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 5 Things To Know BEFORE Getting a Soprano SaxNathan Allen Sax
3 months ago
The soprano saxophone is not just another sax, it's a different instrument and should be approached differently than a tenor or alto ...
3 years ago
"Every Artist Has a Dream" - ARTIST LINKS BELOW Enter for a chance for YOUR channel to be featured PERMANENTLY on my ...
 Soprano Sax vs The Rest! Everything You Need To KnowSaxTuition
10 months ago
Start the SaxTuition Beginner Series! ▻▻ Check out Lesson 1 on YouTube ...
 Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Soprano SaxophoneSax
7 years ago Jim Cheek plays the new Selmer Conn Premiere Soprano Saxophone Webshop: ...
 The Lion King - Can You Feel the Love Tonight | Soprano Sax cover by ChakumiChakumi channel
1 years ago
Here's my version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King🦁! if you like it don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more ...
 Cheap Amazon Soprano Sax VS Professional Instrument | Unboxing + ReviewBetter Sax
1 years ago
Ammoon/Lade Soprano Saxophone (USA Link) - Ammoon/Lade Soprano Saxophone (International) ...
 AUTUMN LEAVES on Selmer soprano saxophone1inoot
11 months ago
Playing our first gig infront of a proper audience ever. Anglesea Australia. Selmer series 3 soprano with Link HR.
 Soprano saxophoneYOUNG HIT YOUNG BEAT
4 years ago
Lớp học nâng cao nhạc cụ Soprano saxophone, thầy Hồng Kiên phụ trách do YOUNG HIT YOUNG BEAT Academy of Art tổ chức.
 Dalan Liyane - Hendra Kumbara (Soprano Saxophone by Dani Pandu)Dani Pandu W
8 months ago
Dalan Liyane - Hendra Kumbara Cover Soprano Saxophone by Dani Pandu Check out my Instagram page ...
 Ariana Grande - 7 rings - Soprano Saxophone CoverNathan Allen Sax
1 years ago
When I first heard this song, I was wondering why Ariana Grade was singing "My Favourite Things", it was really unexpected.
 Straight Soprano Sax vs Curved Soprano Sax - Which is best for you?dawkesmusic
1 years ago
We discuss and demonstrate the differences between straight soprano sax models and curved models. Both have their ...
 Ed Sheeran - Perfect | AndyYiu Soprano Sax CoverTszyan Yiu
2 years ago
AndyYiu - HongKong Saxophonist Email: Facebook Page:
 Endless love(thần thoại) Bao Anh Soprano Saxophone Coverbảo anh nguyễn
4 years ago
Kênh cover các ca khúc nhạc hot bằng saxophone của Bảo Anh Nguyễn. Đăng kí kênh bảo anh nguyễn để nhận thông báo khi ...
 Theme from "Schindler's List" For Soprano Saxophone and Wind EnsembleNMFEntertainment
5 years ago
Noelle Fabian Performing with the Dallas Civic Wind Ensemble (May of 2014). Theme from"Schindler's List" (1993) transcribed by ...
 Against all odds on soprano saxophone Patrick CurfsmrPC
11 years ago
beautifull version of phil collins' Against all odds. Played by Patrick Curfs (NL) on soprano saxophone. leave a message on: ...
1 months ago
2 years ago
 Sidney Bechet and the Soprano SaxophoneJazz at Lincoln Center's JAZZ ACADEMY
1 years ago
Eli Yamin and Evan Christopher discuss Sidney Bechet, the New Orleans master of clarinet and soprano saxophone! Learn more ...
 KENNY G [soprano sax transcription] THE MOMENTVAMOS TOCAR SAX?
3 months ago
Make a donation as from 1 dollar and have access to GoogleDrive with all the channel material and several other books for the ...
 You Are The Reason Soprano Saxophone cover by ChakumiChakumi channel
7 months ago
More about Chakumi Instagram: chakumi_chacha ...
 You Are The Reason Soprano Saxophone cover by ChakumiChakumi channel
7 months ago
More about Chakumi Instagram: chakumi_chacha ...
