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6 years ago
In this video Rob describes how to make plant cuttings. He'll discuss rooting hormones, how to make the cuttings, how to tell if the ...
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Cuttings are an easy and inexpensive way of getting more plants! In this video I go over how, what and why of taking soft-wood ...
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Let's talk about how to grow plants from cuttings. Should you score your cuttings? Cut the top of hardwood cuttings on a slant?
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Tom Cole from Capel Manor College shows us how to propagate from semi ripe stem cuttings. This is a way of growing new ...
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Understand different types of cutting so you use the right kind to propagate plants. Become a better gardener, Subscribe: ...
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Learn the method for propagation of plants from hardwood cuttings. There are many plants like, jasmine, duranta, curry leaves, ...
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I see people covering their hardwood cuttings all the time with a plastic tote, propagation frame, soda bottle, or some other ...
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Grow roses from cuttings the easiest, most reliable way. Collect hard-to-find roses. Take cuttings as shown in this video.
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You can grow free, new plants by taking hardwood cuttings from many deciduous shrubs and vines in the fall. Get the full ...
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How I root all kinds of cuttings including hydrangea, roses and lavender, using softwood and semi-hardwood. Become a better ...
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2 years ago
This is the way I take hardwood rose cuttings roses from late fall and into winter. The other way I propagate is by summer ...
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One of the best ways to grow shrubs is by propagating hardwood cuttings. In this video I show you how I generate new plants by ...
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5 years ago
Read more here:
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In this video Dan from takes you along as he goes about propagating several new lavender ...
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How to take hardwood cuttings: Chris Allen of The Gardening shows some valuable tips for success.
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7 years ago
Cuttings in the fall for bushes in the spring. This is the old "trench-style" outdoor cutting method. No fancy frames or tools needed ...
 Pro-Gardening episode 005 - semi-ripe hardwood cuttingsKingston Maurward
3 days ago
In today's episode, Head Gardener at Kingston Maurward College, Nigel Hewish looks at taking semi-ripe hardwood cuttings.
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1 years ago
I've been testing this new method of rooting roses from hardwood cuttings - and get this: it's soilless! The idea is to get the cuttings ...
 Hardwood Rose Propagation: New Soilless MethodFraser Valley Rose Farm
1 years ago
I've been testing this new method of rooting roses from hardwood cuttings - and get this: it's soilless! The idea is to get the cuttings ...
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9 years ago
A simple step by step video on how to propagate plants by cuttings especially Australian native plants.
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1 years ago
A quick and easy method to grow hydrangea from cuttings: softwood tip propagation. Normally, I start my plant propagation from ...
 Hardwood Propagation of Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae (Part 2) Rooting Cuttings for a Privacy HedgeMike Kincaid
6 months ago
I decided to make a part 2, due to the popularity of these hardwood cuttings of the green giant arborvitae. We'll talk about how I ...
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I collected thousands of Japanese maple seeds to sprout last year. I did all the right steps with cold stratification etc. but I only got ...
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This amazing and fast trick for rooting hardwood cuttings will blow you away. I know I was shocked at how fast my red and yellow ...
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3 years ago Today we go over the basics of propagating hardwood cuttings. Now that everything is dormant we will try to ...
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1 years ago
A short video showing the way I do my softwood cuttings.
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Today I'm going to talk about Hardwood Cutting Propagation or Winter Plant Propagation. This is basically a 'how to' of rooting ...
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One of my favourite things to do is to propagate new plants from cuttings, and in this tutorial I show you how to create more plants ...
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1 years ago
Learn how to grow plants from cuttings using plant propagation method. Many pants can be propagated from softwood or ...
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7 years ago
Very easy to root shrub, so give it a go and is very popular when the full bloom is out, like a gold sea of colour (color). I have to say ...
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Backyard Plant Propagation - First Cuttings - Rooting Lantana - In this video I start taking cuttings. I am starting with something that ...
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How to Root Viburnums - In this video I show how I go about rooting various Viburnum varieties. Most of the other things that I ...
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Four experiments to determine which rooting technique works best.
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Free book: If you have been having a hard time propagating trees with cuttings after soaking them in water ...
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The products I use - Backyard Plant Propagation Episode 9 - How to root Hollies, Lantana, and Crape ...
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3 months ago
Luisa from our propagation department showing us how to do semi-ripe cuttings, these are cuttings from this year's soft growth.
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Propagating plants can seem daunting, but with this easy guide to taking early summer softwood cuttings, it couldn't be simpler.
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9 years ago A step by step guide of the process. If you don't know how to ...
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Trevor Newman takes us through this simple process which can be used for propagating currants, gooseberries, and jostaberries!
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Here's a demonstration on how to propagate rosemary and thyme! This video is hosted by Dr. Wilson Wong, Deputy Director of ...
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8 months ago
In this video we show you how plants can be propagated by hardwood cuttings. This is done at wintertime, where the plants are ...
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Doing some plant preparation at least I hope I am. Dip and grow. Http:// ...
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If you are trying to propagate raspberry plants by hardwood cuttings, it is possible, but not really recommended method.
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Join ABC acres, a Permaculture Farmstead, in Hamilton MT, as we look at how to continue growing more and more trees and ...
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BLUEBERRY CUTTINGS Propagating Blueberry Cuttings and plant information. © Copyright Plot To Plates 2017 #gardening ...
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In today's video I am showing you all my technique for propagating peach trees and cherry apple trees! (Also known as crabapple ...
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how to propagate redcurrants and whitecurrants from hardwood cuttings. Works just the same way with gooseberries. A very ...
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Go to the website: Let's do some green giant arborvitae propagating! I think you guys are ...
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You guys have been asking for an update on how the rose cuttings are doing that we rooted during the summer. Well, here it is!
 Hardwood CuttingsCan U Dig It Nursery
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How to make hardwood cuttings of plants.
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Some people swear by plant propagation in water. For taking cuttings of roses, I've always stuck with potting soil, but I thought I'd ...
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Buy the Video Here: WARNING!!! THIS IS A TRAILER!!! You can propagate thousands of ...
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In this video i'm showing you how to take cuttings and prepare them for rooting to turn them into free plants. 9 TIPS included.
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