Why should you try Buckwheat? Russian Style Cooking Recipe (Roasted Buckwheat Groats)

  • Published on:  1/4/2014
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    Buckwheat is a very nutritious, healthy food. It is
    great for people who are sensitive to gluten.
    The mineral content of Buckwheat is equally
    impressive. It has 100% of your daily intake of
    Manganese, 90% of copper, 20% of selenium, 20%
    Iron, about 98% of Magnesium -- which relaxes the
    blood vessels and improves your circulation.
    It has 50% of Phosphorus, 20% of Potassium -- and
    all of this is for just one serving of 50g to 70g
    It is also perfect to use as a garnish. Buckwheat
    goes well together with chicken, chicken liver,
    meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms and many
    more types of food.
    If you live in England, it might be a problem
    finding buckwheat in the shops, because a lot of
    supermarkets don't sell it. But it is possible to
    purchase buckwheat online. Also you can usually
    find buckwheat in Russian, Polish, or Eastern
    Europeean food stores. Be sure to ask for Full Roasted
    Buckwheat Groats, not flour.
    It is Important to make sure you get the right product.
    The Groats must be a nice Brown colour - they must
    not be a light brown or greenish or yellowish colour,
    because that is the colour of raw unroasted Groats.
    Buckwheat x 100g = 343 calories
    Butter x 1 table spoon (17g) = 112 calories
    Salt to taste
    In one portion of 50-70g will be approx.
    258 calories