 You Raise Me Up | Soprano saxophone cover by Felicity saxophonistFelicity saxophonist
5 months ago
April 2020, global population under coronavirus lockdown. This video is dedicated to those who cannot see their loved ones at ...
 Hoai Phuong - Diem Xua on a new Phil Barone Curved Soprano SaxHoai Phuong
6 years ago
I'm checking out the new Phil Barone Silver Plated Curved Soprano Saxophone. Love it! Please tell me how it sounds to you.
 Intermediate Soprano Saxophone VS Professional SaxNathan Allen Sax
3 months ago
Is a less expensive soprano saxophone harder to play? Let's find out! Cheapest sax on Amazon ➤ ...
 Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion | Jeff Siegfried, soprano saxophoneClassical KING FM
5 years ago
Saxophonist Jeff Siegfried and pianist Michael Refvem perform Astor Piazzolla's "Oblivion" on NW Focus LIVE in the KING-FM ...
 Desperado - Soprano Sax (Greg Hawkins)Greg Hawkins
3 years ago
Recorded with a Shure SM57. Please excuse the video quality. Antigua Winds 590, Bari HR .066, Vandoren #2 clarinet reed.
 Christina Perri - A THOUSAND YEARS - Tenor & Soprano Sax Cover - BriansThing & Mandy Faddis 🎷BriansThing
4 years ago
A tenor and soprano saxophone cover of the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. That's my friend and awesome ...
 Careless Whisper - Soprano saxophoneMário Lucio
2 years ago
George Michael - Olá amigos! Deixem seu joinha!
 If I Ain't Got You - Bb Tenor/Soprano Sax Sheet Music [ Alicia Keys ]I LOVE SAX
3 years ago
You can play along with the videos. I accept requests from you (only if subscribed), I upload frequently and a crazy saxophone fan.
 🎷 Soprano Sax Finger Chart - Bb Soprano Saxophone Fingerings for NotesSax Station
3 years ago
Hello Sax Players My name is Neal Battaglia. I am a saxophone player and teacher who is dedicated to helping sax players ...
 Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Saxophone Cover With Sheet Music)Nathan Allen Sax
6 years ago
Download Sheet Music ➤ This is my soprano saxophone cover of "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith.
 Time To Say Goodbye, Awesome version performed on the soprano sax!Hayden Smith
5 years ago
"Time To Say Goodbye" Arranged and performed live on the soprano sax by Hayden Smith with a 7 piece orchestra!
 Don't Buy a Sopranino Sax Before You Watch This!Erik Donough
2 years ago
I got to check out the RS Berkeley sopranino, and I figured it'd be fun to film my initial impressions. Take a look!
 Hallelujah- Alexandra Burke (Soprano Saxophone Cover by Josh Durke)JoshDurkeSax
9 months ago
Sup guys! Welcome to my channel! This is my Soprano Saxophone cover of "Hallelujah" by Alexandra Burke I've wanted to cover ...
 Can't Help Falling In Love - Soprano Sax Cover, SMOOTH JAZZEmile Ryjoch Music
2 months ago
Can't Help Falling In Love - Soprano Sax Cover, SMOOTH JAZZ Featuring: Emile Ryjoch Backing track ...
 Canon in D Soprano SaxophoneSaxy Doctor
1 years ago
Yanagisawa 992 TW Durga3 ART.
 Villa-Lobos Fantasia; Katherine Weintraub, Soprano SaxophoneKatherine Weintraub
9 years ago
Heitor Villa-Lobos: Fantasia for Saxophone, Three Horns, and Strings University of Michigan: 2011 Graduate Concerto ...
 Soprano Sax for DoublersSirvalorsax
6 months ago
Before you buy a soprano saxophone, watch this video! This is a continuation of the bari sax for doublers video that I made. I cover ...
