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 Most INSANE GIANT Topwater Bass Fishing! (Striped Bass on Cape Cod)Jon B.
1 months ago
Rob's Instagram: Rob's Guide Service: Buy GOOGAN ...
 Most INSANE GIANT Striped Bass TOPWATER Fishing -- (Striper Mayhem D.1)Jon B.
2 years ago
Lures that Caught fish (in order of success) 1. Sebile swimbait -- 2. Sebile Glide bait ...
 How To Catch Striped BassTacticalBassin
1 years ago
From Topwater to Swimbaits, we show you how to target big striped bass! If you've ever wanted to catch Striper on artificial lures, ...
 Biggest Striped Bass I’ve Ever Seen!Mike Smedley
7 months ago
Striper fishing in the BEST SPOT I know for WORLD CLASS FISH. We have been fishing this bay for over 15 years. Although we ...
 TIPS ON HOW TO CATCH STRIPED BASS - Surf FishingMore Than Fishing
4 years ago
Join our fishing chat group Striped bass fishing 2015: Tips and Rigs - On ...
 My favorite kinda fishing! Light Tackle Surf Fishing for Striped BassFishAholic Fishing
1 months ago
Hope ya'll enjoyed! There's really no better way to catch striped bass then with light tackle in the surf! Thanks for watching and be ...
 The Most EPIC Striped Bass Surf Session! Live Anchovies Washed on Shore!!Fisherman's Life
18 days ago
I was lucky to find em. What a great day! Go out and get em while you can! New Fisherman's Life Jigs and Swivels on the way ...
 Striper Fishing Freshwater Basics, How to catch Stripers RIGHT NOW!Mike Smedley
5 months ago
Striper fishing Smith Mountain Lake with Gizzard Shad, planer boards and floats. We share some tips and secrets on how you can ...
10 months ago
FISHING ON SKETCHY ROCKS FOR VICIOUS STRIPED BASS! (Exploring Saltwater Tide Pools). In this epi we head down the ...
 Catch and Cook Striped Bass - Catching, cleaning and cooking StriperCatfish and Carp
11 months ago
Striper and Catfish guide Scott Manning took me fishing on the Tennessee river for catfish, white bass and stripped bass. So we ...
3 years ago
OBVIOUSLY YOU AREN'T DUMMIES lol (Can't believe I have to add that) but some young man took offense, I guess he doesn't ...
 Giant Striped Bass in New Brunswick | Fish'n CanadaThe Fish'n Canada Show
9 months ago
Pete Bowman travels to the St. John and Kennebecasis rivers in the province of New Brunswick and takes on the super-power of ...
 How to catch Striped Bass PRO Tips and Secrets never shared before! Striper Fishing - Joe MarcianoMike Smedley
2 years ago
We share quite a few tips in this one! Fishing with Joe Marciano from The F/V Hard Merchandise, Via Wicked Tuna. Proper Circle ...
 74 pound striped bass! Largest striper ever caught on video!Blaine Anderson
8 years ago For pictures of this fish, scroll to the bottom of this page: ...
 Matt Broke his PB with this MONSTER!!!TacticalBassin
2 years ago
GIANT BASS on BIG SWIMBAITS! Does it get any better??? Come along for a first person look as Matt and Shawn chase down ...
 Striped Bass Fishing from a Pier!! (EASIEST WAY)FirstStateFishing
2 years ago
I take you guys with me to a local fishing pier to try and catch some BIG fish! This is pretty much a saltwater pier fishing cheat code!
 Striper Fishing with a very simple rig that always works!Mike Smedley
1 years ago
Lakes, Rivers, Bays, Sounds, Oceans, this rig is the standard that always gets it done. Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe!
 EXACTLY How We Find Stripers Every Time! SO SIMPLE YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!Mike Smedley
1 months ago
Striper fishing success starts with KNOWING WHERE TO FISH! This video shares every detail on locating spots to fish.
 Striped Bass Fishing Miramichi New Brunswick-Underwater Strikes!Master Crow Outdoors
4 years ago
Chasing striped bass on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick Canada. This is a world class fishery where 100+ fish a day are ...
 Surf Fishing In Search Of Striped Bass Long Island New YorkGet Reel Bass Fishing
3 days ago
Surf Fishing In Search Of Striped Bass Long Island New York BUY A TEA SPOON LURE AND AMAZING LARGEMOUTH BASS ...
 INSANE Striped Bass Fishing!! (NON STOP TOPWATER ACTION!)Sin City Outdoors
8 days ago
The stripers are boiling! I hit some schools with topwater and a variety of swimbaits. The topwater action was non stop. If you can ...
