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 A Day In The Life Of A Sushi Master • TastyTasty
2 years ago
From breaking down huge fish to serving guests exquisite sushi, Chef Nozomu Abe from Sushi Noz takes us on a journey through ...
 Sushi Master Yoshihiko Kousaka Has Earned a Michelin Star 10 Years in a Row — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
On this episode of Omakase, chef Yoshihiko Kousaka demonstrates his jigami sushi techniques using Japanese fish and lobster ...
 Saito: The Sushi God of TokyoSimon and Martina
4 years ago
Sushi Saito is a 3 Michelin Star sushi restaurant, and many regard it as the best in Japan. We got to spend the day with Saito, ...
 How Master Sushi Chef Keiji Nakazawa Built the Ultimate Sushi Team — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
At Sushi Sho in Hawai'i, Chef Keiji Nakazawa has assembled a master team of sushi apprentices to make one of the best ...
 24 Hours With A Michelin Star Sushi Chef: Sushi
1 years ago
Chef Tomoo Kimura, 42, opened Sushi Kimura in Singapore almost three years ago and it has since gone on to receive a coveted ...
 Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap SushiBuzzFeedVideo
5 years ago
Bad shrimp smell…I have to eat this one?” Hungry for more expert reviews? Check out this cookie expert review of store bought ...
 How a Korean Sushi Master Is Breaking all the Sushi Rules – OmakaseEater
1 years ago
Master sushi chef Park Sangha defies all tradition at his ultra-popular, six-seat restaurant Ooshima in Seoul, South Korea. Eater is ...
 How a Master Sushi Chef Butchers a 250 Pound Bluefin Tuna — OmakaseEater
12 months ago
On this episode of Omakase, chef Ingi Son shows us how he breaks down an entire 250 pound bluefin tuna, and how he makes it ...
 Dragon Roll - How To Make Sushi SeriesHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
4 years ago
Preface - This video was actually the 2nd video we did 5 years ago but it was done without explaining our steps in full detail.
 Green Godzilla Iguana Sushi | Catch Clean CookHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
9 months ago
Full Dispatch and Clean Video: Music we use...try it for free: ...
 Sushi Chef in Tokyo - Dedication, Passion, PerfectionAden Films
3 years ago
This Sushi chef is together with the Kobe beef (link below) my chef in Tokyo this year.
 The Art Of Sushi By Daisuke NakazawaTasty
3 years ago
Watch Chef Nakazawa, former apprentice of Jiro Ono, take us through the art and beauty of his sushi. Daisuke Nakazawa website: ...
 How America’s First 3 Star Michelin Sushi Chef Serves His FishEater
5 years ago
Rarely does chef Masa Takayama of Manhattan sushi shrine Masa allow cameras into his restaurant. But Eater's Kat Odell scored ...
 How To Make Sushi with Iron Chef MorimotoMunchies
4 months ago
Iron Chef Morimoto is in the Munchies Test Kitchen to share his wisdom and love of sushi making, using a few special techniques ...
 A sushi chef's demonstration of the technique for making a California rollWKSU
4 years ago
Chef Benjamin Shu of Sushi 86 in downtown Cleveland, Ohio trained at the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute.
 How Master Sushi Chef Derek Wilcox Brought His Japanese Training to New York — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
Chef Derek Wilcox spent seven years learning expert sushi techniques in the kitchen of three Michelin-starred Kikunoi. He came ...
 Sushi Chef Reviews Cheap Sushi MakersBuzzFeedVideo
1 years ago
It's like pumping a bicycle. Special thanks to Kabuki Japanese Restaurant Jimmy ...
 Legendary Sushi Chef Masa Invented a New Way to Cook Burgers — Prime TimeEater
2 years ago
On today's episode of Prime Time, Ben and Brent are hanging out with legendary sushi master Masa, at his restaurant Tetsu, ...
 How to Eat Sushi: You've Been Doing it WrongMunchies
6 years ago
Click here to learn all the rules of eating sushi: Coming to you straight from the sushi chef's mouth, ...
