Strawbale Building - An Engineers PerspectiveVergePermaculture
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Strawbale Building, an engineers perspective. In this video I talk about the pros, cons and generally my thoughts on building with ...
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The easiest way to build a house.
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SIGN UP TODAY: This series of videos, pdfs and photos are ...
 20K straw bale house from start to finishRobert Klemensberger
2 years ago
In this video, you can see how we built complete STRAW BALE HOUSE. Built costs around 20k. House is located in Slovenia.
 How to build a straw bale wallKirsten Dirksen
10 years ago
Bales of straw may seem a bit simple, but they're very effective for building a home. They're also great insulation, offering R2 per ...
 How to Lime plaster onto strawbaleSteve Haskett
1 years ago
Lime plaster is applied to a new education centre built by volunteers at the Perivale Woods Naure reserve in Ealing, London.
 Strawbale - Kompresowanie słomyŻelazny Ja by Dawid Kozioł
1 years ago
Kompresowanie słomy w domu z drewna, słomy i gliny. Zobacz jak niewielu narzędzi potrzebujesz by budować w tej naturalnej ...
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1 years ago
September 15-21, 2019 Andrew Morrison's seven-day hands-on Workshop to rebuild a home destroyed by a wildfire. Learn more ...
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4 days ago
The Straw Bale House Build Continues! Now that we have the flood recovery well in hand, it's time to get back to our Straw Bale ...
5 years ago
FIND THE WHOLE FILM (63 minutes) here: VIDEO ON DEMAND: DVD: ...
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11 months ago
Strawbale #strawbalebuilding #naturalbuilding This is the first day of our straw-bale Tool Shed build. We will be documenting the ...
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5 years ago
A brief interview and walk through with Architect Philip Kennedy of his almost finished straw bale house. Many of the wooden ...
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4 years ago
Daren caught up with Bee Rowan in Ireland where she was orchestrating Strawbale builds at Rock Farm. This short film was ...
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4 years ago
It seems counterintuitive that a framework packed with straw bales could create such a sturdy home. In fact, the straw acts as a ...
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a months ago
We invite you on a Straw Bale House Tour in Colorado where we visit a green building under construction. This property is ...
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11 years ago
Site specific and customized to your lifestyle, this video shows how we provide sustainable, healthy designs at a modest cost.
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Free and Real is where you can learn about eco building, sustainability and simple living. Straw Bale House in Greece BECOME ...
 Strawbale Vlog 92 - mocowanie półek i szafek w domu z gliny i słomy - teoriaW Szumilesie
8 months ago
Zapytano mnie jak montować półki i szafki na ścianach ze słomy. Jeszcze tego nie robię , ale już coś nie coś widziałem więc ...
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2 years ago
Episode 2 EcoEvo Design, covers an Australian Regional Victorian Straw Bale Passivhaus home. We cover the luxurious and key ...
 Straw Bale House - Exterior TalkAdventures of Sandra & Dave
1 years ago
Explaining some of the details of the exterior of our straw bale house. House is 916 square feet. We began construction in 2009.
 Straw bale house timelapse - #BalesinWalesHartwyn
3 years ago
Brief This project in Powys, Wales was set in a small clearing in an Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) woodland. The client wanted to blur ...
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3 years ago
This micro cob and strawbale cabin was built by local artisans as a vacation rental at the Terra Perma ...
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4 years ago
Sam has some quick, vital tips that we would have loved to know when we built our first straw bale house over 16 years ago.
 A Straw Bale Walljameysproull
11 years ago
Our steps to a stucco covered straw bale wall. 1) Dig a trench- I dug the trench at 16 inches. Place 4 foot rebar into the ground.
 An amazing timber frame, straw bale self build for £67kHomebuilding & Renovating
2 years ago
Justin & Linda Tyers bought a plot in the Exmoor National Park for £50k, which left them a budget of £67k to build a beautiful, ...
 How to build a Straw Bale houseHenry withay
6 years ago
A simple video showing you how you can build your own straw bale house. feat. 3 little pigs and 1 bad wolf Special thanks to ...
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6 years ago
"Hans Builds Green" with the help of Hannes, Rafael, Daan, Eric, Robi, Maddy, Janey, Jim and Jeroen Conception: Hans van ...
 Straw Bale Gardening: Start to FinishOrganicGarden123
11 years ago
Straw bales (not hay bales) are a great place to plant vegetables. Here's my start-to-finish results! The straw is an easy, loose ...
 University of Michigan Professor Joe Trumpey Shows How to Build a Straw-Bale BuildingUniversity of Michigan
3 years ago
22 undergraduates and one fearless leader used 200 bales of straw and some mud to build the University of Michigan's first ...
 Foundation Dig for Straw Bale HouseMountain Jewel Homestead
1 years ago
This year we're building a straw bale house. We had a backhoe in to dig the trench for our rubble trench foundation. He did a ...
 The Truth About Straw Bale GardeningPreacher's Day Off
3 years ago
Should you have a straw bale garden? I'll give my reasons for and against planting in straw bales. My Current Garden ...