2 years ago
In this video, I head up to NYC in hope of catching my first striped bass! I was ecstatic to hook into one, and was in disbelief at how ...
 East River Monsters? Hunting For The Legendary ZOMBIE FISH (Striped Bass) Of New York CityEliasVFishing
2 years ago
Halloween! New York City has a dark history of contaminated water. Fished with John and crew hitting up the harbor bite in search ...
 Keeper Striped Bass - BIGGEST BLUEFISH EVER - SURF FISHING - Long Island - Summer 2020Get Reel Bass Fishing
1 months ago
Keeper Striped Bass - BIGGEST BLUEFISH EVER - SURF FISHING - Long Island - Summer 2020 **Support Through Patreon: ...
 Fishing for MONSTER Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay!!!1Rod1ReelFishing
4 years ago
I venture into the depths of the Chesapeake Bay with my buddies from Flippin Bass - The action was fast and furious, with 40 ...
 46 lb Striper Eats a Swimbait!!TacticalBassin
1 years ago
Watch this fish of a lifetime destroy Shawn's S-Waver 200 Swimbait! He's fast-cranking the bait in heavy current when the giant ...
 When Stripers Go Crazy! Striped Bass Boils Explained - Bait TipsSin City Outdoors
2 years ago
When Stripers boil they go crazy. I explain how to catch striped bass during boils and I give some bait tips in this video. FISHING ...
 How to tie the BEST Striper fishing rig!Jake Derado
3 years ago
Striped Bass (Striper) Fishing from the surf, boat, kayak, pier or bay.
 SP MINNOW Striped Bass Fishing!Bassin' Mass
2 months ago
Striped bass fishing using the SP Minnow lure! SP MINNOW: Double whopper plopper: ...
 $17 Walmart Fishing Reel catches BIG Striped Bass!!More Than Fishing
5 days ago
This event happened before the Red Tide here in Northern California. Make sure to check the toxicity level of the water in your ...
 Striper Fishing BASICS. How to catch Stripers in Freshwater!Mike Smedley
11 months ago
Striper fishing freshwater LOTS of Tips. Techniques for Lake Lanier. Lake Gaston. Kerr lake. Lake Murray. Clark's Hill.
 Unexpected TOPWATER Fishing for GIANT Striped Bass!!FishAholic Fishing
11 months ago
Hope y'all enjoyed this unexpected fishing adventure. Catching Giant Striped Bass with Topwater and seeing them feeding on top ...
 March Striped Bass Fishing. Our First 2020 Season VideoReaper Fishing NJ
4 months ago
Our first shakedown trip on the Maycraft 1800 Skiff was a success. We had a great time curing our cabin fever playing with ...
 WHERE to fish for STRIPED BASS on the beach? | Reading Surf FISHING SPOTSMore Than Fishing
1 months ago
Tips and Techniques | Striped Bass Surf Fishing | How to find a good fishing spot for Striped Bass | How waves formed | reading ...
 Dock Fishing for Trophy Striped BassFlukemaster
5 years ago
I ran into a buddy at the dock and he had figured out how to catch the huge striped bass that were hanging around it. One is 40 ...
 Striper Fishing Lures | Favorite Night Time Baits & Lures | OOW OutdoorsOutOfWork Outdoors
10 months ago
Hey everyone, in this video, Konerri goes over what lures we use when we are chasing stripers at night! Please Subscribe ...
 Big Striped Bass Crushing Bass LuresLakeForkGuy
2 years ago
Fishing with bass lures, we got crushed by big striped bass and smallmouth bass in the same fishing hole SUBSCRIBE ...
 Striped Bass Lake Basics- Catch Shad, Fish Finder TIPS/ SECRETS for Freshwater StripersMike Smedley
8 years ago
TEAM OLD SCHOOL -This is a "FOLLOW-UP" to" Fresh Water, Live- Bait, Striped Bass/ BASICS-Old School " on my channel that ...
 Striper Fishing (Tennessee)Awesome A's Adventures
2 years ago
We went to Cumberland River by the Old Hickory Dam in Nashville, Tennessee to do some very late striper fishing before heading ...
 How To Catch Giant Fish From ShoreTacticalBassin
2 years ago
Its a GIANT! Striped Bass and other large predators can easily be caught from shore. The big bass in this video ate a Baitsanity ...
 GIANT FISH - Striper Fishing Small Fresh Water RiversZach Byrd Adventure Hour
2 years ago
So I got a new boat for striper fishing the rivers around my house. My 12 foot john boat got the job done but now that I have my ...