 The Sushi Master Introducing Japanese Fish to LA Natives for Over 30 Years — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
At Sushi Note in Los Angeles, chef Kiminobu Saito creates an omakase inspired by Miles Davis and jazz music in general, using ...
 How Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Perfected Tamago — Omakase JapanEater
2 years ago
Chef Yumi Chiba has spent her career trying to figure out one of sushi's most illusive specialities at her restaurant Anago no ...
 How Master Sushi Chef Tomonori Nagai Prepares an Octopus for His Omakase — OmakaseEater
9 months ago
Master sushi chef Tomonori Nagai comes from three generations of offshore fisherman from Fukkushima, Japan. At his restaurant ...
 How Master Sushi Chef Kate Koo Charted Her Own Sushi Path — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
On today's episode of Omakase, we're in Portland, Oregon, hanging out with Kate Koo of Zilla Sake. Eater is the one-stop-shop for ...
 How Sushi Master Hisashi Udatsu Makes Smoked Otoro at His Tokyo Restaurant — OmakaseEater
7 months ago
Chef Hisashi Udatsu starts his day at Tokyo's fish markets, getting the best local catches for his restaurant Udatsu Sushi.
 How To Eat Sushi The Right WayVICE Asia
2 years ago
Coming to you straight from the sushi chef's mouth, MUNCHIES presents the dos and don'ts of eating sushi, as taught by Tokyo's ...
 How a Master Sushi Chef Creates the Perfect Japanese Omelette: Tamago — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
On this episode of Omakase, chef Cody Auger uses classic sushi techniques combined with his skills in architecture to make ...
 How This Sushi Master Uses Traditional Raw Korean Blue Crab in His Omakase — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
Daniel Son is a Korean-American chef combining the ingredients and dishes he grew up with, like Korean blue crab ganjang ...
 Learning to make Sushi | Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay
11 years ago
Gordon Ramsay visits the award winning Aaya Japanese restaurant in London's west end to try and learn to make sushi.
 Perfectly Made Sushi Using A Sushi Kit - How To Make Sushi SeriesHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
4 years ago
Follow Hiroyuki Terada: Facebook: Instagram: ...
 A Day In The Life Of A Japanese Sushi Chef - Tokyo, JapanLuke Martin
1 years ago
Getting into the Toyosu Market for filming with Chef Uryu was not an easy task at all! If you liked this video share it on your ...
 How Sushi Sakau's Master Sushi Chef Prepares a Sushi for His Omakase ㅡ OmakaseDelight
2 months ago
Thanks for watching! Delight is a channel that enjoys relaxation and pleasure through food. Enjoy your time. :) Subscribe ...
 Master Sushi Chef "Noz" Wants to Transport His Diners to Japan — OmakaseEater
2 years ago
Manhattan newcomer Sushi Noz is quickly becoming one of the city's premiere sushi counters. Eater is the one-stop-shop for food ...
 Japanese A5 Wagyu VS Tuna O-Toro | Which Is My Last Meal On Earth?Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
4 days ago
For the absolute highest quality products to make sushi at home, visit There is no other place that offers ...
 The Tuna King Reigns at Tsukiji Fish Market — Omakase JapanEater
2 years ago
Yukitaka Yamaguchi is the Tuna King. Step inside his shop at Tsukiji fish market. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more ...
 Chef Shion Uino Is the Sushi World's Next Big Thing — OmakaseEater
2 years ago
Shion Uino left Sushi Saito, a restaurant many consider to be one of the best in the world, to chart his own path in New York.
 How Master Sushi Chef Seiji Kumagawa Uses Modern Technology to Upgrade his Hawai'i Omakase — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
Seiji Kumagawa has developed one of the most innovative omakase menus in Honolulu at his restaurant, Sasabune. By using ...
 This L.A. sushi master creates a one-of-a-kind experience in his Hollywood hideaway | Off MenuLos Angeles Times Food
1 years ago
Lucas and master sushi chef Mori Onodera spend the day together shopping for tuna and making ceramic plates before heading ...
 GRAPHIC: GIANT LIVE Maine Lobster HUGE Sushi Roll | Guga Foods Collab!Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
2 years ago
Guga's Video...Check it out! Guga Foods Channel ...