 [ Soprano Sax ] 風笛 〜あすかのテーマ〜 [ Guitar ][ Sumika. ] Saxophone
27 days ago
風笛 〜あすかのテーマ〜 / 大島ミチル Kazabue - Michiru Oshima Soprano Saxophone : Sumika. (奈良県出身 ! ) Guitar : Manabu Ida ...
 The Moment (Kenny G) Selmer mark VI soprano saxophoneSaxy Doctor
2 years ago
The Moment (Kenny G) Selmer mark VI soprano (1980) Dukoff D8 + Rovner 1MD.
 Mehbooba Mehbooba (Sholay) Soprano Saxophone Instrumental cover by K. MahendraK Mahendra
7 years ago
Like, Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Mehbooba Mehbooba (Sholay) cover by K. Mahendra R.D.Burban & S.D.Burman Tribute ...
 All Blues on Soprano SaxMatthew Stone
10 years ago
Just a bit of noodling, recorded in one take, first time so excuse the odd fluff. My soprano set-up is a cannonball stone series with ...
 Soprano saxophoneYOUNG HIT YOUNG BEAT
4 years ago
Lớp học nâng cao nhạc cụ Soprano saxophone, thầy Hồng Kiên phụ trách do YOUNG HIT YOUNG BEAT Academy of Art tổ chức.
 Silhouette Soprano Saxophone Cover (Kenny G)Coufu
4 years ago
Channeling my inner Kenny G as a throwback to my high school days performing in Jazz Band. Equipment: - Piano: Yamaha S90 ...
 Conn C-Melody Soprano SaxophoneStefan Hugi
8 years ago
The ultimate oldtime jazz horn. Built 1921. Tuned in C Instruments by Playback by Please join ...
 Windcraft WSS200 Soprano Saxophones - Best Value Soprano?dawkesmusic
1 years ago
We discuss and demonstrate the excellent new Windcraft WSS-200 range of upgrade Soprano Saxophones. Available in 3 ...
 Lighters - Soprano Saxophone - Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno Mars - BriansThingBriansThing
9 years ago
 If I ain't got you soprano sax COVER.mpgAnarbo Solorio
8 years ago
Soprano sax cover of "If I ain't got you" by Alicia Keys.
 The Celtic- Movement 1-"Ceilidh" by David Heath for Soprano Saxophonenejihyuga665
8 years ago
Written by David Heath for Gerard McChrystal. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
 My way Soprano Sax Cover, Orlando Resendiz at Plaza Fundadores Durango, Dgo Mexicoorliresendiz
4 years ago
Gorgeous video produced by Comunicacion Trascendente (hosted in Durango) showing how beauty is this place and telling four ...
 Practicing On Soprano SaxJazzWebShed
1 years ago
I just practice a little bit on the Soprano Saxophone. I practiced arpeggios diatonically with the intervals displaced. 3 - 1 - 5 - 8.
 Perfidia Saxofon Soprano Sax Composed by Alberto DomínguezSax Station
Hola, aquí estoy tocando la cancion Perfidia de Alberto Dominguez. Con saxofon soprano. Hello Sax Players My name is ...
 B-flat Blues Improvisation (Soprano Sax)Kirill Poudavoff Music
3 years ago
Kirill Poudavoff improvizing on the B-flat blues.
 J. S. Bach - Partita A minor, soprano saxophoneMagdalena Probstová
3 years ago
Magdalena Probstová - soprano saxophone.
 Run To You soprano saxophone cover by ChakumiChakumi channel
1 years ago
A simple cover , Run To You by Whitney Houston . SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL My IG : chakumi_chacha ...
 Branford Marsalis - Englishman in New York w/ Sting (Soprano Saxophone Transcription)Sharp Eleven Music
2 years ago
Here is one of the most iconic pop soprano saxophone solo's ever, Brandford Marsalis on Englishman in New York! Here you can ...
 How to Play Altissimo on Soprano Saxophone: Easy Altissimo Fingerings, QUICK STEPS [색소폰 알티시모 배우기]Kenny Baik
1 years ago
How's your altissimo notes? It is very difficult to get it out easily. In this video, I am going to share with you three easy steps, which ...