Inside Lebron James's New $52 Million LA Mansion

  • Published on:  7/30/2020
  • Inside Lebron James New $52 Million LA Mansion, In this video we are going to look at the $52 Million Mansion that Lebron recently bought. Lebron James's $52 Million Mansion is nothing short of Amazing, It has everything a Millionaire needs.

    The $52 Million Mansion in Los Angeles is fit for a king, King James move in this gigantic and Luxurious Mansion to have more space for his Family. We all know Lebron James is a huge fan of Mansions, Luxury Homes, and Fancy Supercars, In this video we are going to find out why he may have the best taste when it comes to Luxury Mansions. Join us as we have a look Inside Lebron James New $52 Million LA Mansion.

    Inside Lebron James New $52 Million LA Mansion

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