 Jak robić sushi? cz. 1 | PASCAL W DOMU + sushi master DanielPascal Brodnicki
4 years ago
Wejdź na i kup naszą książkę „Tuba Smaku”! ZASUBSKRYBUJ KANAŁ DANIELA ...
 Así se prepara el auténtico Sushi en Japón🇯🇵 | La CapitalLa Capital
1 years ago
Un día con el Chef Watanabe donde nos muestra el arte y proceso desde cero para preparar el mejor Sushi. Teruzushi: ...
 How Sushi Master Yoya Takahashi Makes His Kyoto-Style Omakase — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
On this episode of Omakase, Hamasaku chef Yoya Takahashi includes influences from his hometown of Kansai, in Kyoto, Japan ...
 A Sushi Master Breaks Down the 10 Steps to Perfect Nigiri | Food SkillsFirst We Feast
2 years ago
Daisuke Nakazawa is one of the most important figures in New York sushi. But before he was making a name for himself in the ...
 Best Sushi in Japan - Tsukiji Fish Market to $300 HIGH-END SUSHI in Tokyo! | Japanese FoodMark Wiens
3 years ago
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 How Sushi Master Mitsunori Kusakabe Prepares Yellowtail (Buri) Seven Ways — OmakaseEater
10 months ago
At Kusakabe in San Francisco, sushi master Mitsunori Kusakabe uses many parts of the large Japanese Amberjack fish, including ...
 How Master Sushi Chef Kashiba Brought Sushi to Seattle — OmakaseEater
2 years ago
When sushi chef Shiro Kashiba came to Seattle nearly 50 years ago, there was none of the classic Edomae-style sushi that he ...
 How To Become A Sushi ChefEater
4 years ago
What does it take to become a master? In a brand new video series, called Shokunin, Eater follows New York sushi chef David ...
 Simple Perfect California Roll With REAL Crab Meat | How To Make Sushi SeriesHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
2 years ago
New Merch: Simple Perfect California Roll from Master Sushi Chef ...
 Black Sushi ChefWinston Comedy
6 years ago
Things aren't always as they appear... WINSTON COMEDY. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @winstoncomedy Michael Warren ...
 Sushi Omakase - PERFECT Japanese Food Sushi by Chef Hiroyuki Sato at Sri Panwa, Phuket!Mark Wiens
3 years ago
This was the best Japanese sushi experience I've ever had! ▻Follow David Califa: ...
 A Sitdown Interview with Master Sushi Chef Hiro TeradaHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
7 years ago
We sit down with Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada for a candid interview about his upbringing, how he got interested in the culinary ...
 GRAPHIC: 1 GIANT LIVE Lobster...1 GIANT Lobster Sushi BoatHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
1 years ago
For 30-day free trial and one free audiobook go to: or text hiroyuki to 500500 Guga Foods Channel ...
 How To Become A Sushi Chef — Shokunin: Eater's Emmy Award Winning SeriesEater
3 years ago
The Eater team won a New York Emmy for Shokunin! In celebration of this, we'd love to reshare with you our very first episode of ...
 SUSHI MASTER run into HUGE MMA Fighter !!!STRELKA - Street Fight Championship
1 years ago
cool fight of the poplar fighter on Strelka in Russian vs New star Shama Kickboxer
 How To Cook Sushi Rice & Prepare Sushi Rice VinegarHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
6 years ago
Finally, our how to make sushi rice video has arrived! Sorry it's take so long but we didn't know so many of you were interested in ...
 Stunningly Created Moriawase: Aaron Lau - Master Sushi Chef SeriesHiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef
3 years ago
Master Sushi Chef Aaron Lau has worked in restaurants his whole life; one place that he would work changed the way he viewed ...
1 years ago
Everyone should've voted for the tac smg instead of the drum gun insta: twitter: ...
 How Two Master Sushi Chefs Created a Brand New Omakase Using American Fish — OmakaseEater
1 years ago
At Odo in New York City, Kaiseki chef Hiroki Odo and sushi chef Seong-Cheol Byun create a unique omakase by using only ...