I Survived an Airplane Crash

  • Published on:  11/7/2018
  • Sucked out from the airplane and falling 2,987 meters (9,800ft) from the sky, Juliane Koepcke miraculously survived her freefall from her disintegrating plane crash. Spending 11 days in the Amazon rainforest, at 17 years old, she had to remain mentally strong gathering all of her strength and her will to survive. A true story, Juliane only had 1 shoe and 1 eye to see out of. Being separated from the entire plane wreckage, she knew she had to find her way out if she wanted to survive. The thick Amazon rainforest made it difficult for rescues to find the plane, let alone her! She tried so desperately to find her mother, but in her fragile state, she had to worry about herself first. Not knowing if she would ever be found, she took a chance and followed a river hoping it would be her shot at finding people. Her gamble paid off when she managed to find a resting post where the next day, people found her and quickly transported her to a hospital. Out of 91 passengers, she is the only survivor of the Lansa Flight 508. She not only survived a plane crash but survived it falling nearly 3 1/2 Burj Khalifa's (tallest building in the world) without any life-threatening injuries and survived 11 days on her own in the Amazon rainforest. Showing the will to survive, her story shows us how strong, resilient, and determined someone can be when faced with the most difficult challenges.


  • Priscilla Nekwa
    Priscilla Nekwa 3 months ago+7117

    This is how many people don't want this to happen to them ever!
    👇 ( + me) 😨

  • Yoshi Chan
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    She survived 10-11 days in jungle and i can't survive one day at school :')
    Thx for the 386 likes lol ;-;
    Wtf 597?

  • hello Pearl
    hello Pearl 4 months ago+2341

    When she said that she “put gasoline on her arm and the maggots went deeper into her arm” I was like ouch and 🤢🤮

  • Rc Seeker
    Rc Seeker 2 months ago+523

    I died in a plane crash
    Mom:it’s that dumb phone!

  • Joanna Ramsey
    Joanna Ramsey 4 months ago+758

    Why is happy music playing on the backround

  • XMaxX 56
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    That's why i'm scared to fly with planes 😨
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    Parents: Were going to France!!1!1!!1 :D
    Me: oh no no no
    Also me: adios , time to jump in a volcano.

  • Random Twig
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    My comment got deleted so
    Captain: we are going to experience a little turbulence
    Vlog Youtubers:

  • smg9000 lol
    smg9000 lol 3 months ago+235

    Sees the cover: HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD
    Watches the hole video: poor mom if only there was help

  • Ugnyy Jfveu
    Ugnyy Jfveu 4 months ago+321

    I Survived A Plane Crash 0,1 Feet From The Floor

  • Irish Twins
    Irish Twins 4 months ago+239

    Going on a plane in 3 hours I hate myself
    Edit : I made it home but there was turbulence and lots of lightning 🌩

  • Babar Malik
    Babar Malik 2 months ago+89

    Me:watches this video
    Mum:pack your bags! We are going to new York!!!
    Me:oh no.

  • Pinkcheetah
    Pinkcheetah 4 months ago+2033

    The maggot part really have me anxiety like holy heck

  • Joseph Nester
    Joseph Nester 2 months ago+73

    this happened in 1971, so now we know her story.

  • Dog Woof
    Dog Woof 4 months ago+135

    I really feel bad for your mother... This is sad, Nice video but I feel bad for the people and your mother

  • memekit
    memekit 2 months ago+61

    im going on a flight in exactly week...
    "mom do we have a parachute"
    "buy one now!!!"
    "what if we die"
    oh well lets hope i get the window seat

  • Ruby McClintock
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    Person: *I survived an Airplane Crash*
    Me: *I survived the Everyday Bro song*

  • BøbaMøøn
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    *watches video*
    Me: Eeek...! So scary...
    Me: *brings parachute* I'm ready
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    Totally me if I survive a plane crash: HELP SOMEBODY oh wait let me Snapchat this

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    Me: i broke my leg! I need serious medical attention!
    School Nurse: Don’t worry, we’ll just put a bandaid on it. Now head back to class!