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 SIX MINUTES OF WAR (WW2 Short Film) German side [4K]ParaLight WorX
7 months ago
In unserem neuesten WW2 Short Film "6 Minutes of war" erhält Feldwebel Holt den Befehl mit seinem Zug einen Wald von ...
 WWII German soldiers confronted by a sniper in the countryside who stands between them and survival.LA Shorts
1 months ago
SUBSCRIBE to watch the best short films: https://www.youtube.com/LAShortsFest?sub_confirmation=1 For 24 years we have ...
 WWII SHORT FILM: Freund (2017) - Moral of a German SniperArgunners Magazine
2 years ago
Support the World Wars effort: https://www.patreon.com/worldwars World War II Short film, "Freund", features the story of a German ...
 Ceasefire - WW2 Short Film (2019) 4KCoal Train Studios
1 years ago
During the final year of WWII a young member of the 104th Infantry Division's first contact with the enemy subverts his expectations ...
 Surrender - WWII Short Film [1080p]ParaLight WorX
5 years ago
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdAj9nm8Iyw * Anti-war film * (production year 2014) A scattered troop of soldiers ...
 Bunker 611 - German WWII Shortfilm 4K (ENGISH SUB)Prepper Hub
1 years ago
It is the year 1944. Herman and Dietrich were summoned by the German army to strengthen the Atlantic Wall. They will be ...
 WW2 Short Film - DespairLBRM Films
8 months ago
A trapped squad of German soldiers decides what their next moves might be during the final moments of the war.
 COURLAND '44-WWII Short Film [1080p]ParaLight WorX
3 years ago
*Anti-War Film* Autumn 1944, A young soldier named Karl Franke has been shipped to Courland and must prove himself to his ...
 The Queen's Own - WWII Short Film - 2017MountainBeastMysteries
2 years ago
THE QUEEN'S OWN is the first dramatic film by Mountain Beast Entertainment. It takes place during the battle of Normandy in ...
 'Gutless' - WW2 Short Film |Battle of Okinawa| [HD]Firewall Films
7 months ago
'Gutless' - WW2 Short Film Synopsis- A young soldier, conflicted by his past, is faced with his greatest obstacle: himself. Directed ...
 Moschaisk - WW2 Short Film (german side) [4K]ParaLight WorX
1 years ago
Moschaisk: Oktober 1941. Die Wehrmacht nähert sich Moskau und der Widerstand der Roten Armee wird stärker und stärker.
 End of War │WW2 Short Film │w/ KVH PrasnikWarcopy
5 months ago
08 May 1945 The day that ended the bloodiest war in modern human history in Europe. Reenactment group Prašník ...
 No Reception (WW2 Eastern Front Short Film)Alexander Tuschinski
2 years ago
Russian Front, 1945. A group of German Wehrmacht soldiers is fighting a Soviet T-34 tank assault when suddenly, two confused ...
 Across Frontiers - WWII Short FilmZak Jarvis
2 years ago
On the 8th September 1943, thousands of allied prisoners of war escaped into the Italian countryside following the country's ...
 Lost - ww2 Short Film [1080p]ParaLight WorX
3 years ago
A new spontaneous ww2 Anti-War short film we made this weekend... If you like this video and you want to see more stuff you can ...
 Dusty Faces - Episode 01 [1080p]ParaLight WorX
3 years ago
„Dusty Faces“ a series about german soldiers in the second world war made in germany. In the great battle of the worldviews he ...
 THE MEDIC - WW2 Short Film 11mRaymond Mizzi
9 years ago
Won the Best Directorial Debut of a Short Film at the ITN Distribution Film & New Media Festival in New York City USA 2011.
 The First One - US Airborne WW2 Shortfilm (2020) [4K] ParaLight WorX
3 months ago
Parallel zur Bearbeitung von Episode 8 haben wir jetzt unsere erste Uniform vom Kriegsschauplatz "Westfront" eines US Airborne ...
 WW2 | German perspective of D-Day beach landing (1)Shotgun BomBom
1 years ago
Movie: My Way : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Way_(2011_film)
 A Rough Day: WWII Short FilmBenjamin Pollari
4 years ago
The story of a WWII Sergeant who must decide between completing a mission or the safety of his men. Shot during September ...
 A Rough Day: WWII Short FilmBenjamin Pollari
4 years ago
The story of a WWII Sergeant who must decide between completing a mission or the safety of his men. Shot during September ...
 Widerstand 44' (WW2 Shortfilm) (Official Video) [FullHD/German]TaytumFilms
1 years ago
Widerstand 44' - by TaytumFilms Die Spannung an der Ostfront verdichtet sich. Website: -bald verfügbar- Kontakt: ...
 Between The Lies - (WW2 Short Film)Under The Lens
4 years ago
During World War II, a British SOE agent is sent undercover into occupied rural France to retrieve explosives and deliver them to ...
 WW2 Short Film-The LetterSintonizar
24 days ago
Poland is at war and it is up to a runner to deliver a very important message.
 Comrades | German WW2 Short Film (ENGLISH SUB) [5K]Coronation of Entertainment
9 months ago
Four young soldiers of the „Volkssturm“ - the final summoning of germany in WW2 - on their march to Warsaw… After nine ...
 JUGEND | WW2 Short Film (12 SS HitlerJugend)MHWL Productions
2 years ago
Klara Hoffmann is connected to the film My Honor Was Loyalty. You can see her connection in this link ...
 The Bridge 10 Min World War 2 Short Film HDAmericanDoughboy
4 years ago
Not Mine, original was taken down so i re-uploaded to share.
