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 Seal Pups: Ferociously Cute and Worth Protecting | Expedition RawNational Geographic
4 years ago
"It is, of course, important to maintain some academic separation from your study subject as a scientist," says wildlife biologist and ...
 Elephant Seal Pup Encounter on South Georgia IslandDrmrfordancing
3 years ago
IF YOU LIKE THIS...check out my earlier video of an extended encounter with one of these adorable pups: ...
 The Harp Seal's Race Against Time - Ep. 5 | Wildlife: The Big FreezeNational Geographic
12 months ago
We head away from land onto the ice floes of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where thousands of harp seals are giving birth to tiny ...
 Fur Seals Overcome Extinction On ‘Resurrection Island’ – Ep. 1 | Wildlife: Resurrection IslandNational Geographic
1 years ago
It's a life of extremes for Antarctic fur seals. Bulls fight to the death for breeding rights, while seal moms work to raise their adorable ...
 Pup BudsJesse DeVoe
7 years ago
Weddell seal pups buddying up. For more information on the ongoing long-term research on Antarctic's Weddell seals, check out ...
 INCREDIBLE Encounter with Friendly Baby Elephant Seal [EXTENDED CUT]Poke My Heart
6 years ago
On an expedition to Antarctica with Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris, the group stopped at Livingston Island where an adorable ...
 Cute baby seals doing funny things compilationYou Should Know This
2 years ago
This is a compilation of baby seals, doing funny stuff. Seal pups are so cute. Baby seals are intelligent and easy to train. Seals are ...
 Elephant Seal Play With Expedition Team - 988132RM Videos
2 years ago
For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom . This expedition team wanted to see the elephant seals that ...
 Baby Seal CryingLove Nature
9 years ago
Baby #seal being rescued! For more cute #animal videos click here: - Watch as a baby seal, ...
 Kayakers help save seal pups entangled in netting.Newsflare
10 months ago
A kayaker based in Namibia captured his encounters with numerous baby seals trapped in netting and how he cut them free with ...
 How Antarctica’s Cutest Baby Seals Grow Up I Antarctic ExtremesPBS Terra
6 months ago
Penguin lovers, take note: Baby Weddell seals might actually be cutest animals in all of Antarctica (and we're talking a continent ...
 “Wetsuit mammas” for orphaned seal pupsRTÉ News
29 days ago
Orphaned seal pups are finding great comfort in upcycled “wetsuit mammas” at Seal Rescue Ireland in Co Wexford. Keep up to ...
 Alaska Seal Pup RescueSUPAlaska
9 years ago
We found this four day old pup on a beach near Homer, Alaska. He had been in the same area for a few days, he was very skinny, ...
 The FLOOFIEST White Baby Seals EverChucklesome Creatures
1 years ago
Look very closely. You may mistake these white baby seals for clouds ☁️ Featuring the most squidgy of all the seals. Follow ...
 Seal Pup Encounterchavspotter
12 years ago
Seal pup alone on the ice.
 Crazy seal pupjeremy sendall
5 years ago
Seal pup jumps on a boat with fisherman.
 Cute Baby Elephant Seal Cuddles Up To Touristtruly
5 years ago
Cute Baby Elephant Seal Cuddles Up To Tourist WATCH on our Barcroft TV Website: ...
 Seal Pups Face a Hungry Predator | Nat Geo WildNat Geo WILD
2 years ago
It's pupping season for the cape fur seals living on the southern tip of Africa - but they are up against a hungry hunter. ➡ Subscribe: ...
 Harbor Seal Pup Stranding Response, with Intern Lizzy AshleySeaDoc Society
1 years ago
With summer in full swing, we're excited to introduce the newest addition to our office, Lizzy Ashley, who is monitoring the Marine ...
 Seal pups thrive on the Farne IslandsNational Trust
1 years ago
Seal pup numbers on the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland have increased by 50 per cent in five years. Subscribe to ...
 Fur seals fight over newborn pupEarth Touch
6 years ago
Every December to January, fur seal colonies welcome their newest members...but for newborn seal pups, life is hard from the ...
 Seal Pup Waves To Photographer + Other Amazing Animal Encounters | The Dodo Top 5The Dodo
2 years ago
Here are some once in a lifetime animal encounters - some happening in people's own yards! What's been your favorite animal ...
 Friendly seal gets playful with diverCGTN
2 years ago
An overly-friendly seal gets up close and personal with a diver to capture the ultimate “sealfie.” Diver Dan Patterson was pictured ...
 Injured sea lion pup desperate for help jumps onto boat in CaliforniaNewsflare
12 months ago
This is the heartbreaking moment an injured sea lion nicknamed Amber swims straight up to boat off the Californian coast in seek ...
 Adorable Seal Catches a Ride on a Kayak | National GeographicNational Geographic
3 years ago
This little gray seal surprises some kayakers when it decides to hop aboard after following them for a mile. ➡ Subscribe: ...
 Bull seal kills seal pups: first ever images off the Welsh coastcountrysidecouncil
10 years ago
FOR THE FIRST TIME, a bull seal has been caught on camera killing a seal pup - on two separate occasions. The grisly events ...
 HARP SEALS PUPSHarish K. Singhal
7 years ago
The harp seal or saddleback seal is a species of earless seal native to the northernmost Atlantic Ocean and parts of the Arctic ...
 A Diver Had No Clue What This Seal Was Up To – And Then It Suddenly Gripped Him By The HandWatchjojo Animals
1 years ago
Please do not forget to visit the site Subscribe to our channel: A Diver Had No ...
