SUCI 3 - Stand Up Fico Fachriza: Malu-malu di Depan Raditya Dika sampai Demam PanggungStand Up Kompas TV
12 hours ago
Fico sering sekali dibilang 'bego' oleh Raditya Dika. Awalnya ia hanya merupakan penonton setia Stand Up Comedy Indonesia ...
 SUCI 3: Audisi Stand Up Tretan Muslim - Berhenti Merokok Itu Sulit, Karena Pemerintah....Stand Up Kompas TV
SUCI 9 akan kembali lagi untuk menemani para pecinta setia Stand Up Comedy Indonesia. SUCI 9 telah vakum selama 1 tahun, ...
 Dawood, Yamraaj & Aurat | Stand Up Comedy by Munawar FaruquiMunawar Faruqui
19 hours ago
This video is Lesson for Men, Respect for women and fun for everyone ♥️♥️ Enjoy karo aur Apni family ke sath bhi share karen ...
 How to Know You’re Having Great Sex - Chris ReddComedy Central Stand-Up
Chris Redd talks about befriending a disgruntled airline employee and explains why the first year of a relationship is his favorite.
 Meeting Girls for Arranged Marriage (Crowd Work) | Stand Up Comedy By Rajat Chauhan (18th Video)Rajat chauhan
2 days ago
Meeting Girls for Arranged Marriage is an interaction based Stand -Up comedy. Be safe, stay home. Written & Performed by: Rajat ...
 "Stand Up" - Official Lyric Video - Performed by Cynthia ErivoFocus Features
5 months ago
From the motion picture HARRIET, the Original Song "STAND UP" is written by Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo. "STAND ...
 12 Funniest Stand Up Routines of Series 9 | Live at the Apollo | BBC Comedy GreatsBBC Comedy Greats
4 months ago
The best moments from Live at the Apollo, Series 9 - all in one place! This clip contains some strong language. Subscribe: ...
 This Is Stand-Up - Official TrailerComedy Central Stand-Up
Tiffany Haddish, Jamie Foxx, Jim Norton and more discuss everything from life on the road to finding their voice in this revealing ...
 12 Comics You Need to See - Comedy Central Stand-Up PresentsComedy Central Stand-Up
5 months ago
The comedians from the new season of Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents take the stage. Season 3 kicks off with back-to-back ...
 Ricky Gervais - STAND UP Chicago 2019FunOnStage
4 months ago
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 SUCI 8: Bintang Bete - PECAH! Sumber Hoax Itu dari Grup Whatsapp, Salah Tinggal Minta MaafStand Up Kompas TV
3 days ago
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - Bintang Timur atau yang populer dengan nama panggung Bintang Bete lahir di Bekasi, Indonesia, ...
 Cynthia Erivo - "Stand Up" - Oscars 2020 PerformanceFocus Features
1 months ago
From the motion picture HARRIET, the Original Song "STAND UP" is written by Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo. "STAND ...
 Stand up-Kevin Hart Stand up comedy! Hilarious & VERY Funny!! The BestYazan Haleem
1 years ago
Kevin Hart Stand-up comedy show, one of his best performances Like, Share & Subscribe the channel for more videos.
 Destiny's Child - Stand Up For Love (Official Music Video)DestinysChildVEVO
10 years ago
Stand Up For Love” (2005 World Children's Day Anthem) by Destiny's Child Listen to Destiny's Child: ...
 "Stand Up" - Official Music Video - Performed by Cynthia Erivo - HARRIET - Now In TheatersFocus Features
5 months ago
From the motion picture HARRIET, the Original Song "STAND UP" is written by Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo. "STAND ...
 Bill Burr - Breaking bad | Full standup specialUncensored TV
1 years ago
Please subscribe and share bill burr bill burr breaking bad bill burr stand up.
 Arrange Marriage | Stand up comedy by Amit TandonAmit Tandon
2 days ago
I had an Arranged Marriage, a concept that people feel is getting obsolete. But I still believe in it because I would have been single ...
 John Mulaney: “Canceling Plans Is Like Heroin”Comedy Central Stand-Up
2 months ago
John Mulaney describes the instant joy of breaking off plans and wonders why people treat ordering fries like it's an adventure.