 WW2 Short film -"The Bulge". 1st Platoon Ep. 7-9Sintonizar
1 years ago
Follow 1st Platoon through the Battle of the Bulge.
 Breslau '45 - WW2 Short Film (1080p)ParaLight WorX
4 years ago
No-budget WW2 Short Film (1080p) The new anti-war film from Ludwig Bachmann and Adrian Martin tells the story of soldier ...
 Overlooked - WW2 Short FilmLBRM Films
5 months ago
In the last stages of the war, a group of German fight to defend their homeland. Check out our Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/lbrmfilms.
 Der Grünschnabel WW2 shortfilmFrontal Filmwerke
2 months ago
Hello this was our first short film that we did in march 2019 but we had some problems surrounding this so it got delayed up until ...
 **MULTI-AWARD WINNING** WW2 Short Film "TRUE HEART" | 4KKingston Films
1 years ago
A WW2 story of Jason Carter an American soldier who attempts to rescue his soul as he finds a young abandoned 8 year old ...
 OUR FATHER | WWII Short FilmSmashing UK Productions
3 years ago
Check out the teaser trailer for our NEW WORLD WAR I SHORT FILM here: https://youtu.be/DJkm84fCASk The Second World War ...
 Best world war 2 short movieShort movie
1 years ago
Hacksaw ridge is one of the brilliant world war 2 movie in history.
 ''UNINTENDED'' WW2 War Short Film 2011 HDBen Hector
8 years ago
The high def version of my no budget short film! Behind the scenes: http://vimeo.com/29906147 EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO the ...
 Through War | A WW2 Short Film Series Episode 1WWM Productions
3 months ago
This series will focus on late war combat on the western front. We follow a platoon from the 29th infantry, as they push threw ...
 Charlie Company - A WW2 Short FilmWWM Productions
1 years ago
Huge thanks to MWNI FILMS and OwenWallace17 for coming out to this all of this wouldn't be possible with out you guys.
 The Way Back - ww2 Short Film [1080p]ParaLight WorX
5 years ago
Year of production: 2015 This video is part 2 and does continue our short film "Surrender" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v ...
 Normandy 44 A WW2 Short FilmWWM Productions
2 years ago
A story of members of the 101st on DDAY 1944 fight to find the rest of there unit.
 The Promise - WW2 Short FilmLBRM Films
1 years ago
The story of a fresh German recruit during WW2 who struggles to keep the promise of returning home to his love.
 Schwarz Weiß (Black and White) - WWII Short FilmCauseAndCatastrophe
1 years ago
Senior Capstone Project at Northern Arizona University in 2015. Filmed in two days on location in Flagstaff, AZ. Received awards ...
 Wiking (2019) / ww2 Short film (4K) / CZ, ENG, DE subtitlesJan Bareš - Kameraman
11 months ago
Krátkometrážní film z období druhé světové války / Východní fronta / Polsko 1944 World war 2 short movie / Eastern Front / Poland ...
 WW2 Short Film-The PigletSintonizar
17 days ago
Two Soviet scouts try to capture a prisoner for interrogation. They are unaware that the Germans have other plans. Battle of The ...
 War Bloods (Episode 7: ALL OUT) WW2 Short FilmCSRproductions87
7 months ago
In the previous episode, War Bloods (Episode 6: Regroup), the Americans regrouped and made a plane to destroy the 88 mm ...
 Only Few Seconds - WW2 Short film (Wehrmacht vs 506 Easy Company)MHWL Productions
4 years ago
 Waffen SS Hitlers Elite-Kampftruppe | WW2 short movieIDP Film
4 years ago
see also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_U7Fg52W9E http://www.idp-film.com/ This film was filmed and produced in under ...
 Germany After WW2 | A Defeated People | Documentary on Germany in the Immediate Aftermath of WW2The Best Film Archives
6 years ago
Please SUPPORT my work on Patreon: https://bit.ly/2LT6opZ ○ Visit my 2ND CHANNEL: https://bit.ly/2ILbyX8 ▻Facebook: ...
 Bloody Snow- WW2 Short Film - EOS 80D (VisionColor) [1080p]ParaLight WorX
3 years ago
This is a little test short film where I used the Canon EOS 80D with the Sigma 18-35 mm F1.8 and the Canon EF 50mm F1.8 STM ...
 WW2 Short Film- The Contact. The Bloody First EP1.S1.Sintonizar
12 days ago
A squad of 1st Infantry Division soldiers set out to meet with a French resistance contact who is carrying valuable intelligence.
 WW2 Japanese Short FilmPristine History
2 months ago
A better edited version of the japanese shortfilm enjoy;)
 Kameraden (WW2 Shortfilm) (Official Video) [UHD 4k/German]TaytumFilms
1 years ago
"Kameraden" - by UniversalFilmProduction Wir schreiben das Jahr 1943, an der Ostfront verzeichnet die Wehrmacht immer und ...
3 years ago
September 1944 in der Nähe von Maastricht in den Niederlanden. Eine Gruppe Wehrmachtssoldaten bekommt einen heiklen ...
 Die Ablenkung WW2 shortfilmFrontal Filmwerke
10 months ago
Hello we are "Frontal Filmwerke" and this is our first short-movie. The story takes place 1944 during the so called operation ...
 Hürtgen - A WWII Short FilmWW2TV
22 hours ago
Brothers Mark and Jared Frederick are making a film about their Grandfather - Thomas Nycum who served in the 4th Infantry ...
 "Familiar faces" Low budget (WW2 shortfilm) SEASON I TeaserSF WorX
6 months ago
Familiar faces is a low budget WW2 shortfilm series created by the Pattaya military simulation international group's airsoft team.