 4. Bunyan Bale Build - Strawbale Building Project - Load bearing Strawbale wallsBunyan Strawbale-House
1 years ago
This video documents the construction of top plates, tie-downs, door and window columns and lintels. It also shows stacking bales ... Initial Cost EstimatesAndrew Morrison
13 years ago presents Initial Cost Estimates. This video discusses the initial cost estimates you will need to consider ...
 #laserlevel #strawbale How to Build a Strawbale House / Day 4 / Lasers and SawsThe Upside of Downsizing
5 months ago
Welcome to How to Build a Strawbale House Day 4 Lasers and Saws. Using a laser level, we determine the height of the posts we ...
 Strawbale Toolshed Build: Day 2The Upside of Downsizing
11 months ago
strawbale #strawbaletoolshed #naturalbuilding In this episode we will finish putting upnthe bale walls. We show different methods ...
 1. BunyanBaleBuild - Strawbale building project , getting out of the groundBunyan Strawbale-House
1 years ago
The first stage of our strawbale house building project! Getting out of the ground was pretty gruelling, and this time-lapse doesn't ...
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8 months ago
off-gridbuilding #strawbale #sustainablebuilding In this final episode of this build, we complete the #strawbale toolshed by ...
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1 months ago
How to Build a Straw Bale House DIY full instructions Building a Straw Bale House.
 Strawbale Garden - What Happens at the END of the Season?Homesteading DownUnder
2 years ago
I'm often asked how long straw bales last - this is a look at what is left at the end of the growing season in my greenhouse.
 #5 How to Build a Geodesic Strawbale Dome - Placing the BalesKibbutz Lotan
9 years ago
Kibbutz Lotan is nestled in the arid Arava Valley in southern Israel. This small community is an oasis in the desert. Come visit us at ... Frame Your Own Straw Bale House and Save Time And MoneyAndrew Morrison
8 years ago presents this preview of the "Framing for Straw Bale Construction" video. Framing for straw bale poses ...
 Straw Bale Building - Debunking the Myths StrawBale.comAndrew Morrison
13 years ago presents Debunking the Myths of Straw Bale Construction. It was put together to help deal with the ...
 Strawbale Housecraigdr8
6 years ago
Strawbale House build at Native Seeds Farm in Patagonia, Arizona These people aren't paid labor they paid a fee to learn how to ...
 Two Story Strawbale HouseDirtpatcheaven
3 years ago
Isn't this house beautiful? We took a video of the outside with the owner's permission and the builder in tow, we didn't go inside to ...
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Joey shows how to prep a straw bale garden for planting. Interviews with Joel, author of Straw Bale Gardens: ...
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Irene had this beautiful straw addition put on her tiny adobe house and it is the crown jewel! Make sure to go check out her ...
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1 years ago
Airdate (04/13/2019) #4541 Host Casey Hentges is in the vegetable garden to plant our conditioned straw bale garden bed with ...
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9 years ago
This is a straw bale shed at the spitafields city farm in London I was one of the particiapants and I edited it into a short video thx for ...
 Strawbale Toolshed Build Day 11: Earthen Plaster Top CoatThe Upside of Downsizing
9 months ago
naturalbuilding #strawbalebuilding #sustainablebuilding In this video, we apply the top coat of Earthen Plaster to our Strawbale ...
 Strawbale Toolshed Build / Day 4 Roof Goes UpThe Upside of Downsizing
11 months ago
strawbale #strawbalebuilding #strawbaletoolshed In this episode the box beams are trimmed out and the roof rafters go up.
 Strawbale House / Slamený dom (Sekier, Zaježka ecovillage, Slovakia)Zajezka Ecovillage
7 years ago
Short movie presenting "EU Youth in Action" project. 15 young people built load-bearing straw bale house in one month.
 Straw-Bale Building at The Campus FarmUniversity of Michigan
2 years ago
The straw-bale building is well placed on the University of Michigan Campus Farm, which, six or seven years ago, found a home ...
 Insights From A Strawbale GreenhouseVergePermaculture
2 years ago
I wasn't a fan of using straw bales s a building material for greenhouses, then I saw this one! Watch this video to learn of my ...
 Recycled Strawbale House...Beautiful!Dirtpatcheaven
3 years ago
This lovely 1500 square foot house is partially build from the old house that stood on the property. It has an r-factor of about 45 ...
 Amazing Strawbale Round House: Bottle Bricks, Natural Light and VentilationHardcore Sustainable
2 years ago
In this last installment of the tour of Hassan's new round strawbale house at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, we find out more about ...
 157. Straw-bale 101: A tale of two homesGreen Energy Futures
3 years ago
Straw-bale is an old idea, but modern straw-bale homes are energy efficient, made with natural materials, surprisingly fire ...
 Straw Bale Gardening - Conditioning the BaleSurvival HT
5 years ago
Straw or hay bale gardening is a great inexpensive way to make weed free raised beds for growing vegetables anywhere! Perfect ...