Erin Was Never Committed To The Team? | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 7

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
  • Thanks for watching my video! Please subscribe and hit the notification bell so you never miss an update on Dance Moms!Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! - is a clip from Season 8 Episode 7. Hope you enjoy!


  • Soaring ALDC
    Soaring ALDC 1 months ago+1146

    I hate that Stacey brings up things that happened in Season 7 when they already had made up when they were at the Jordan Matter photoshoot.

  • Cynthia L
    Cynthia L 1 months ago+962

    Can someone explain why Abby is all about Eliana now...but the last season she was on DM she treated her like crap and was acting like Liliana was so much better than her?

  • Annie Lin
    Annie Lin 1 months ago+759

    honestly in my opinion i think it was smart of them to leave.
    Savanah is amazing and maybe they realized the toxic environment they are in and decided put dance training first.
    so that she doesn't regress or lose passion for dance and throw away her talent..... like brynn...:(

  • Adina B
    Adina B 1 months ago+380

    Pressleys "first" solo. Really? This season is so scripted omg

  • Ziggy SJ
    Ziggy SJ 1 months ago+372

    You know the drill!
    1. Presley
    2. Sarah
    3. Liliana
    4. Hannah
    5. GiaNina
    6. Elliana
    7. Brady
    8. Savanah
    9. Abby
    0. Gianna
    Comment who you are!!

  • alexis brandon
    alexis brandon 1 months ago+146

    Savannah did right by leaving. She was by far the most talented dancer on the team. She is winning the dance awards instead of dancing on that crap show

  • eyll eyll
    eyll eyll 1 months ago+148

    Abby admitted Brady and Savannah were the bests. She may favorite Lilliana but she probobly regrettes she hasn't paid attention to her

  • Heleen Ali
    Heleen Ali 1 months ago+245

    Ok but I thought they were friends bc of Jordan matter?

  • Zina Unicorn
    Zina Unicorn 1 months ago+269

    Anyone going to ask why Ashley and Michelle are wearing shirts that say “security”.

  • DSTY
    DSTY 1 months ago+217

    "Welcome to hell week"
    Reminds me of some scene from Ratatouille.

  • Da Drama Llamas
    Da Drama Llamas 1 months ago+135

    I’m so sad Savannah left. She had so much talent.

  • Maria fernanda Valle nogueira

    It’s only me that love Elliana? ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rachel
    Rachel 1 months ago+53

    I’m glad Elianna is coming back, not so much about Yolanda...but honestly, Stacey has been so irritating this season. Her and Yolanda are on the same level to me.

  • Tatiana Swanson
    Tatiana Swanson 1 months ago+92

    Savannah and Elli are bestis!!! Producers set it up so now Savannah left for no reason and she was at the top☹️ but pressley did amazing pressleys solo was 2nd but to me that was first place to me she danced with scissors!!

  • Alison L
    Alison L 1 months ago+70

    Savannah was honestly at Brady’s level or higher

  • Adina B
    Adina B 1 months ago+72

    Pressleys "first" solo....really? This season is so scripted omg

  • Magic Macaroni
    Magic Macaroni 1 months ago+66

    Ashlee and Michelle’s security shirts are so cute for protection to Stacy

  • luiza
    luiza 1 months ago+54

    i love that abby finally acknowledged that savannah was the best dancer

  • Amanda Lim
    Amanda Lim 1 months ago+75

    Anyone else see Gianina get a perfect shot across the table while rehearsing to the music?

  • M A D D I E
    M A D D I E 1 months ago+27

    I really miss Savannah