Frozen 2: Queen Anna has Fire Powers! Anna's Magic finally awakens! 🔥❤️ Frozen 2 | Alice Edit!

  • Published on:  9/5/2020
  • Frozen 2: Queen Anna's magical powers awaken after her coronation! Anna becomes a majestic Queen of Fire 🔥🔥🔥

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    What if Anna has dormant fire powers? Would she use them for good, to protect her kingdom Arendelle or would Anna become evil from the overwhelming powers?
    Hi everyone^___^ Thank you so much for suggesting this idea! I had a lot of fun turning Anna into an epic Fire Queen!
    Anna with fire powers is my favorite Frozen 2 theory and I was so disappointed that Bruni, the little lizard, got all the fire magic. (I loved the Frozen 2 ending with Anna's coronation though!)
    Some of the original official Disney sketches for Anna's dresses show that the Disney team thought of giving her a flame-coloured outfit, so maybe there is still a chance! And the quotes from Elsa - that Queen Iduna "had two daughters" and "a bridge has two sides" gave me a tiny bit of hope that maybe Anna will get fire powers in the future, after the full Frozen 2 movie :)
    Then Elsa and Anna would TRULY represent all the elements!
    I am pretty sure Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel would come back for a Frozen 3, so lets cross our fingers Disney will make one^^
    I wonder if they can keep topping their songs though. Into the unknown was downright amazing :) Maybe Anna could get an epic solo song?
    What do you think of the Frozen movie idea that Anna has powers?

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