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 15 Smartphone FAILS to ruin your day 😂Mrwhosetheboss
vor 4 Monaten
My Top 15 most Disastrous Smartphone fails of all time till 2020 Episode 5 from the Galaxy Note 20 to the Microsoft Surface ...
 13 PAINFUL Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 1 Jahr
My Top 13 most miserable Smartphone fails of all timeEpisode 2 from the Essential GEM Smartphone to the Foldable phones of ...
 14 MEGA Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 7 Monaten
My Top 14 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time Episode 4 from the Palm Phone to MIUI Ads to Motorola and more.
 12 BRUTAL Smartphone schlägt fehl, dass Sie vergessen sollen.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 11 Monaten
Mein Top 12-Smartphone fällt aller Zeiten aus Episode 3 und zeigt Fehler von Sony über Nokia bis hin zu Windows Phone ...
 10 Epic smartphone fails we'll never forget.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 1 Jahr
My Top 10 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time from the 4 phone to the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the iPhone Bend-gate ...
 EPIC Smartphone FAILS that people will never forget.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 3 Jahren
Failed Smartphones that cost their companies dearly Subscribe ITS FREE : It would make my day if ...
 Funny Smartphone Fails Compilation Phone FailsFUN BOX
vor 2 Jahren
When people are too busy with their smartphone and fail to look where their going. texting while walking and smartphone fail ...
 Funny Phone Accidents - Texting While Walking - Phone FailsElias Xamal
vor 2 Jahren
Mobile texting and walking never works. same goes for driving as well. Cellphone use causing pedestrian accidents. Walking and ...
 Funniest IPhone Unboxing Fails and Hilarious MomentsYesEpicYes
vor 1 Jahr
Funniest IPhone Unboxing Fails and Accidents. Stay tuned with us to watch more parody videos from us. If you like this video ...
 21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 2 Monaten
Check out Huel here: Past Smartphone fail episodes: Episode 1: ...
 Smartphone-FailsARD Mittagsmagazin
vor 6 Jahren
Ob beim Überqueren der Straße in der Fußgänger-Zone oder beim Warten auf die Bahn: Menschen die anscheinend keinen ...
 Expensive Fails: Mo Money, Mo Fails | FailArmyFailArmy
vor 3 Jahren
You know what they say: Mo money mo fails Check out this fresh batch of expensive
 Worst Phone Failures in HistoryColdFusion
vor 9 Monaten
Lets take a look at some of the wild events and bad/ interesting designs in mobile history. Music Video for the Closing Song: ...
 Best Phone Fails Compilation! | Broken Phones | Phone Pranks | Selfie FailsTOOBZ 3D
vor 2 Jahren
Check out these Phone fails guys Dont forget to subscribe
vor 3 Jahren
Phone Iphone Iphone drop Iphone dropping compilation extreme phone
 Funny Compilation of Cellphone failsDerf Ortibano
vor 1 Jahr
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 Top 10 Failed Cell Phone Designs You Wouldn't
vor 11 Monaten
Who was the target demographic for these cellular abominations For this list well be looking at various cell phone and ...
 Why the most Innovative Smartphones fail.Mrwhosetheboss
vor 1 Jahr
Weve seen a ton of smartphone innovation in the last few years but why is it that the MOST innovative ones the ones that really ...
 7 Crazy Smartphone Fails that We'll Never Forget !Tech Burner
vor 4 Monaten
Smartphones ne bhi kaafi dard jhela hai SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDS Edited By Jaskirat Singh ...