 Karol Modzelewski - Taniec godowy | Stand-up | Całe nagranieKAROL MODZELEWSKI - kanał oficjalny
13 days ago
Program stand-up o tańcu godowym ludzi, plus bonus - archiwalne nagranie. SUBSKRYBUJ ...
 Chalo Hamari Shaadi Hai | Stand-up Comedy by Sundeep SharmaSundeep Sharma
3 days ago
Mumbai pahunche phir kya hua ? Agar time hai ki aajkal hoga hee to neeche description padh lo. This video is the ...
 When Your Girlfriend Leaves You for a Pro Athlete - Mekki Leeper - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
4 months ago
Mekki Leeper explains what it's like to be a white-presenting person from a Moroccan family, shares his thoughts on bullying and ...
 Hindi Zahra - Stand Upsalilacks
11 years ago
As featured on the Western Union- YES! commercial. The song on that is a remix of this one :) I think this is the first recorded video ...
 Joe Rogan 2019 - Standup Comedy Full ShowChrissyA1
1 years ago
The Joe Rogan Experience - JRE -
 How Do 90% of Americans Have Jobs? - Daniel ToshComedy Central Stand-Up
6 months ago
Daniel Tosh wonders why Americans still think they live in the greatest country in the world and tries to understand how so many ...
 Russell Peters stand up comedy full videoThe Anonymous
1 years ago
Russell's one of the most loved videos. Ridiculing the different races in this video. You don't wanna miss his funny Indian accent ...
 Nick Swardson: “Cats Are Selfish Pieces of S**t”Comedy Central Stand-Up
4 days ago
Nick Swardson remembers getting attacked by his mom's new cat – and how his mom didn't believe him. Subscribe to Comedy ...
 Sam Morril: I Got This - Full SpecialComedy Central Stand-Up
1 months ago
Sam Morril compares wearing a condom to doing volunteer work, wonders if murderers critique each other's work and recalls ...
 Michał Leja - "BEZBEK" | Stand-up 2019Michał Leja
4 months ago
Subskrybuj mój kanał Odwiedź fanpage ...
 George Carlin - Stand Up About ReligionMatti Holden
1 years ago
A video I put together containing George Carlin's stand up clips about religion. I hope George's family don't mind me making and ...
 Who Got Semen on the Roomba? - Logan Guntzelman - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
5 months ago
Logan Guntzelman has a revelation about her day job and recalls listening in on a baffling argument among her boyfriend's ...
 Adam Sobaniec - "Pragnienie" | Stand-up | Cały występ | 2020Adam Sobaniec
27 days ago
Subskrybuj kanał Więcej na facebooku ...
 A Car Accident Is a Real Mood Killer - Hannibal BuressComedy Central Stand-Up
5 months ago
Hannibal Buress remembers getting his hat stolen by a very confident thief and getting into a car accident on his birthday.
 (Some of) The Best of Daniel Tosh's Stand-UpComedy Central
26 days ago
Take a look back at some of Daniel Tosh's greatest bits about award show speeches, the best “Cribs” episode ever and what ...
 Patangbaaz From Bareilly - Sundeep Sharma Stand-up ComedySundeep Sharma
10 days ago
This video starts with some incidents from my life in my hometown Bareilly, a beautiful city in western Uttar Pradesh which is ...
 Boss, HR & Fire Drill | Stand-up Comedy by Vikash Paulevam Standup Tamasha
15 days ago
Boss #FireDrill #NextTimeKandipa Watch Vikash Paul's new stand-up video on 'Boss, HR & Fire Drill' about his funny ...
 Death, Bathroom & Media | Stand Up Comedy | Munawar Faruqui | 2020Munawar Faruqui
a months ago
Yeh Video mere bachpan ke pehli death ke baare mai hai, aur mere bathroom experience aur kuch humari media ki baaten!
 SUCI 2 - Stand Up Isman Suryaman: Pacaran Jadi Bodoh, Nikah Jadi PinterStand Up Kompas TV
9 hours ago
Isman Suryaman merupakan salah satu finalis kompetisi Stand Up Comedy Indonesia musim kedua yang diadakan Kompas TV ...
