Dream's Terrible Merch...

  • Published on:  12/20/2020
  • ► Dream's Terrible Merch...

    So Dream Is Once Again Under fire, Last Week Dream Was Exposed For Cheating In a Minecraft Speed Run, This Time Its For His Merch, Now I Didnt Know Dream Had Merch, But Then i Noticed That Other YouTubers Were Talking About Dream's Merch, So I Decided To Check Out Dreams Merch, And Dreams Merch Is Honestly Terrible, This is The Worst YouTube Merch I Have Seen, Dreams Merch Is Just Bad, Its Basically Just Dreams Character on Clothes, Then He Also Has The Dream Smiley Face Merch, Dreams Merch Is Just Lazy, He Really Didn't Put Much Effort Into His Merch, It Kind of Seems Like Dream Is Greedy, Dream Is The Biggest Minecraft YouTuber With 14 Million Subscribers, Dream Makes a lot Of Money, Now i don't Know How Much Money Does Dream Make, But Its enough, I Really Expected Him To Put Much More Into His Merch, But He didn't, I'm Just disappointed In Dream, If MrBeast Merch Was Bad People would also call him out, But MrBeast's Merch Is Actually Pretty good and Had Some Time Put Into It Unlike Dream Merch, I Just hope that Dream Sees These Videos and Changes His Merch. So This is Dreams Merch Review, And This is The Dream Drama Explained

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