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Did a lot of training in 2015-2017 to increase my vertical... Then I started doing those crazy lay ups which also increased my ...
 INSANE 2HYPE Pool Game Of D.U.N.K With Jesser & Moochie!Tristan Jass
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Linked up with Jesser Moochie at the Bucket Squad mansion and we went CRAZY Connect With Tristan Jass ...
 Mega Trampoline Game Of "D.U.N.K" At NBA Arena!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
I played a game of DUNK on a MEGA TRAMPOLINE Follow Me On Social Media ...
 Trying To Dunk In Game! 5v5 Against College Kids!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
I played random college kids 5v5 I was trying to dunk in game Connect With
 Dunk On 6'10 Big Man, I'll Buy You ANY Shoe At Cool Kicks!Tristan Jass
vor 3 Wochen
We put a basketball hoop outside of Cool Kicks if you dunk on Sergio Ill buy you a pair of shoes... Connect With
 Mini Hoop D.U.N.K vs MarcelasHoward!Tristan Jass
vor 2 Jahren
Linked up with my boy MarcelasHoward in Sacramento California We played a GAME OF D.U.N.K THANKS 4 WATCHING
 Trying The Craziest Dunks Ever Done On 10 Feet!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
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 INSANE Trampoline Sky Zone Dunk Contest!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
This might be the funniest SKYZONE video EVER THIS WAS FILMED BEFORE THE VIRUS Connect With Tristan Jass ...
 Make This Dunk, I'll Give You $100!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
In this video I went to a Sky Zone and told fans if they match the same dunk as I do I will give them 100 Watch to see if they won ...
 MEGA TRAMPOLINE Game Of D.U.N.K!Tristan Jass
vor 2 Jahren
Game of D.U.N.K with professional dunkers Thanks for watching GAME OF L.A.Y: LIKE ...
 INSANE Trampoline Basketball Dunk Game!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
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 Sneaking Into SKY ZONE Then Playing A Game Of D.U.N.K!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Monat
In this video we stayed after hours to play a game of dunk Enjoy the video Connect With
 INSANE (Game Of D.U.N.K) At The Beach!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
In this video we built a mini trampoline out of a yoga ball and played a game of DUNK Another fun video Comment if you want ...
 INSANE Make This Dunk, Win $100!Tristan Jass
vor 11 Monaten
Could you make these dunks to win 100 Connect With
 This Dunk Shut Down Venice Beach! 5v5 Basketball!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
Went to Venice Beach to play basketball and this happened... OMG Connect With Tristan Jass ...
 Win The Dunk Contest, I'll Buy You A PS5! (Feat. Jesser & Moochie)Tristan Jass
vor 5 Monaten
I pulled up to the 2HYPE Bucket Squad House and this happened... Connect With Tristan Jass ...
 INSANE Sky Zone Basketball Dunk Game!Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
In this game we went against each other to see who could do the best dunks Follow Me On Social Media ...
 Mini Hoop Basketball Dunk Contest! (INSANE)Tristan Jass
vor 1 Jahr
The BEST/FUNNIEST Dunk Contest EVER... Connect With
 Tristan Jass throws Lob to the Shortest Dunker in the World Andrew Mcfly (5 '4)!Elijah Bonds
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Tristan Jass and Andrew Mcfly go crazy at LA fitness I had a lot of fun making this video and hope you guys enjoy it. Cant wait to ...