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 Romanian OrphansB Brownlee
7 years ago
A clip from a news report about Romanian orphanages. Useful to give context to the RUTTER study into the effects of institutional ...
 Growing up in a Romanian orphanage - BBC NewsBBC News
4 years ago
Izidor Ruckel was one of thousands of children found living in terrible conditions in Romanian orphanages after the collapse of the ...
 Orphaned Children Finally Meet Their Birth Parents | From Romania with Love | HERAHera
11 months ago
Nicky wasn't born in England. 22 years ago she was one of the Romanian orphans whose plight shocked the world. As the iron ...
 Romania's last orphanages | The EconomistThe Economist
2 years ago
Over 100000 children were abandoned in Romania's orphanages during the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.
 Romania: 30 years after Ceausescu, former orphans remain traumatisedFRANCE 24 English
8 months ago
Thirty years ago, shortly after the fall of Ceausescu's communist dictatorship in Romania, the world discovered the gut-wrenching ...
 Romania: What Happened to the Children? (Turning Point, S4E3, 1997)Chef Excellence
2 years ago
Families who adopted Romanian orphans find that thousands suffer from childhood trauma and neglect.
 1990s Romania Orphanage, Romanian Orpahns News Reportthekinolibrary
5 years ago
From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. To order the clip clean and high res visit Clip ref ...
 Olga's story of survival in an orphanage in RomaniaHope and Homes for Children
4 years ago
Olga spent the first seven years of her life in a Romanian orphanage - cold, hungry and frightened. Her earliest memories are of ...
 From Romania With Love (Adoption Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
3 years ago
In 1990 Romania, the world was stunned by what was revealed: Images of orphanages, of starving, freezing unloved children, ...
 The Lost Orphan: Mirela's Story (Full Documentary) | Real StoriesReal Stories
4 years ago
One summer, presenter Natalie Pinkham worked in a Romanian orphanage, where she developed a special bond with one of the ...
9 months ago
Please Help to Reach 50K Subscriber: -------------------------------------------------- Girls have the motherly instincts ...
 Forgotten Children Of The Ukraine (Child Documentary) | Real Stories |Real Stories
4 years ago
Ukraine has the highest rate of child abandonment in Europe. This documentary explores the reasons for this, and how Ukraine is ...
 Romania's left behind children - BBC NewsBBC News
4 years ago
There are up to 350000 left behind children in Romania – children with parents living and working abroad – according to ...
 Romania's Abandoned Children Living In Inhumane ConditionsJourneyman Pictures
4 years ago
The Lost Children: Everyone remembers the shocking pictures of Romanian orphans, tied to their cots in squalid institutions.
 DOCS: From Romania With Lovetruly
2 years ago
SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: In 1990 Romania, the world was stunned by what was revealed: images of ...
 Wisconsin man adopted from Romania orphanage goes homeWISN 12 News
3 years ago
John Gauthier went to Romania in July and met his two younger sisters for the first time, along with extended family he didn't know ...
 Institutionalisation - Romanian Orphans StudyDGS Psychology
5 months ago
AQA A-level Psychology Attachment Topic.
 Bulgaria's Abandoned Children (Full length)Action Jesus
7 years ago
This facility was closed down in 2009. Here is a follow up article by BBC on some of the kids (including Didi), and what happened ...
 Orphans of Romania - Part 1h2hint
13 years ago
H2H International is a non-profit organization committed to sharing the joy and love of Jesus Christ to the abandoned children of ...
 “You’re uninvited to Christmas.” Romanian Orphan Recounts Coming Out to His Adoptive ParentsImFromDriftwood
4 years ago Florin Helf lived in a Romanian orphanage until he was 7 and a half years old. One of the ...
 Ceausescu's KidsDottie's World
4 years ago
For a generation Romanian women were forced to have babies they didn't want. Nicolae Ceausescu imposed a ban on abortion ...
 Romanian Adoptee Reunited With Birth Family After 18 Years.Hank Levison
4 years ago
Thanks for watching!! Like, Share, And Please Comment! Romanian adoptee reunites with birth family after 18 years. All photos ...
 John Upton 20/20 Part 1JohnUptonChannel
11 years ago
"This is 20/20's most inspirational the man the orphans call Johnny has returned to Romania determined to help as ...
 Ukrainian orphan Vika longs to see her sister, who was adopted by a Canadian family | VikaCBC Docs
2 years ago
Ukrainian orphan Vika, 17, wants nothing more than to be united with her sister, who was adopted by a family in Canada. But first ...
 Romanian Orphans: Infant Massage Therapy for Romania's Abandoned ChildrenEric Odell
9 years ago
Romanian orphans: After the fall of communism and the brutal Ceausescu regime in Romania in 1989, the world was exposed to ...
 Romania's OrphansWilliam Anderson
13 years ago
The video was shot back in 1999 in Romania at an state orphanage I was working at. There are also a few clips from a Christian ...
