Raaka's First Nibs chocolate subscription: June 2014 editionRaaka Chocolate
6 years ago
Every month we release two limited edition chocolate bars, made by hand in our Brooklyn factory. Learn about June's bars: ...
 Raaka Chocolate HP Split x2Eggchair Music
3 years ago
Original music written by Eggchair Music for 180LA.
 Chocolate Santa Weighs 26 PoundsInsider
2 years ago
People dig into this giant chocolate Santa with tiny hammers! Subscribe to our new channel, INSIDER food: ...
 2500 Chocolate Truffles Per Day at A Brooklyn Chocolate Factory — The ProcessEater
2 years ago
This chocolate factory specializes in raw chocolate, with perfectly complex bars, truffles, and spreads. Watch as they showcase ...
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2 years ago
Business Insider spoke with Angus Kennedy, editor of Kennedy's Confection magazine, about which country makes the best ...
 Mast Brothers Chocolate (NYC) || Mell's MunchesMellison
4 years ago
I guess everything tastes like dark chocolate to me. I have a poor sense of taste and I am (unfortunately) not Pete Wells. VISIT MY ...
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1 years ago
INSTAGRAM + TWITTER- @kaaras.style https://www.instagram.com/kaaramary ☞ DUOLINGO- @kaaramary ☞ BUSINESS- ...
 Raw Chocolate Love: Neighborhood Beat BushwickBRIC TV
9 years ago
Raw means unprocessed and left in its natural state. Love is to have a great affection for -- to cherish. Put that together with ...
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WRITTEN TUTORIAL!!! https://kaaramary.com/clothing-howtos/2018/8/20/how-to-sew-a-button ☞ INSTAGRAM + TWITTER- ...
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3 years ago
They're made by award-winning French chocolatier Thierry Atlan. See more on Instagram: ...
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Make sure you have some chocolate in your mouth when you watch this promo for Chocabaret: a tasting of artisan chocolates and ...
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2 years ago
Michael Jordan's Steakhouse in NYC makes a giant 23-layer cake that weighs 18 pounds. The thick cake mix takes over an hour ...
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1 years ago
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BEST PRICE: https://foodboxhq.com/go/kekao/ Hi friends! Today we're unboxing and taste testing Kekao's craft chocolate of the ...
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6 months ago
Welcome to my Channel! Get $10 off of your first box with code SBL10 here: https://kekao.co/?ref=hqkjddb06dk My Instagram: ...