 A Seal Pup Loses Its Mom | Destination WILDNat Geo WILD
3 years ago
A seal pup is separated from its mother and does its best to overcome various obstacles to reunite with her. ➡ Subscribe: ...
 Are Some Weddell Seal Pups Couch Potatoes?WeddellSealScience
9 years ago
Ecologists are investigating whether Weddell seal pups that spend more time in the water learning to swim with their moms have a ...
 Watch This Tiny Baby Rescue Seal Grow Up and Swim Back to the Wild! | The Dodo Heroes Season 2The Dodo
1 years ago
Dodo Heroes is back! Don't miss the season 2 premiere Saturday June 1 at 9p ET on @Animal Planet! Binge-watch previous ...
 Woman hears crying seal pup near Nova Scotia shoreline.The Weather Network
2 years ago
Nova Scotia resident finds a crying seal pup on the shoreline. Captured a weather video or photo that you want to share? Join The ...
 Adorable, Curious & Playful Wild Seal Pupswehearttravel
6 years ago
Cuteness Alert!!!! If you are this!! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!!!! While their mum was out to play, the pups ...
 How Moms Matter To Weddell Seal Pups WeddellSealScience
1 years ago
Most Weddell seal pups will not survive to become adults. If you're a Weddell seal pup in Antarctica, how does who your mom is ...
 Baby ALBINO Seal Playing On The Beach!TOM DREAMS BIG
5 years ago
Watch this baby albino seal playing on the beach with its black friends! It is a very cute baby animal video recorded on South ...
 seal pup taking a little napCedar Adventures
7 years ago
Walking on system at work and caught this little fella taking a little nap. He was out like a light!
 The noisy Harp seal pupCaitlyn151
12 years ago
So cute :) My little babyyy | DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS ABOUT CLUBBING THEM (that you do it or like it!) credit: ...
 Cute Fat Seal Pup Found in KamchatkaSputnik
2 years ago
 Seal pup's underwater lessons - Animal Super Parents: Episode 1 Preview - BBC OneBBC
5 years ago
Subscribe and to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer ...
 Extraordinary Earth: How harp seal pups rely on ice floes in the Northwest Atlantic l GMAGood Morning America
4 months ago
Warmer temperatures are becoming increasingly threatening to the survival of harp seal pups. LEARN MORE: ...
 Elephant Seal Mother Fiercely Protects Pup From Young MaleSmithsonian Channel
1 years ago
You wouldn't want an elephant seal mom coming after you for getting too close to her young - she's wildly protective and isn't ...
 A Tough Lesson For a Seal Pup | Land of 10,000 GrizzliesNat Geo WILD
4 years ago
A Fur Seal Pup fights to survive after it wanders into a pack of juvenile seals that vent their frustration on the youngster. He uses ...
 Seal Pups Learn in Hidden Practice PoolDiscovery
5 years ago
Young seal pup journey deep into the forests of New Zealand where a hidden pool offers them a safe and secluded area to learn ...
 BBC: Search for the Polar Bears - Stranded New Born Seal PupBBC Studios
11 years ago
Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: BBC Earth The BBC ...
 New Zealand Fur Seal pups get treated at NZCCMAuckland Zoo
2 years ago
Auckland Zoo's dedicated vet team have been caring for two wild orphaned New Zealand fur seal pups. These seal pups were ...
 Seal Pup SurpriseJesse DeVoe
9 years ago
For more information on the ongoing long-term research on Antarctic's Weddell seals, check out the project's website: ...
 A Harbor Seal Pup Grows UpCourtney Brown
2 years ago
Recorded with
 Harbor Seal Pups - Diving Into RehabOcean 180 Video Challenge
4 years ago
Amber Thomas, University of New England Parker Young, Unbox Science Summary: Mammals need oxygen (O2) to make energy ...
 Man on kayak has amazing seal pup encounter in ScotlandRumble Viral
2 years ago
In a sea kayak, you never know what might be around the corner. Here, amongst the tidal islands of Argyll, Scotland, a very young ...
 Seal pups released into the
3 years ago
Seal pups were released back into the ocean off Sandy Hook. (Video by Alex Napoliello | NJ Advance Media for
 Watch: Adorable baby seal pups rescued in CanadaHLN
6 years ago
CNN affiliate CBC News reports that four newborn seal pups -- some with their umbilical cords still attached -- were rescued ...
 King Penguin Harassed by Fur Seal Pups on S. GeorgiaDrmrfordancing
10 years ago
A lone King penguin, just out of the water with a very full belly, has to cross through a large Fur Seal colony to get to the King ...
 SOG Seal Pup Review A SOG AllStar fighting and survival knifeThe Daily Shooter
5 years ago
This is my review of the SOG Seal pup. The little brother to the SOG seal knife. This blade is a great blade for both fighting and ...
 Curious Fur Seal PupsWorld's Facets
4 years ago
Curious fur seal pups crawling towards my camera on a beach on South Georgia.
 Critically Endangered Seal Pup Shot DeadAl Jazeera English
3 years ago
A dead seal pup named Rua was discovered at a beach in Dunedin, New Zealand. The animals are considered critically ...
 Harbor Seal Pups at Playoceanfoxx
6 years ago
It is the beginning of the Harbor seal pupping season here in beautiful Pacific Grove, CA and we now have 11 new pups on our ...
 Seal Pup Goes for a SwimMellishB470
7 years ago
A Weddell Seal pup goes for a swim with his mom. Shot at Turtle Rock, McMurdo Sound, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Video and guitar ...
 2020 02 26 EST Grey Seal - Seals, pups and eaglesTzz Oha
5 months ago