 Michael Jackson visiting a Romanian Orphanage 1996Humanitarian - The REAL Michael Jackson
1 years ago
September 13, 1996. Michael returned to Bucharest, Romania, where he gave out toys and played with children from the ...
 2001 Belzberg- Children Underground (Street Kids in Romania)Eduard Barna
9 years ago
Documentar despre copiii strazii din Romania.
 The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman:Love-Romanian Orphans 2 Of 3Liz Callan
2 years ago
This man's story IS my story. His hits very close to home. I NEVER expected going into this to essentially see myself , where I came ...
 Vietnamese orphans return homeCBS Sunday Morning
5 years ago
Forty years ago, Operation Babylift carried orphaned Vietnamese children out of the country in advance of South Vietnam's fall.
 Ceausescu's forgotten children: Closing the last of Romania's communist era orphanages HDIBTimes UK
3 years ago
Three decades on, the former communist regime still casts a shadow over the country. For more videos, head over to ...
 The Dying Rooms - Chinese Orphanages Documentary (1995)Video Disorder
1 years ago
The Dying Rooms is a 1995 television documentary film about Chinese state orphanages. It was directed by Kate Blewett and ...
 Romanian OrphanagesC F
9 years ago Visit us to see how we want to help these children. The countries of Europe that were behind the Iron Curtain, ...
 live orphanage footage one on one with babies.feb -11-2018mission handy
2 years ago
sponsor my hard work follow me on facebook: ...
 Left behind in Romania: 'Europe's orphans'FRANCE 24 English
2 years ago
Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 ...
 Shocking Cases of Romania's Abandoned ChildrenJourneyman Pictures
13 years ago
The Lost Children (2007): Abandoned children in Romania must increasingly fend for themselves Everyone remembers the ...
 See orphan's amazing transformationCNN
3 years ago
Ryan Morse was on the brink of death while at a Bulgarian orphanage, but David and Priscilla Morse gave Ryan a new chance at ...
 Episode 7 - Romanian Orphanage (22nd December 1990)The Good Old Days
1 months ago
Anneka and the team took on possibly their biggest challenge when they were given the task of renovating an orphanage in Siret ...
 A-Level Psychology (AQA): Attachment - Effect of Institutionalisation: Romanian Orphan StudiesSMCartledge
2 years ago
Outline Only Quick video on this topic. Can be used for revision or first time learning.
 Romanian Orphan Care - The Archibald ProjectThe Archibald Project
3 years ago
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 Education for Romanian orphans Archway Education for All!Susan Booth
1 years ago
Watch this video to see how were are bringing positive change through education for the abandoned street children of Romania ...
 John Upton 20/20 Part 2JohnUptonChannel
11 years ago
Part two of John Upton's epic journey to help Romanian orphans. Airdate: 1993 Produced by Janis Tomlin.
 The Lost Children -
7 years ago
Follow here: February 2007 Everyone remembers the shocking pictures of Romanian orphans, tied to their ...
 Romanian Orphanage - Treasure I Found At The WellNew Manna Youth Choir Videos
8 years ago
Video from the 2011 Missions Trip to Romania of the orphanage singing.
 Romania Orphans: Communist-ruled orphanages under investigationTRT World
2 years ago
In Romania, communism fell in 1989, but the country is yet to make peace with its past. Now, thousands of crimes alleged to have ...
 Romanian Orphan ProjectWanderlust404
8 years ago
Artwork from children at a Romanian Orphanage.
 Children of Romania, New Audioglomaster1
7 years ago
This is a video I volunteered to help edit many many years ago for a Christian missionary. I did not shoot any of the video myself, ...
 Sewer Kids: Life Inside Bucharest, Romania's Underground TunnelsABC News
5 years ago
Beneath the streets of the capital city, an entire generation of children call the sewer system home.
 Mirela Moves Into Her New Home | Real StoriesReal Stories
4 years ago
Taken from the 2014 documentary "The Lost Orphan: A Home For Mirela", it's the big day. After 11 long years of worrying and not ...
 Romanian Orphansweloveorphans
10 years ago
We made this video to show to the kids at the KICK program at FairHaven Ministries, our home church. The kids will be making ...
 John Upton 20/20 Part 3JohnUptonChannel
11 years ago
Part 3 of John Upton's epic journey to help Romanian Orphans. Produced by Janis Tomlin.
 Little Girl Rescued From Chinese Orphanage Is Reunited With FriendABC News
4 years ago
Parents who adopted 3-year-old Hannah from China helped find her friend a family to be part of.
 Romanian Orphansncmerrill9478
5 years ago
Romanian Orphans Need Your Help.
 Romania Without OrphansWorld Without Orphans
10 months ago
Alex Ilie, executive director of Romania Without Orphans shares his own journey towards adoption and about the movement ...