 Trapped in the Promised Land!! Fly Fishing for StripersFishAholic Fishing
3 years ago
Headed out fly fishing for some striped bass on the fly and plans changed when the truck got trapped by the tide but I was still ...
 How Stripers React Under Water And How To AdjustMeng Xyong
3 years ago
Some of the gear I use in this video are listed below. I do earn a commission through the links below. All proceeds go towards ...
 Fishing Docks and Piers for GIANT STRIPED BASS + Seared Striper Catch & Cook1Fish2Fish
8 months ago
These docks and piers we fished with our friend were loaded with striped bass. In this vid I catch one of my PB Striper on this ...
 Striped Bass - Bluefish - Long Island Surf Fishing - Summer 2020Get Reel Bass Fishing
14 days ago
Striped Bass - Bluefish - Long Island Surf Fishing - Summer 2020 BUY A TEA SPOON LURE AND AMAZING LARGEMOUTH ...
 Most INSANE GIANT Striped Bass Fishing! (Montauk, New York)Darcizzle Offshore
2 years ago
Fishing girl heads deep sea saltwater fishing catching giant striped bass off Montauk NY in this fishing video! Striper Fishing tips ...
 Striped Bass Fishing - Underwater View!John Skinner Fishing
5 years ago
Supports my book Striper Pursuit. A look at striped bass fishing with bass reacting to a lure underwater. Video shot with a Water ...
 Striper Rig we use for Live Bait! How to catch Striped Bass LIVE LINE RIGMike Smedley
a months ago
Striper fishing rig we use EVERY DAY! It's simple and versatile. You will see our rig, rod, reel, and hooks we love. Striped Bass rig.
 Slow Pitch Striped Bass Fishing AttemptJohn Skinner Fishing
2 years ago
Slow pitch jigging tackle and technique are applied to striped bass fishing with interesting results. Affiliate Links to the Gear: Rod: ...
 Striper Fishing with LIVE SHAD at Lake Mead, NevadaSin City Outdoors
1 years ago
Sin City Outdoors takes a friend Striper Fishing at Lake Mead, Nevada. We use live shad for bait. Romeo owns Legacy Martial Arts ...
3 years ago
HOW TO STARTS AT 4:50 Catch Striped Bass every trip ! This technique is probably the easiest way to catch striped bass.
 How to Bucktail Striped Bass from Bay Shorelines - Part 1John Skinner Fishing
7 years ago
This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail This video shows fishing for striped bass ...
 Episode 6 : New Jersey Striped Bass Fall Run with Fishaholic FishingSalt Pursuit
1 years ago
In this episode we are right in the middle of the striped bass fall run. The days are getting shorter and colder as the bass are ...
 Surf and Kayak Exploring for Spring Striped BassFishAholic Fishing
2 months ago
Hope ya'll are getting out on some spring Stripers! Be sure to Like the Vid and Subscribe if you did enjoy!! Live to Fish, Fish to Live ...
 How to catch Stripers with a very simple rig that makes a HUGE difference! Striped Bass fishingMike Smedley
3 years ago
Using a very simple rig with no weight at all to catch bigger fish. We catch some fish and have some laughs along the way. Please ...
 Big Stripers from the beach, with Billy FischerSurfcastersJournal
4 years ago
Big Stripers caught on bait in Northeast during the Fall Run from the beach. This segment originally appeared as part of the SJVT ...
 Striped Bass Gone Crazy... IN THE WASH!!Sea-Money Fishing
3 years ago
This was the afternoon from the morning I Albie fished, I was actually on my way home at noon and realized I was walking away ...
 Sacramento River Striper FishingPautzke Bait
3 years ago
The Sacramento River is one of the most well known striper fisheries in California. During the spring when the annual migration ...
 Striped Bass Fishing: Near Death Experience on a Dangerous JettyHey Skipper
3 years ago
This week we're at the beach fishing for striped bass. Striper fishing here is dangerous, especially if you are jetty fishing. Striper ...
 Catching a striped bass from shore - Fall fishing with a jerkbait and crankbaitsRealistic Fishing
3 years ago
Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I try out 3 different lures to try and catch bass. I am fishing the ...
 'BETWEEN THE LINES' FULL FILM | Fly Fishing for HUGE Striped BassThomas Freund
3 years ago
Thomas Barzilay Freund, Michael Kamsky, and Faulkner Wilson are the people behind the film Between the Lines. Over the years ...
 River Striper Fishing - How To Catch Striped Bass - Striper Fishing Tips - How To Catch StripersDieter Melhorn Fishing
3 years ago
This striper fishing trip took place on Lake Wateree in middle March. Most of the striped bass had not made their spawning run, but ...