Robert De Niro opens up about Trump feud and playing Mueller on 'SNL'

  • Published on:  12/17/2018
  • In an interview with CNN's Hala Gorani, actor Robert De Niro opens up about his feud with President Donald Trump and his role as Special Counsel Robert Mueller on NBC's Saturday Night Live.#CNN#News


  • Chris Zealotes 7 months ago

    A great New Yorker like De Niro knows the NY truth about Trump.

  • Trump 2020 5 months ago

    five second google search shows you the truth about de niro .. getty images polanski de niro

  • Spring Bloom 7 months ago

    @dave obi Oh my, you are edgy... as... fuck. The only hurt feelings around here, are definitely yours. The joke is on you(always is, isnt it?), that your pitiable attempt at 'trolling', merely publicly exposes your insecurities and feelings of inadequacy and impotence 😢

  • suzi perret 9 hours ago

    Open up about this, our Illegitimate President has gotten a billion times worse.

  • Jaime Silva 3 hours ago

    Who would win Robert De Niro Or Al Pacino?

  • terry hill 10 hours ago

    a blind man could see thou your lies,cant you people do anything good,your sicking i thanks your walls of fake bull is going to get you

  • Night Jazz 23 hours ago

    DeNiro kills it as Mueller! LOL!! FFL !! FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!

  • Nick 7 months ago

    It doesn’t take much effort to pretend to be Trump. In fact how many circus clowns are there in America not only the world. Impeach Trump now!!

  • mcbreadfanface jr. 3 months ago

    @the fun cool kid youre so fun that when you party it's with your mom in her basement fat ass

  • mcbreadfanface jr. 3 months ago

    Impeachment doesn't happen because you don't like somebody.... Sit down and shut up. Tard

  • L Gene 2 days ago

    And Lolita express passenger!!!!!

  • L Gene 2 days ago

    Trump ripping contractors off and grabbing women’s pussys is not the same as hanging out with children on the Lolita express. Right

  • L Gene 2 days ago

    I bet you have seen alot

  • Frank Grizza 8 days ago

    Talented actor. Except for Saturday nights. He turns into guy that can’t remember handful of lines or even read a damn cue card