• Published on:  12/15/2020
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    0:00 Intro
    0:26 They Caught Me
    0:39 Baby Did You Know
    0:54 I'm Standing under Mistletoe (Waiting for Some Chicks)
    1:08 Christmas Time Is Here Once More
    1:28 We're Worried about You, Santa
    1:50 One I Just Made up on the Spot
    2:03 The Candy Cane Song (NEW EXTENDED VERSION)
    2:39 Christmas Dad
    3:02 Santa Ain't Real (So Grow the Hell Up)
    3:18 I Got a Puppy for Christmas
    3:36 The Only Thing I Want from Old Saint Nick
    3:46 The Nutcracker Song
    3:56 I Really Want a Christmas Tree
    4:10 Christmas Divorce
    4:20 Wrapping Presents
    4:29 These Are Christmas Words I Know
    4:50 A Song I Totally Didn't Just Make Up
    5:19 Kermit 1
    5:34 Let's Not Talk about Politics (at the Christmas Table)
    5:50 A Very Hamilton Christmas
    6:18 I Wanna Play with a Dreidel
    6:32 That Ornament Doesn't Go There
    7:08 Hey Pretty Girl
    7:19 Advent Calendars
    7:28 Jingle My Bells (NEW EXTENDED VERSION)
    9:06 The Wrap Rap
    9:15 Starbucks Holiday Drinks
    9:42 The Truth about Santa
    9:56 Even More Christmas Words I Know
    10:29 Kermit 2
    11:20 I See Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
    11:33 Santa's Lap
    11:49 Who Spiked the Eggnog?
    12:15 The Santa Rap
    13:18 A Song for Those Who Don't Celebrate Christmas
    13:28 How to Build a Snowman
    13:44 Jingle My Bells (Roomie Cover)
    14:30 A List of Made-for-TV Christmas Films
    14:55 The Reindeer Man
    15:11 Let's All Ignore My Racist Uncle Joe
    16:05 If I Don't Get Smash for Christmas
    16:31 I Don't Really Get Tiktok, Do You?
    16:55 Baby It's Cold Outside 2
    17:36 Traveling to See Grandma
    18:11 Royalty Free Fortnite Dances
    18:37 The Santa Clause 2 and 3
    19:36 Guess It's Time for New Parents
    20:21 Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
    20:48 How Does He Do It?
    21:36 If I Catch You under the Mistletoe
    22:04 Sins Don't Count on Christmas
    22:29 Where Is the Shrek 5 Trailer?
    23:29 Santa's Apology Video
    23:58 Yet Another One I Made Up on the Spot
    24:22 I Took My Parents (to See CATS)
    24:46 Chestnuts
    25:09 How to End Divisive Political Talk at the Christmas Dinner Table
    26:24 Kermit 3
    27:22 Uncle Uh Oh
    28:11 How to Make a Candy Cane Cocktail
    28:34 A Quarantined Qwistmas (NEW EXTENDED VERSION)
    30:36 Don't Buy a PS5
    31:35 Inflatables Are Tacky
    31:51 Where Is the Shrek 5 Trailer 2020