1 years ago
No better time to release this than today aur ab yeh mat puchna part 3 kab aayega. Credits : Sound recording mixing mastering ...
 COSTEL | Amsterdam | Stand-up comedyCOSTEL Stand-Up Comedy Official
costel #stamacasa În perioada asta sper ca stati acasa, asa ca v-am mai pregatit un material decupat din showurile mele din tara.
 Difícil Sentirse Seguro Siendo De Este País | Liss Pereira | Stand Up | Comedy Central Colombia Comedy Central Latinoamérica
20 hours ago
Liss Pereira nos habla de la desconfianza y la inseguridad colombiana en su rutina de stand up para Comedy Central Colombia.
 Taylor Tomlinson Stand-UpThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
1 months ago
Comedian Taylor Tomlinson returns to The Tonight Show with jokes about breaking off her engagement and getting pulled over ...
 (Some of) The Best of Daniel Tosh's Stand-UpComedy Central
26 days ago
Take a look back at some of Daniel Tosh's greatest bits about award show speeches, the best “Cribs” episode ever and what ...
 CAA NRC Protests and Students | Stand Up Comedy by Tanmay BhatTanmay Bhat
2 months ago
Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on my Discord: ...
 Banii Vorbesc | Bordea | Stand-up ComedyBordea Stand Up Comedy Official Channel
3 months ago
Find me on: ...
 CORONA, Lockdown & Stupid People || Stand Up Roasting || Aditya MehtaAditya Mehta Vines
5 days ago
Aditya Mehta . #covid_19 #lockdown #standupcomedy Follow me on Facebook - ...
 SUCI 8 - Stand Up Popon: LUCU! Dari Bakso Tikus sampai Masa Lalu Lucinta LunaStand Up Kompas TV
JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV - Muhammad Saleh Jammaharizki atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Popon Kerok atau cukup Popon ...
 Chris Distefano Doesn’t Know the White People Gentrifying His NeighborhoodComedy Central Stand-Up
6 days ago
Chris Distefano mocks a kid's ice cream order, explains how his dad is religious but still a dirtbag, and rails against the ...
 The Weirdly Racial Undertones of “Willy Wonka” - Opey Olagbaju - Stand-Up FeaturingComedy Central Stand-Up
2 months ago
Opey Olagbaju reports a strange yet true story from the world of Nigerian politics and offers an alternate history of the Oompa ...
 Hamilton on Pornhub: Kelsey Cook Stand-UpA Little Late With Lilly Singh
Kelsey Cook performs stand-up on A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Subscribe NOW to A Little Late with Lilly Singh: ...
 Micutzu | ”Zâmbete și Empatie” | Stand Up Comedy SpecialMicutzu Stand-up Official
3 months ago
micutzu #zambetesiempatie Ăsta este al doilea Special pe care îl scot. De data asta l-am urcat aici pe Youtube, se pare că nu e ...
 Hostel - Stand Up Comedy ft. Anubhav Singh BassiAnubhav Singh Bassi
1 months ago
 Bahu Ki Sleeveless & Indians On Internet | Stand up Comedy by Vipul GoyalHumorously Yours Team
2 months ago
My light hearted take on Bahu ki sleeveless and how angrily we Indians behave on internet. CREDITS: Edited By: Tarun Singhal ...
 Random Jokes | Stand Up Comedy by Karunesh TalwarKarunesh Talwar
17 days ago
These are jokes I had never planned to upload, but because we're all in quarantine due to the Coronavirus, I thought aapko yeh ...
 Daniel Tosh - "Completely Serious (2007)" #danieltosh #StandupShirley Network
1 years ago
Daniel Tosh - "Completely Serious (2007)" Stand Up Comedy Special I do not own the rights to this video.
 Breakup Special & Other Jokes | Standup Comedy by Jeeya SethiJeeya sethi
3 days ago
Watch my latest video on Relationships and Breakups. Video shot at Canvas Edited by - Abhishek Bhutwani (ClassClown) ...
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